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Secondary character development in this one is really lacking. Having Ed's family off-screen was a big miss. Roberts should have included them. Or heck have Ed call them back after the weird personal phone call his mother had with Grace. Grace's parents come into town to bury one daughter and just disappear. It was an odd choice. Most families, or at least mine would have been calling me day and night asking me to check the locks on the doors and windows. The serial rapist was lame as anything. I also hated Tess being involved with this and her maybe taking over counseling for the guy.

At least the ending throws that random plot out of the window though. Speaking of Tess, her and Ben's re-appearance was great. I wish we spent more time with them. The writing was so-so in this one. I just felt everything that worked well in the first book, just didn't work well here.

I think us going back and forth between Ed, Grace, Tess, Ben, the serial rapist, the potential and actual victims in the book made it feel crowded. As I said in my first review, this was a great look into what makes Robert's "In Death" books work so well now. She definitely got some practice in. This one sadly was just not a home-run. There's a side-plot about the real Kathleen that gets dealt with too quickly.

I wish that Roberts had dealt more on the fact that the sister that Grace thought she knew, wasn't who she thought she was. The setting of DC unlike with the previous book is just confined to Ed and Grace's homes. I do not ever want to read again about someone renovating their house. It's boring. At one point I was all why are we spending time on them talking about dry-wall? And then I realized I didn't care and wanted to finish the book. The ending was lackluster. There is no real oomph to the reveal like in book 1 since readers are informed of who the bad guy is in this one earlier on.

This has nothing to do with the review, but I was so surprised when I went to check this out via Overdrive and had my Kindle sending me a message saying this book is in your library. Color me shocked. I apparently bought this back in and I have no memory of reading it. So take that little factoid as you will if you feel like taking a spin at this series.

View all 5 comments. Sep 05, Anita rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-la-city. I see shades, I see shadows, not quite there, but hints of what an awesome suspense writer Nora Roberts could have been. Years before Karen Rose even picked up a pen or keyboard Nora Roberts wrote a tale that was riveting and compelling. Nora chose another path, but the seeds of really great suspense are here. Not the perfect pabulum characters of her latest and greatest not best seller, but flawed people who feel and react not at all perfectly.

Oh, Nora where did you go so wrong? Grace is a I see shades, I see shadows, not quite there, but hints of what an awesome suspense writer Nora Roberts could have been.

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Grace is a best selling mystery author who has come to visit her sister in Washington DC to decompress from the book tour for her latest bestseller. Grace is a mess, but a very successful one. Kathleen was the perfect sister, but her life is not the stuff of fairy tales. She is divorced, barely surviving financially as a high school teacher and provides phone sex on the side to earn extra money. The two sisters have had conflict their whole lives and Kathleen resents Grace's success. When Kathleen is murdered, Grace is left with anger, resentment and guilt, and the burning need to find her killer.

Ed is Kathleen's next door neighbor. He is a big, giant of a man and a DC cop. He also fell instantly in love with Grace the first moment he saw her. He is determined that he and his partner, Ben will find the killer, but as more bodies turn up and the only link is the phone sex operation, Fantasy, Incorporated, Ed knows that time is running out, and that Grace is just nuts enough to take matters into her own hands. View all 4 comments. This is a re-read for me as I had read this and book 1 Sacred Sins in this series years ago.

Whereas I didn't remember much from Sacred Sins, this one I remembered a lot of the story from before. I really liked this book the first time around and the story was memorable.

The Chessmen of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Barsoom #5)

I found it a quick and easy re-read and still enjoyed it the second time around. Ed Ben's homicide partner from Sacred Sins, book 1 meets Grace when she comes to visit her sister and Ed is the next doo 3. Ed Ben's homicide partner from Sacred Sins, book 1 meets Grace when she comes to visit her sister and Ed is the next door neighbor.

They are instantly interested in each other and are on a date when Grace's sister is raped and murdered. Ed and Ben are the detectives on her murder case. The case revolves around women who are doing "phone sex calls" with supposed confidentiality. I will say that technology is something that can quickly date a book and you can definitely tell this was written a few years back.

From a character perspective, Ed is a beta hero which I actually really like. He's smart and has backbone but he doesn't throw his brawn around and thump his chest. If you can't tell I am so over the alpha caveman. For the most part I liked Grace's character. She's a successful independent woman which I like. I don't however like when private citizens think they have the right to be part of the investigation which Grace does too much of. Yes, you want information.

However, if you're intelligent you know the difference between what you can be told and what is still for the police only. I never really liked how she pushed herself into the case. And a weird personal note: I really got tired of all the times one of the characters had to light up a cigarette. It almost became a plot distraction. View all 3 comments. I can't give this book less than five stars! It is the second of two books featuring two DC detectives who are partners as well as best friends, and the women who love them.

This is Ed and Grace's book but Ben and Tess from the first book are in this one as well. Readers will and do love Ed Jackson, a bear of a man with red hair and a full beard, but a heart of gold. I loved the rapport between Ben and Ed and the dialog is funny and sarcastic between these two. The books were written 30 years ag I can't give this book less than five stars! The books were written 30 years ago so the reader should be aware of that. There is romance as well as murders to solve.

