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The press were all over the story and as the reader, you get to go through the entire police investigation as it happens. The silversmith and the hatmaker became part of the case — and the chase is on to find the murderer.. Lake Louise, Canada.

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What you need to know before your trail In July , Thomas Briggs was travelling home after visiting his niece and her husband for dinner. C London - Mr Briggs House.


Where Next? Featured Book. Please tick this box if you'd like to receive information and updates from us about our book news. Trow made it his mission to name him. He revisits the one-hundred-and-twenty-year-old case and closely examines everyone involved. The notorious killer was only charged with five murders, but most people believe his total number of victims is much higher. Trow's Jack the Ripper is a must-read for anyone who's intrigued by this case and the twisted killer behind it all. His disfigured visage was the last face his victims ever saw.

He constantly evaded police and only came out at night to terrorize the people of Sheffield. Charlie Peace is one of Victorian England's most notorious murderers—and he nearly evaded capture. The man whose medical condition made him look much older than he really was, always had a life of hardship.

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Charlie Peace turned to crime when it seemed it was the only option to survive. Despite this, his gruesome actions can never be forgiven. In this biography, Ben Johnson traces Peace's life and explores how he fell down a spiral of evil. Adam Worth was one of the most notorious, yet beloved, criminals of Victorian England.

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He adhered to a strict code of honor, stealing only from members of the upper class. It's safe to say that there aren't nearly as many female criminals as there are men. The ones who were caught, however, are well documented here in Lucy Williams's and Barry Godfrey's Criminal Women, Instead of presenting their lives as case studies, Williams and Godfrey dive into the details of thirty women and their crimes and punishments.

They explore who these women were before turning to crime, and what led to them being caught and incarcerated. In , many people in the breezy town of Brighton fell sick from food poisoning.

The only thing they all had in common was that they ate Christina Edmunds's chocolate treats. The worst fatality was the death of a four-year-old, which sparked public outrage and a demand for justice. Edmunds's arrest and trial were over fairly quickly, with her being found guilty of murder and the attempted murder of several others. The unusual yet sinister crime is one of the strangest to come out of the Victorian era. Related: Dr.

Mr Briggs’ Hat: A Sensational Account of Britain’s First Railway Murder

Buck Ruxton and the Grisly Jigsaw Murders of Child psychology was not widely studied in Victorian England, nor was it believed to be necessary. But the rise of juvenile criminal activity prompted more research into the subject. The big question of why children commit crimes—even atrocious ones—is difficult to answer. Criminal Children discusses the possible conditions and environments that would lead some children to dabble in wickedness, or whether or not they are simply "bad seeds. The s were trying years for the British Isles. Poverty, hunger, and disease spread across the region. Amidst this trouble emerged troubling stories that captivated the minds of Victorians: dangerous women prowled country lanes, claiming victims by poisoning them with arsenic.

Helen Barrell revisits this anxiety-ridden era and investigates the strange yet persistent tales of arsenic-wielding women terrorizing England and beyond. The brutal murder of three-year-old Saville Kent proved to be a familial tragedy and the ruin of a once-reputable detective. At the time, forensic science was new discovery, and detectives were rarely tasked with solving homicides.

After launching his own investigation, Whicher reached a conclusion: Someone within the Kent family was responsible. Yet with neither concrete evidence nor a confession, Whicher was forced to abandon the case and return to London as a defeated—and discredited—detective. Kate Summerscale combines in-depth historical research with riveting storytelling to create a portrait of this fascinating hero and his search for the truth.

Related: How H. Another Victorian crime revisited by Kate Colquhoun, this story steps into the American South, where a young belle faces charges for poisoning her older, cotton merchant husband. Readers are left with the same questions posed to the jury: Does prior infidelity count as evidence for murderous intent?