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Experimental methods Selection and preparation of material Preparation of material for estimation of sugars The determination of dry weight.

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Preparation of material for analysis Calculation of analytical data. The analysis of the sugar solutions The process of reduction The determination of copper The standardization of the solutions The estimation of the pentose sugars co, determination IV. The carbohydrates of the Cacti V. Seasonal variations in the carbohydrate-content VI.

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Effect of water on the carbohydrate - content VII. Effect of temperature on the carbohydrate-content VIII. Aerobic and anaerobic respiration IX. Consumption of carbohydrates during starvation X. A treatise on the culture of the dahlia and cactus. Acanthascus cactus F. Acidity and gas interchange in cacti. Agave americana L. The New York Public Library. Arizona cactus, [s. TEXT Canadiana.

The carbohydrate economy of cacti

Raven Library. Cacteae in horto Dyckensi cultae anno , secundum tribus et genera digestae : additis adnotationibus botanicis characteribusque specierum in enumeratione diagnostica cactearum Doct.

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Cactus brand seeds for the arid southwest. TEXT U. Cactus culture for amateurs: a concise and practical guide to the management of a little understood family of plants. Cactus grandiflorus L.

Cactus grandiflorus. Cactus in desert. Willard Marriott Library. Close-up of Improved Cactus Co.

Echinofossulo cactus crispatus George Arents Collection. Geen signatuur. Hieronder de tekst: Wij kunnen u de deltsche slaolie en delfrite niet warm genoeg aanbevelen, u kunt ze zo sterk verhitten als u zelf wilt.

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Ger van Elk. The well shaven cactus Paul Klee - Um den Fisch, The co-founder of the word O.