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Both have upgraded an entire organisation and the effectiveness of managing chronic healthcare. I was recently asked by a potential client how I would design and implement a project required to inspire employees to adopt an approach of doing more with less and explained this principle and practice — the reply was I was talking anarchy.

I suspect they were looking for a more hammer like approach to employee motivation. These comments touch on identity, belonging, co-creation and culture, all of which adds to the fabric of social life,. Creative cultures are those in which participants are encouraged to create, share, and comment all within a safe and supportive environment.

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Remix cultures live in this space, as do art and writing cultures. The creative portion of fan cultures reside here — the fan fiction and fan-art sub-sites, for example. In these spaces, participants are passionate about their creativity and the topics that spur those passions.

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They are often lifers, who join a culture and stick with it. Discussion cultures are ones where a topic rather than an outcome is at the heart of participation.

Sports fandoms, news sites, and food blogs all fall within the realm of discussion cultures. Here, we often see more disagreement than support with participants engaging in sometimes heated, often real-time, exchanges on topics of personal and professional interest. Participants in discussion cultures are not always long-time residents; they often roam from site to site as they chase the topic.

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The rest of the interview is well worth a read. Journey further An introduction to participatory cultures and tools Where do big ideas come from?

Follow alansmlxl on twitter. NSL Blog. What do we know about participatory cultures?

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Cultures of participation in contemporary social movements stress the importance of deliberation, with a new emphasis on consensus building. The importance of dialogue for deliberation renders conceptions and practices of communication and mediation all the more important. In this chapter, we illustrate the plurality of cultures of participation in social movements, starting from alternative conceptions of democracy elaborated during protests in the s. We then focuses on contemporary transnational social movements, in which different cultures of participation based on deliberation and consensus intertwine.

Finally, we discuss how communication and mediation practices in social movements are embedded in and promote the development of different cultures of participation.