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I suggested that all you really need to get you going is about 50 key works.

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Here's the list I came up with for Lamacq to listen to over the rest of his Classical Week: a three-a-day diet of a core classic or two and a 20th-century masterpiece. Most of these you'll be able to hear over the course of the Proms, but the challenge was to come up with a compilation that would be enticing but challenging enough to convert a hardcore indie fan to the ways of Ligeti and Stockhausen, Verdi and Mahler, Elgar and Schubert.

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Classical Period Music

I'll find out if Steve's a fully-fledged classical fan on Friday — and if he is, I'll get him along to his first Prom. And if, like Lamacq, you're just starting to get into classical music, I hope this list might help, but if you're already a classical nut, what handful of works would you choose to win over new listeners? Login Email Password Having trouble logging in?

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Music Appreciation Course: A Beginner's Guide to Classical Music

May 2, Join conductor and host Joshua Weilerstein as he takes you through each era of classical music Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary. Music history is nearly as old as human civilization itself, and while it has permeated the arts and popular culture for centuries, it still has this mystifying aura surrounding it.

In addition to learning how better to understand and enjoy! Did you know that Jean-Baptiste Lully actually died from conducting one of his own compositions? You may have heard of Gregorian chant, but did you know there are many forms of chant, including Ambrosian and Byzantine chant? He is also in demand as an arranger of choral and instrumental music throughout the country, and his arrangements have been heard by audiences around the world.

What Is Music?