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This especially applies if the coyote is unusually hungry, perhaps from having lost another food source, or the cat is elderly, ill or overweight. The only guaranteed way to protect a cat from coyotes is to keep him as an entirely indoor cat, perhaps with access to a very secure outdoor run.


Coyotes are mostly, although not entirely, nocturnal. Female coyotes are especially defensive during the breeding season, which runs from mid-spring to early summer, depending on the region and food supply. If coyotes are prevalent in your area, it would be wise to keep all pets inside during this time, only allowing them out under supervision. Also, avoid attracting coyotes by ensuring garbage is animal-proof and that no pet or bird food is left lying around overnight.

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Judith Willson has been writing since , specializing in environmental and scientific topics. She has written content for school websites and worked for a Glasgow newspaper. He's a lot bigger than your cat. Coyotes have colonized most major cities, including Chicago and New York City. While spotting wildlife can be exciting, there are compelling reasons to discourage coyotes from living on your property.

Lassie, come home!

Coyotes are naturally afraid of humans, but as they get used to living with humans they get less and less fearful, and can become aggressive. Pets, like dogs and cats, look like tasty treats to coyotes, as well.

You will live more peacefully with coyotes if you have less contact with them, and if they remain afraid of you. There are some benefits of having coyotes around in the suburbs and cities. As natural predators of rodents, they do a bang up job of controlling rat and mouse populations during certain times of the year.

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If you happen to like coyotes, another benefit is having them around as a subject for photos and observation. That's a bit weak when it comes to defining a benefit, I know.

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In general, coyotes are regarded with disdain due to the fact that they become aggressive toward humans once they've acclimatized to human-dense environments. Though they do help to control rodent populations at certain times of the year, coyotes have also reduced the populations of native species like the Red Fox.

They also do considerable damage to the productivity of American goat and sheep ranches.

A Coyote’s in the House

The first line of defense against coyotes is to avoid attracting them. Coyotes can adapt to any environment that provides food, water, shade, and space. Finally, never feed your pet outside. Coyotes are very shy animals by nature. Coyotes spend most of their days hiding or resting in hidden, shaded areas. When they have to move, they tend to skulk around in bushes, undergrowth, and other forms of natural cover.

In general, the more hidden a coyote can make itself, the more comfortable it will feel. To prevent that, you have to deprive them of hiding places and sources of cover. They use tall grass, lines of shrubbery and bushes, and shade to move around unseen.

How do you keep coyotes away from your yard?

Keep your grass and plants trimmed short to take away their preferred avenues of accessing your yard. If you see a coyote wandering around your neighborhood, scare it off. Make noise by shouting, clapping, and stomping, throw things near it, maintain eye contact, and draw yourself up. Never run away; either walk toward them confidently or back away while maintaining eye contact. Floodlights or sprinkler systems triggered by movement will scare away coyotes skulking around your home at night. You could also invest in some kind of sound-producing equipment.