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According to the OPDC findings, one or two bedroom apartments have a lower overheating risk than three bedroom units.

So best to try and avoid those locations for the high occupancy residential units. This can have negative impacts on energy performance.


Jon Gregg, senior sustainability engineer. This because dwellings with inset balconies have a greater facade area…. Instead, they need to focus on:. Energy efficient design 2.

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Reducing the amount of heat entering a building through orientation, shading, albedo, fenestration, insulation and the provision of green roofs and walls, 3. Manage the heat within the building through exposed internal thermal mass and high ceilings 4. Providing passive ventilation, mechanical ventilation and active cooling systems. In short, energy efficiency in tall buildings is complex and challenging, with many factors affecting heating, cooling and carbon.

There are sometimes trade-offs to be made. Our policies and terms outline the information we collect about you, and how we process your personal information, please read them to be fully informed. Richter, who has earned praise for his expertise in the planning and design of high-rise and mixed-use properties, noted that to date AKF has been instrumental in the design and commissioning of over thirty high-rise and supertall structures around the globe.


Mark also added that the CTBUH gathering is the perfect venue to celebrate professionals whose passion is engineering healthy, sustainable tall buildings. AKF has always delivered design enhancements that are above energy code, mindful of the surrounding environment, and conscious of their energy impact. I look forward to joining other jurists who share these values. For additional information about AKF, please visit www. The objective is to deliver a comprehensive and sophisticated view of these important buildings, spaces, and technologies, while advocating for improvements in every aspect of their performance, especially those that have the greatest effect on the people who use them each day.

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Housing in Rural Areas

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  1. The future of skyscrapers!
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  3. Counter-Movements in the Sciences: The Sociology of the Alternatives to Big Science.

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The challenge: Tall and super-tall buildings: Energy efficiency

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Tall building facades without the pane

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    Skyscrapers of the Future Will Be Engineered to Copy Nature

    Research on Intelligent Control of Bulldozer's Transmission. View Section, Part XI. RC Structure.