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Optional: add your favorite topping. You may even see these being served in coffee shops through the summer, as baristas are getting more creative with their cold coffee drinks. Add all of the ingredients to a rocks glass full of ice: stir it up and enjoy it on a sunny afternoon for best results. Very similar to a gin and tonic, but replacing the gin with cold brew coffee. Of course you can head to a specialty coffee shop to have them whip one up for you, but you can make this one for yourself no problem.

Not only will the cold brew perk you up, but the bubbly tonic water should quickly bring a sparkling smile to your face. Now you are equipped to make a coffee cocktail for any occasion. We live in a day and age when drinking coffee can mean a million different things. How exciting is that! Never settle. Let us know in the comments below - and check out some of other other coffee recipes here! Alex is the Founder and Editor of Homegrounds.

He is passionate about brewing amazing coffee at home, and teaching others to do the same. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contents Simple Coffee Cocktails 1. Irish Coffee What You'll Need 2. Cafe Amore french connection What You'll Need 3.

11 Great Rum Cocktails to Make at Home

Italian Coffee What You'll Need 4. Kentucky Coffee What You'll Need 5. Mexican Coffee What You'll Need 6. Bavarian Coffee What You'll Need 7. Carajillo What You'll Need: 8. Espresso Summer What You'll Need Paradise Found What You'll Need Black Russian What You'll Need White Russian What You'll Need Espresso Martini What You'll Need Simple Coffee Cocktails. Irish Coffee. What makes this cocktail Irish? Whiskey, of course! Cafe Amore french connection.

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Crossing the Atlantic, we are now in France. The coffee version, however, is served warm and often goes by the name of Cafe Amore. If you want to add another dimension, top with whipped cream and shaved almonds. Italian Coffee. Next up, Italy - where coffee is taken very seriously and its history runs deep.

Now imagine watching the sunset over Tuscany while you sip your coffee Kentucky Coffee. Think Irish coffee, but straight out of the American South. Give Kentucky Coffee a try for the best blend of coffee and bourbon. Take that same Irish coffee glass and fill it half full with hot coffee. Sweeten with sugar to taste, and slowly pour some cream so that it rests on top. Sit back and enjoy the taste of the South.

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Mexican Coffee. Add the Kahlua and the Tequila and you are good to go! Bavarian Coffee. Where the heck is Bavaria and what kind of coffee do they drink? So what type of cocktail would Bavarians make with coffee? Never had peppermint schnapps before? It tastes like candy cane! Think Creme de Menthe but less sweet. Add sugar to taste and top with whipped cream. Maple Bourbon. Cold Caffeinated Cocktails. Espresso Summer. Some people like their coffee just how they like their booze - ice cold.

The Espresso Summer is a cocktail made with espresso and served over ice. Then take off your shoes, sit outside, and enjoy. Paradise Found. Black Russian. This is one of the easiest cocktails you can make with a delicious coffee twist. White Russian. Very refreshing! Will try Hendricks next time. Used diet tonic — thought the drink was relish. Found out Husband not a tonic fan, so next time will sparkling water his. Cucumber is my favorite fruit to use for drinks. Definitely the most versatile.

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Personally, I would have chosen Hendricks and muddled living shit out of the cucumber. Made these, looking for cucumber cocktail recipes. We have cucumbers growing profusely, as well as mint. We prefer club soda instead of sweet tonic. They were delicious with the club soda. Thanks, Marilyn and brad in College Hill, Wichita. Btw, where did you have them in town?

Made this tonight and am thoroughly enjoying it out on my patio. It is light and refreshing. I bought Tangpur gin by Tangueray and it is delicious. Thanks for a delicious new summer cocktail!

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Great recipe and well done! One word to the wise: many people do not realize how much sugar is already in tonic water 32 grams in a can. Your teaspoon added makes the drink have a higher sugar content than a Coke. I got impressed by the description of the taste you have given and thinking of tasting it pretty soon. I think this drink will be perfect for the party as it is easy to make too. Enjoy my cocktail! Add your lime juice, simple syrups, and rum, and blend until smooth.

Strain your cucumber mix through a fine sieve or conical strainer into a mixing tin, then shake with ice. Strain into a white wine glass, and top with sparkling water.

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To garnish, skewer the dehydrated cucumber wheel and cucumber peel rose on a bamboo sword, then insert mint sprig in the rose. Enjoy responsibly! There is no need to replace it with another ingredient. This is just what I needed during a hot week! I made them before my cooking class. Tried this out and it was simply refreshing. I even tried it without the cucumber, like in a regular mojito but the cucumber gives it a very different summery freshness to it.

Loved it! You need to try Hendricks gin! Having a little get together would make in a punch pitcher. This sounds excellent except for my tonic aversion. Just made this… Have an abundance of cucumbers and mint in the garden. I used agave syrup for the sugar. Very good cocktail. Calories 70 kcal. Ingredients 1 shot pear vodka 8 ozs peach pear seltzer water 1 pump peach syrup optional 1 packet stevia optional ice to fill.

Instructions Stir ingredients together and fill glass with ice. Comments Marty Oravetz says. May 4, at pm. Stacie stanbery says. May 5, at am.

Definately will be trying this cocktail! Thank you, it looks refreshing. We are happy to share our content via a link back to our site, with proper credit given.