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It's all 'Sababa' A new app lets you buy unsold food from restaurants. Lifestyle This superfan follows the Israeli baseball team around the globe Everything you need to know about the Israeli baseball team's journey to Tokyo 3 ways you know your marriage is in trouble. Yes, the villainous Im-Ho-Tep Vosloo, suitably cantankerous again arises from the Egyptian wastes looking much the worse for his 3,year sleep, and sure, plenty of his rotting minions lose their heads in battle, but Sommers' film is, above all, a fantasy, pitched somewhere between the bravado of Indiana Jones and a less-threatening Todd McFarlane of Spawn fame.

It's one big, sandy, comic book of a film, and when the baddies meet their grim ends, they're more likely to explode in a puff of grit than a spray of crimson.

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You think, gosh, that's not going to be that hard to sweep up, actually. Like a lengthy comic book, the film's story is well-nigh incomprehensible; Stan Lee could've penned this and strung it out over two whole series of any of the old Marvel Universe titles.

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Along the way, Rick and company tangle with pygmy mummies, evil tsunamis, the Dark God Anubis, a deuce of what look to be million-men-strong armies, both living and undead, and -- ye gods, why go on? You get the picture, I think.

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It's all terribly, terrifically fun, and if the story occasionally all right, often seems to make no sense -- there are, frankly, more holes in the plot than in poor, old, falling-to-pieces Im-Ho-Tep himself -- then at least Sommers has provided us with zero time to ponder the many glaring inconsistencies. Who has time to think when the armies of the dead are nipping at your heels?

Silly beyond belief, yes, but just as equally fun. More popcorn, please!

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