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Cohesion Policy. Anti-EU politicians, in particular, like to support this line. However, the funds are also distributed within richer countries which have struggling poorer regions. For example, the UK is relatively wealthy with the third largest economy in Europe. But despite this, it has some of the poorest regions in Northern Europe.

Social inequalities, regional disparities and health inequity in North African countries

One of those poor areas in the UK in Wales. EU funds there have sponsored numerous projects including a new university campus in Swansea. So you see, money from the Cohesion Policy also goes towards wealthier countries with poorer regions. An independent review which looked at the value of EU investments from the period highlighted the added value of Cohesion Policy.

All EU member states have benefited from Cohesion Policy.

During the surveyed period, one million jobs were created by the policy, and it had invested in , SMEs small and medium-sized enterprises. Primarily Cohesion Policy gives money to areas that great jobs and growth, build transport links, support enterprise, help the environment and support innovation.

Apart from New Zealand, Italy and Germany have the smallest regional spread, yet GDP per head in their most affluent areas are still almost three times those of the poorest.

Measuring Regional Disparities in Small Countries

Regional inequality peaked during the Global Financial Crisis in and has been on a downward trend since then. In , the highest GDP per head was 2. By , this ratio had dropped to 2. Although there are undoubtedly pockets of desperation in the provinces, generally speaking the provinces have performed well economically. Indeed, over the last 20 years, the agricultural sector has achieved productivity growth only exceeded by the communications industry, the latter being driven by very rapid technological advances in telecommunications. Two New Zealand cities have recently fallen out of the top 50 global city rankings.

There is considerable evidence that Kiwis are highly mobile and move to where the jobs are. Southland experienced some hard economic times during the s and, as a consequence, many of its residents moved out in search of employment in other parts of the country and around the world.

  • John Stuart Mill: A Biography.
  • Regional Disparities in Small Countries, edited by Daniel Felsenstein and Boris A. Portnov.
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  • International Economics.

Labour mobility has kept its unemployment down and GDP per capita up, despite its below-average economic performance. Too much has probably been made about regional inequality in New Zealand.

Social inequalities, regional disparities and health inequity in North African countries

Although there are pockets of decline, indeed desperate decline, that need the full attention of policymakers, on the whole our provinces are holding their heads up. We have strong provinces with good economic prospects as the demand for high-quality agricultural products around the world continues to grow.

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