Do yourself a favor and read these two books Sacred Sins is the first. They are fast reads that you won't want to put down. Highly recommended! A Victim of the Times Writing murder mysteries has given author Grace McCabe a successful career, but when her sister is brutally slayed while Grace is visiting her in D.

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Struggling to come to terms with the woman her sister really was and who she is in the wake of her loss, a deep-seeded desire for justice starts to burn in her, even as a different sort of desire is sparked for her sister's neighbor, D. From the moment Ed A Victim of the Times Writing murder mysteries has given author Grace McCabe a successful career, but when her sister is brutally slayed while Grace is visiting her in D.

From the moment Ed saw Grace leaning out the window of his neighbor's house, he was captivated by her.

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Realizing she was an author whose books he favored only made him want to meet her more. The steady and thorough man with a gentle heart and warrior's eyes recognized her as his future almost immediately, but the discovery of her sister's body, and helping Grace through the loss even as he investigates the crime, has created a tension in him that he can't quell. He knows there is a killer stalking his victims, and he knows Grace would do anything - including put herself in a monster's sights - to stop him.

I've been a huge fan of Nora Roberts for more years than I care to admit to and have spent so very many hours lost in the worlds she creates, adoring my stays there. Unfortunately, Brazen Virtue wasn't one I favored, but in this case, I may have no one to blame but myself. Perhaps if I'd read this sequel to Sacred Sins back when it was originally published in , I would have felt vastly different about it, because the truth of the matter is, it's difficult for a book of this nature to feel fresh twenty-three years after it was released. A maestro of character study and well conceived plots, a virtuoso of lyrical prose and realistic dialogue, Nora Roberts is a goddess of romantic fiction, and those traits are in evidence in Brazen Virtue.

I'm always fond of main characters who are authors like Grace is, because there always seems to be a bit more It's something I've always found appealing and I did so in this case as well. Ed was no slouch either as the quintessential good guy that Roberts is so adept at writing.

Both lead characters are three dimensional and realistic. In fact, as far as the technical aspects of the story go, it's Roberts. If she doesn't do it well, no one does. I can only imagine that when the book was originally released, it was probably a very taut, tense, and timely suspense novel, but now, over two decades of wars, politics, natural disasters, heinous crimes, and acts of terrorism, technological advances, and an entertainment industry overflowing with every single sharp-eyed observation of man's inhumanity to man has stripped this book of its sophistication and polish, leaving it feeling too tame and plodding to feel at all current I don't need to wonder what that says about today's culture Beyond that, though, I didn't like what I was reading.

I wasn't sold on the timing or alleged romantic intensity between Ed and Grace - most of that was because I didn't find Ed's character to be to my taste. He was a bit too quietly solid and seemingly easy going for me.

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I preferred Ben in this book just as much as I did when he was featured in Sacred Sins. I also didn't like how Kathleen's character, Grace's sister, was slowly dragged down through the evolution of this book, to go from a struggling woman fighting her rich and influential ex-husband, scrambling to fund the investigation and battle for custody of her son, to a cold and self absorbed, bitter, drug addicted woman who made a horrible wife and mother and a judgmental, envious sister.

It was unnecessary and seemed contrived to allow for Grace to heal from her loss quicker, as if to justify her quickly moving on from Kathleen's death. The police procedural part felt very awkward, and the connection to Fantasy, Inc. However, she did take some time in March to introduce us to "The Stanislaskis.

Four of the five books in "The Calhoun Women" series were released in Anxious fans had to wait until "Megan's Mate" in for the fifth novel, but today you can fly right through them. You'll also find some of the Calhoun women featured in other novels, especially in If you have not yet read the four novels in the "Donovan Legacy," consider this a must.

The cousins have special powers that make them extraordinary, and three of the books were published in The last of the series is "Enchanted," published in It seems as if was a bit slow for Roberts, but she did continue two of her popular series.

Always Been Mine (The Moreno Brothers 2)

After that book, be sure to catch "Born in Ice" and "Born in Shame" to complete the trio. This was the year Roberts began writing detective romances under the pen name J. She chose the "J" and "D" from her sons' first initials and took "Robb" from "Roberts. A milestone year, Roberts published her th book just shortly after celebrating her first decade of work.

Little did they know that their inheritance was dependent on one very specific condition. In reality, as you can see from the rest of the list, she was just getting started. Roberts' success on the bestseller lists began with "Rising Tides. For the second year in a row, Roberts was on a roll. She published a number of books and introduced readers to the "Gallaghers of Ardmore" in the process. This trilogy would wrap up in Some fan favorites continued in In November of , Roberts officially moved from best-selling paperback to the top of the hardcover list.

The book "Midnight Bayou" was her first to go right to No. In , we saw the final novel in the "Cordina's Royal Family" series as well as other memorable single books. It also marked the release of "Summer Pleasure," a two-in-one reissue of the popular "Second Nature" and "One Summer" from This was a series that fans didn't have to wait for. The second and third volumes followed monthly, ending with "Key of Valor" in January. This is significant because rarely have all three books in a series hit the bestseller list simultaneously. What started in the previous year saw the final novel in "The Key Trilogy" in It also marked the release of "Blue Dahlia," first in a trilogy called "In the Garden.