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Christmas is approaching fast, and as well as choosing gifts for your loved ones, it is time to think about decorating for the festive season. While it can be tempting to buy new decorations each year, these purchases can all add up. Making your own decorations not only saves money and cuts out pointless waste, but is a great way to do something creative. Here are 10 ideas for DIY decorations to brighten up your home this Christmas.

Every year after Christmas, many houses are left with a huge wealth of Christmas cards. While they were perfect to display around the home during the season, most of these cards end up in the bin shortly after festivities end. This project from Emily Peckenham on inhabitat. They are so quick and easy to make that it could be easy to go crazy and cover your whole house, your pets, and your children with recycled card bunting.

The much underappreciated snow globe is a great decoration for your home. The inside of your snow globe can comprise of anything, old Christmas decorations, tree branches, holly from the garden—the possibilities are endless. As well as looking great, these snow globes provide an interactive child distraction system which can be a much needed commodity during this season. This fascinating design consists of only two pieces of paper, and ends up with an incredibly professional looking decoration you can hang from your tree.

This design by Instructables user sebnibo is made out of paper, and there is nothing to stop you using any kind of paper you would otherwise throw out. Depending on your poison, you may end up with a surplus of wine corks around Christmas or any other day of the year. Instead of chucking them out, collect them for a while and make something out of them!

This is a great thrifty project requiring only a pre-made ring and some glue. For an extra splash of color you can paint the corks first, or bribe younger family members to do it for you with cookies.

62 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

The choice is yours. Read More project to the center of it? Since this is Christmas time, it seems fitting to give a gift. Number 5 on this list is five simple projects you can create yourself using basic materials. All of these builds are simple and suitable to do with children under supervision. That does of course depend on your house, owners of a dedicated Styrofoam ball room will be at an advantage here.

So far we have covered some traditional Christmas decorations, but we all know that the festive season is truly about Star Wars! The above video is taken from an Instructable by inspiretomake, and shows the surprisingly straightforward process required to put it all together. Comprising of just a few baubles and printed templates, the droid can be built in minutes. Snow Wars! Star Flakes? Lets just call them War Flarks.

Either way, for the past few years designer Anthony Herrera has been offering templates for Star Wars themed snow flakes on his website.

DIY Christmas Decorations | 11 Stunning Crafts You Have To Make This Year

The templates are free to download as PDF files, and are utterly stunning. There really is a wealth of designs to choose from, encompassing every major character and vehicle in the series, along with a few less obvious choices which will cause any true Star Wars fan to make involuntary noises.

With our eighth idea we are going 8-bit! These baubles bring Christmas down to a level of pixelation we understand, and look fantastic too. They are the creation of Kat and Cam of the ourNERDhome blog , and the design they have come up with is as eye catching as it is colorful. These retro gaming inspired decorations are made out of foam board and painted with simple hobby craft paint—though a similar effect can be achieved painting on scrap cardboard to make this truly a recycled DIY project.

11 Simple and Creative Christmas Recipes! And More Christmas Treat ideas

The real kicker in this project is the optional use of a finishing coat on the baubles to make them shine. Cute crocheted cozies, DIY stovetop potpourri, and a "Christmas tea tree" are just a few of the ideas on our list that take minimal effort—but still allow you to claim DIY status. Whether you opt for homemade gingerbread or pumpkin bread , your guests and relatives will be delighted to receive this sweet present on Christmas Day.

Dress up a loaf pan with a strip of parchment paper, some tinsel , and a few vintage ornaments.

33 Totally Original DIY Ornaments That Win at Christmas Tree Decorating | HuffPost Life

Get the recipe. Salt dough ornaments are a classic gift—and for good reason.

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They're simple, subtle, and so thoughtful! Knead until the dough is firm and smooth. Roll out dough and cut desired shapes use a straw to poke a hole for hanging. If you're crafty, now's the time to show it off! Stitch this adorable Christmas motif, and let your recipient share your handiwork with the world year after year after year. Get the tutorial. Think homemade ice cream is too finicky to tote to the next holiday party?

1. Homemade Christmas Gift for A Tea Lover

We disagree. Simply pack up scoops in white paper pints adorned with red and white ribbon for a look that's as chic as it is transportable. These coasters couldn't be more gorgeous. It's hard to believe they're made of polymer clay and a bit of acrylic paint—making them a beautiful and inexpensive DIY gift. Get the tutorial at The House of Wood. Would you like your Christmas tree with fries this year? Better question: Who wouldn't? This hilarious ornament will have your fast food-loving friend in stitches. Get the tutorial at Studio DIY. Know someone with a serious sweet tooth? Let them get their fix with this sophisticated candy dispenser.

We suggest including a selection of the recipient's favorite candies to keep things feeling truly personal. Odds are, your bestie could always use a good night of pampering.

7. DIY Fishbowl Snowman

Get the tutorial at Sugar and Charm. Who says an ornament has to have been around a long time before it can be considered an heirloom? These ornaments, crafted from vintage family photos, are an immediate classic. Gift these leggings to a loved one on Christmas Eve, then don them together on Christmas morning. They're the ultimate festive getup! Come springtime, the gardener on your list will love filling this stylish, no-sew pack with pretty flowers.

Get the tutorial at Delia Creates. Thanks to this genius iron-on idea, socks are suddenly the most amusing Christmas gift you could get. Get the tutorial at Pretty Providence. Talk about a great hostess gift! Place a small pillar vessel inside a larger vase, and fill the gaps between the two with red and white marbles. Contrast the colorful stack with anemones, garden roses, and evergreen sprigs. Get the tutorial at It's Always Autumn. Get the tutorial at The Turquoise Home.

Leftover paint swatches turn into cute and colorful bookmarks. Bonus points for personalizing in their favorite color! Get the tutorial at Mama Miss. Staying with relatives this Christmas? Any hostess will be grateful for a box of peppermint blondies as a treat for opening her home.

Get the tutorial at That's What Che Said. For the dad who is always seeking a pool table, this tiny tin version will keep him entertained when he's itching for a cue. Get the tutorial at Crafts Unleashed. Make Christmas presents for a crowd by baking a batch of these gourmet marshmallows, then packaging them in a glassine bag.

Simmer pot, or stovetop potpourri , recipes are all the rage right now. Make your coworkers' or neighbors' homes smell like Christmas with this easy DIY Christmas gift idea. For the man who has everything, put together a DIY gift set complete with some grilling essentials: homemade ketchup, dry rub, skewers, a basting brush, and cutting board. If you're handy with a needle and thread, stitch a super-cute Christmas motif that your loved one can display year after year.

Get the pattern. Steal these genius ideas for handmade Christmas gifts from the heart, courtesy of our sister publication, Good Housekeeping. Homemade candy —like this dark-chocolate pecan toffee—is sure to be the sweetest gift of all. Bottle in jars, stick on our cute labels, and place in a metal box with shredded newspaper for padding. Add onto their tree with these pretty DIY Christmas ornaments.

Get the tutorials.