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Welcome to powerful, mature object-relational mapping in the. NET world. Genome: supporting real-world enterprise application development since Telerik is a sponsor for this show! Building quality software is never easy.

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In the Solution Explorer , the output file appears nested under the the template file. If you are using Visual Basic, you will need to click the Show All Files button in the toolbar of the Solution Explorer to see the output file. You can also transform the template by right-clicking it in the Solution Explorer and selecting Run Custom Tool from the context menu. The template above contains a processing directive, output , and a text block.

If you double-click the generated file, its contents will be identical to the contents of the text block and will look like so.

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At this point, the generated output is static, which is not any better than coding this stored procedure by hand. Instead, we can generate it dynamically, using the database schema information provided by the SQL Server. This code uses a template directive to specify the. NET assembly, Microsoft. In order to use this API, the template uses an assembly directive to reference the assembly where it is defined and an import directive to specify the namespace where Server , Database and Table types are defined. Active 5 months ago.

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Viewed times. Description I have been unable to get C code generation to work reliably in my. Setup A csproj and a single source file are all that's needed to duplicate this. WriteLine GeneratedClass. Code Already Exists?

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What am I doing wrong? Logical Fallacy. Logical Fallacy Logical Fallacy 1, 4 4 gold badges 14 14 silver badges 33 33 bronze badges. NET 2. NET Standard 2. Please update your question title.

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Dai fixed. I'm using Core. The file is Standard. There's a related question here , but the solution still fails when the generated file already exists. This is done through the CleanGen target and kicked off as an initial target in the Project node.

Templates and code generation

The GeneratedCode target appends to the output file, so as to prove that it only happens once. The ItemGroup node is enabled to allow the generated file to be compiled. While this does cause the build to succeed, it's actually executing that target four times. I changed the answer a lot, but it is still hacky This may end up being the solution I go with. I like those additions, and I agree this seems harder than it should be. I would prefer to delete the source beforehand, as you have done, so I'm eager to try it out in a few hours when I get back to my desk.

There's an effort underway to automate it github. I have it mostly working except for the issue I created this SO question for. If you think I should rewrite the question I can.