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After 7 days you may peek. This will be the time to toss any jars that don't look right. Most people refer to this part of the pf tek as the dunk and roll. Dunking is an important part of the tek, and no you dont need to be super sterile and all that. What we are doing is allowing the substrate to regain hydration that it lost over the period of time it took for the mycelium to colonize it.

This will improve yield substantially.

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  • Step 1: Supplies to Begin.

Birth the cakes, rinse them under the faucet and put them in the tub of water. Handle them gently. Put another tub on top of the cakes to keep them submerged. Also put the empty jars in the top tub to ensure the cakes stay submerged, and to weigh them down a bit. You only want to submerge them. They don't need to be at the bottom of the tub.

Get You some perlite. Soak it with luke warm tap water and dump it in your SGFC. Fill it about 3 inches high. Place 6 lids on top of the perlite and fill them with fine or medium vermiculite.

How To Grow Psilocybin Mushrooms At Home - Grow Magic Mushrooms

Hold the lids and pour in distilled water until it runs through the holes. The casing is 1 part peat moss, 1 part fine or medium vermiculite. Mix in a small bowl. You can omit the peat if you would like to and just use vermiculite. After they have sat for 2 hrs begin misting and fanning 4 times a day for 5 minutes. When you see pins back off misting and fanning to a couple times a day and try not to get the pins wet.

If you do just fan them dry. Just after the veils break and before spores appear is the best time to flush the cakes. Hold the cakes gently with gloved hands and rock the mushrooms back and forth until they break away. Try to do as little damage as possible to the cake. Great write up! Thank you mushmouth for this great tek. Np, MZ. Like I said, it's not the easiest way to grow. But definitely good times. My first attempts to cultivate mushrooms were with pf tek. This takes me back a few years.

Growing Mushrooms from Start to Finish (pf-tek)

T'was a trip. Thank you soooo much for this tutorial! My psychiatrist also gave me a green light.

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If this works, it could substantial change my life for the better! Can you please clarify my inquiries below? I don't quit understand the step "misting and fanning. Mush fruiting is triggered by evaporation. But you have to keep the myc quenched. I mist and fan 3 or 4 times a day for 5 minutes to get plenty of evap. CO2 also builds up in the tub which you want a certain amount of so if you fan only 3 or 4 times a day it seems to balance out well.

Flushing the cakes means "pick" them. Just rock them back and forth and they'll come off without too much damage to the cake. This is the tek I am going to use for my first time growing. From what I have seen this seems to be the easiest in my opinion. It looks like I will be starting tomorrow night. I can't wait to start my grow log and figure out with all the steps what works and what doesn't. I am nervous but anxious for the results in a month from now. Great post and thanks for sharing! You're right, its easy.

But really its all easy Once you go bulk youll wonder why you fucked with cakes Great write up enjoyable to read. Does the BRF cakes produce it's first flush faster then the dubs or around the same amount of time? Thank you DD. It was def a collaboration between me and MZ. He supplied the great tek writing skills. Ime it's about the same after put into fruiting conditions. But with cakes you don't need the spawn run. So your basicly shaveing 10 days off the spawn run timing but your looseing out on the quantity of the bulk. So I guess if you needed some prints or a cloan then I guess I see a reason but with the new information out expect ally here on ology I just don't really see a point.

Maybe I'm missing something? When I first started growing I couldn't remember what the effects of mush were really like. But I was curious again about psychs. I had 2 choices, buy a few small bags of such and such to make cakes or buy a few huge bags of such and such to grow in tubs. So because I wasn't sure if I'd like mush I decided to try cakes. Well I see that as being a learning experience to help learn the process of growing mush.

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I just see the better potential for bulk then cakes. Yea I also see that if you are limited to supplys then by all means. I am not downing on cakes they are interesting to see just not for me. But reading through you say to do 4.

Growing Mushrooms at Home: The PF Tek Method

While I wait for my WBS to colonize with Myc, I have all the materials for the cake tek and was thinking about doing this today since I have nothing else to do. Should there be 5 or 4 holes. You can do either. In this grow I didn't use the hole in the middle to noc but it might speed things up if you do. I figured since I have spores lying around I miseawell do this which is a lot easier to prep for than the dub tub. I'll give it a shot.

The jars just finished PC. No tyvek. Instead, you're using a layer of dry verm as a tam barrier. That's why it's very important to wipe the inside of the jars above the cake before putting the dry verm in. If there's anything mold can use to follow into the cake it will use it. Nocc tonight!

PF tek (guide)

I had to redo the batch. Earlier yesterday water must have creeped in BC brf was everywhere after I undid the foil. This time I mixed verm and water then added brf and got a better mix and wiped the jars clean and rest with verm. Two layers of foil and didn't cover the holes with tape. I added more height to the PC inside so the jars were up higher as well. I'll look at then when I get home tonight.

By darkvoyager Started May By MagicalCriminal Started March By ludashimane Started Yesterday at PM. By Moonphase Started April Cakes Full Cultivation Tutorials. Search In. Existing user? Although sterile technique is required when inoculating , risk of contamination from airborne spores or bacteria is small because air exposure is minimal and the layer of vermiculite which acts as a filter.

More experienced growers may not use PF Tek due to its low yield , and high labor input required when compared to other methods, like Monotubs. The use of a spore syringe also has its drawbacks.

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Because spores are a mix of genotypes , it is impossible to select mycelium that colonizes fast and produces high yield. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Categories : Mycology. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.