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Learn more. In this workshop, participants will learn the various ways music technology can be integrated into afterschool programs by creating Music Technology Makerspaces. Participants will learn how to create their own beats, write a song, and set up a makerspace with music technology. By the end of the session, participants will leave with free resources they can use immediately to implement Music Technology in their afterschool program. Want to learn how to support student learning in a cool, visual way?

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In this session participants will engage in some really fun activities that will allow them to create sketchnotes and the ability to support students in creating sketchnotes. Sketchnoting will not only help students maximize their learning but will help you, as a participant, develop a tool that will enhance your own thought process and decision making. Come and explore the power of the arts to give tweens and teens a vehicle for healthy self-expression and coping strategies that take them from risk to resilience. Be prepared to interact and connect in this hands-on session that will demonstrate engaging activities for creating a sense of belonging and trust within your group.

Discover an amazing tool that helps develop confidence and agency in youth, and is easy to align to the school day. In this workshop, participants will actually play a mini-game and then walk-through all the tools, curricula, and resources available to implement a Tabletop Roleplaying Game Club at their campus. Channel your inner fantasy and join us for a workshop that will have youth excited and engaged in a creative disguised learning activity. This strand is about making sure that every child has an equal chance to succeed in school and beyond, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic background, sexuality, or learning differences.

In education, we tend to give students all the same information. We assume that they are all at the same level and expect them to learn and progress at the same rate. In reality, students come to school with very different experiences in math. In this session, participants will discuss equity in math and play games that create an equity-based system. Math is not a spectator sport; students need to get in there and play! By the time you finish reading this sentence, your attention will have drifted elsewhere. The average attention span dropped from 12 seconds to less than 10 seconds. In an instant communication world, we can implement sustainable techniques that not only keep youth excited but engaged in our programs.

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Learn from a former marketer turned enrichment specialist on how to engage youth through instant creativity. Also, discover shared practices in promoting youth agency, peer-led engagement, and innovative feedback tools. Despite the rapid growth of STEM jobs in our country, women and girls are still vastly underrepresented in these stable and lucrative career fields. To combat the societal stereotypes and unconscious bias about women in STEM, we must design and facilitate STEM programs specifically with girls in mind.

Operationalizing LGBTQ inclusion is a multi-faceted effort that includes awareness, instruction, action, monitoring and support at all levels, from parents to teachers to students to administrators and all staff. It is only when all key stakeholders are intentionally, effectively, inclusively and strategically engaged that schools can truly be inclusive of all. Speakers will showcase best-in-class programs, facilitation methods, and partnerships and how they can be implemented at the local level.

This strand is focused on practices and strategies that help children and families build strong language, reading, and writing skills — but also on digital literacy and financial literacy.

This workshop showcases Read to Lead, a suite of digital learning games that engage students in self-directed learning by placing them in the role of the boss in a professional world and by supporting educators in creating student-centered classrooms. It focuses on how middle and high school youth develop literacy and 21st century life and career skills through games. Participants play and discuss how the games teach academic, social, emotional, and cultural lessons. They will also receive free digital learning games and curriculum that can be immediately implemented in the classroom.

Learning to read has never been more fun than with this new, always FREE, e-learning resource. You will see our PreK-8 learning activities, beginning with sounds of the alphabet and progressing through language arts. Kids build self-esteem and tools for success while learning grade-appropriate reading and STEAM-based material! The hands-on nature of this workshop will allow attendees to learn how powerful it can be to connect literature and STEM education. Everyone in the room will complete at least one experiment or activity for each letter in STEM that is fun, inexpensive, and easily reproducible in the afterschool setting.

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Complete lesson plans and book lists will be provided. How can trauma-informed practice improve opportunities for our most vulnerable children and families? This strand supports mental, emotional, and physical well-being for children and youth.

We all have play in our programs but why? Come and learn the benefits children gain when we play with a purpose before and afterschool. The activites are hands on! Transportation Emergent Readers.

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Transportation emergent readers meet editable name books! Beginning readers will love seeing their own name on every page of their little transportation theme book. The repetitive text and easy-to-recognize pictures will ensure their success. Just type ea. Squiggle Centre - Creative Collaborative Drawing! A Squiggle is an incomplete drawing of lines, dots or shapes and the game involves creating a picture from those 'squiggles'.

The inspiration from this game came from Mr Squiggle who was a character from a very long running children's show who absolutely loved squiggles!. In every episode he would c. Activities , Printables , Games. Space Theme Interactive Attendance Printable.

PreK , Kindergarten , 1 st. Printables , Posters. Classroom Assortment Name Tags. Do you need name tags for your students?

Well, once you purchase this package you will receive 20 digital print unique name tags. These name tags can be place onto your students folders, bulletin boards, and more. PreK , Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd , Homeschool. This out of this world editable classroom decor will make your elementary students feel like they are in outer space! You just print, laminate, and hang! Click here to view and save! Colors and Shapes. An ebook full of fun activities to learn about colors and shapes.

Perfect for preschoolers. Includes all templates needed. Geometry , Other Arts , Occupational Therapy. Fun Stuff , EBooks , Games. Up, Up, and Away. Up, Up, and Away is filled with different activities when it comes to making rockets, it's the real deal! My product has activities, lessons, and instructions to making your own rocket come to life!

There's a twist to these activities and lessons, these rockets are called name rockets. Name rockets. Puppies and reading abound in this book study unit for "How Rocket Learned to Read". Your students will love putting on a Puppy Reading Parade with shoebox floats and stuffed animals!

Reading , Vocabulary , Reading Strategies. Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd. Students will take notes, complete daily practice questions, and participate in two supplemental activities in orde. Chemistry , Physical Science. Activities , Handouts , Assessment. Hopes and Dreams 2 - Rocket Ship and Moon. Every September I do a hopes and dreams bulletin board. Plus, it looks great when parents come for Back-to-School night. This year students will be writing on rocket ships.

Projects , Printables , Bulletin Board Ideas. Rockets, Hovercrafts, Launchers OH MY! Making physics FUN!

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These science experiments will have your class so excited they will be ready to Blast Off!! They are relatively easy to set up and the recording sheets go into higher order thinking. Science , Physics , General Science. Lesson Plans Bundled , Activities , Printables. Name Activity - Play Dough Mat. A fun and engaging activity that ticks soooo many boxes!! Activities , Fun Stuff , Printables. Write with a Puppy! This is a great book study to use at the start of the year, and then to come back to again and again for diff. English Language Arts , Reading , Writing.

Classroom Set- Rockets.