Manual Physics of Strong Fields

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Strong Field Physics

High-Energy Pulse Compression Techniques. Pages Ultrafast Laser Amplifier Systems. Optical Parametric Amplification Techniques. Carrier-Envelope Phase of Ultrashort Pulses. Steven T. Cundiff, Ferenc Krausz, Takao Fuji. Numerical Methods in Strong Field Physics. Hiromichi Niikura, V.

Bhardwaj, F. Litvinyuk, P.

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Dooley, D. Rayner et al. Marangos, S. Baker, J. Robinson, R. Torres, J.

1. Introduction

Tisch, C. Chirila et al. Laser-Induced Optical Breakdown in Solids. Attosecond Pulses: Generation, Detection, and Applications. For conductors, this timescale is on the order of several attoseconds. The generation of attosecond pulses is strongly linked with the topic of strong-field Physics SFP. SFP can loosely be understood as the interaction of matter with strong laser fields, such that the stength of the laser field is comparable to the strength of the electron binding field.

This equates to field intensities of. At higher intensities, electrons can be accelarated to relativistic energies, such that the magnetic field of the pulse plays an important role, resulting in nonlinear propagation - this is the subject of relativistic or ultrastrong-field Physics. We are currently actively researching several areas in the field of attoscience and strong field physics. In the former case, we are developing experimental methods to enable the time-resolution of dynamical processes via such techniques as pump-probe spectroscopy and molecular orbital tomography.

Since the electric field is a fundamental entity, the most amount of information one can obtain from an optical experiment can only be obtained through complete knowledge of the electric field interacting and subsequently scattered from the system. Such a technique is inherently low-signal.

We are taking a different approach in which the electric field is measured directly. This has the advantage of providing very high signal strengths as well as potential single-shot acquisition.

Strong Field Laser Physics

In the area of strong-field Physics, we are interested in the study and ultimate control of strong-field light-matter interactions, specifically for the development of novel laser sources, such as intense few-cycle ultraviolet pulses for use in biological pump-probe experiments, and relativistic single-cycle pulses. Enter the terms you wish to search for.

Attoscience and Strong Field Physics. Attoscience Attoscience deals with study of dynamical system on the timescale of less than a femtosecond.

What can one measure on an attosecond timescale There are many physical processes that require such a short timescale to be observed. Current Research We are currently actively researching several areas in the field of attoscience and strong field physics. People Ian Walmsley Visiting Professor. Jonas Becker Postdoctoral Research Assistant. Patrick Ledingham Senior Researcher. David Drahi DPhil Student.

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Shaobo Gao DPhil student. Thomas Hird Graduate Student. Adrian Menssen DPhil Student. David Phillips Graduate student.

Theoretical strong-field and attosecond physics

Guillaume Thekkadath Graduate Student. Alex Jones Visiting Student.

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