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Categories : Lists of chemical elements. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Greek elements hydro- and -gen , meaning ' water -forming'. Latin carbo , ' coal '.

English soda the symbol Na is derived from New Latin natrium , coined from German Natron , ' natron '. Magnesia , a district of Eastern Thessaly in Greece. Latin silex , ' flint ' originally silicium. New Latin potassa , ' potash ' the symbol K is derived from Latin kalium. Titans , the sons of the Earth goddess of Greek mythology.

Vanadis , an Old Norse name for the Scandinavian goddess Freyja. English word the symbol Fe is derived from Latin ferrum. German Kobold , ' goblin '. Nickel, a mischievous sprite of German miner mythology. Most likely from German Zinke , 'prong' or 'tooth', though some suggest Persian sang , 'stone'. Latin Gallia , ' France '. Latin Germania , ' Germany '. Latin rubidus , 'deep red'. Strontian , a village in Scotland. Ytterby , a village in Sweden. Niobe , daughter of king Tantalus from Greek mythology.

New Latin Ruthenia , ' Russia '. English word The symbol derives from Latin argentum.

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New Latin cadmia , from King Kadmos. Latin indicum , ' indigo ' colour found in its spectrum.

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English word The symbol derives from Latin stannum. The symbol derives from Latin stibium ' stibnite '.

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Latin tellus , 'the ground, earth'. We are interested in identifying the periodic trends across the actinide series that inform our understanding of the role both the 5 f and 6 d orbitals have on their chemistry with the goal of relating the complex chemistry of the actinide elements to the larger periodic system.

Our separation science efforts are largely focused on liquid-liquid extraction LLE , the go-to technology for f -element separation and purification. Our research is centered on detailing the free-energy components that drive the non-thermal separations, with a specific emphasis on quantifying the entropic contributions.

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Underpinning our work is the hypothesis that an accurate description of structural correlations spanning multiple length scales, from the atomic to the mesoscale, is required to describe and predict these liquid separations. Our experimental efforts involve a multimodal approach to system characterization, including the determination of separations efficacy through standard, in house techniques such as distribution ratios using radiotracers and dynamic light scattering.

The overall program is built a telescoping approach to quantifying these phenomena that couples atomic and molecular scale chemistry with the structure, energetics and dynamics of larger mesoscopic hierarchical assemblies. In this video I traveled to a geothermal spot among the hills of central Italy, to show how and where you can find your own elemental Sulfur, one of the few non-metals that can be found pure and not bound to any other element.

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This video aims at familiarizing the general public to the lesser known, still very useful element that is gallium. In fact, gallium was found in many electronic devices we use every day as a semiconductor dopant or as a semiconductor itself when it is bound to nitrogen to form gallium nitride. The latter is likely to replace silicon-based semiconductors in the near future due to its exceptional properties.

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As mentioned before, it has a remarkably low melting point of This enables one to mold metallic objects without being burnt. In the video, a variant of the famous mercury beating heart using the non-toxic gallium is shown.

Gallium also has a few academic applications such as in Focused Ion Beam or to synthesize oxide thin films on the surface of gallium droplets. The purpose of the submitted video is to broaden horizons about the importance of chemical element carbon and to present its impacts on mankind. Carbon nucleus 12 C is formed during nuclear fusion process which occurs in stars, where enormous temperature and pressure are assured.

During the fusion process two helium nuclei 4 He combine to form a beryllium nucleus 8 Be.

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Due to instability of the latter one another fusion process with helium nucleus 4 He follows. Since three alpha particles are included in fusion process to form carbon nucleus 12 C, the process is named triple alpha process. During fusion processes gamma rays are emitted. Carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe by mass after hydrogen, helium and oxygen. It is a structural important element of essential molecules of life as it is presented in proteins, carbohydrates, lipids as also in nucleic acids, e.