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Fischer also says Pete Buttigieg is "prancing" around the nation and that the Equality Act will protect pedophiles. He then cited the sins listed by St. The other is called the top. Not going to go into any more detail about that, but here Paul is talking about both parts of a homosexual liaison — neither of them is going to make it into the eternal kingdom.

Fischer has a long history of homophobic rhetoric. In the AFA, citing the Hitler comment, stripped Fischer of his title of director of issues analysis and tried to downplay his role in the organization. A column published today claims that under the Equality Act, a major LGBTQ rights bill pending in Congress, sexual orientation can be interpreted to include pedophilia and bestiality.

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Muri April 27, at AM. Heather April 30, at AM. All this is interesting but does not solve my diemma. My grandaughter is gay and has known her partner since she was When I found out I knew this would be a dilemma if they would decide to marry. As a Christian I do not believe in the gay life style and have often said I would accept a ceremony with another name and same rights as marriage but believe the definition of marriage should not be changed I have never discussed my feelings on this with my grandchildren because we live far away and I have only seen them about 10 times. However Im sure they know that I am a serious Christian.

They now are planning to marry and I dont know what to do. To my friends I immediately said that I could not attend the wedding without being a hypocrite and did not know how to tell them. I have met my granddaughters partner and spent a whole day with them. We had a lovely time surprizingly because they were in their early 20's and Im in my 70's. I love them both and know it would hurt my granddaughter very much not to attend.

Recently I talked to a friend who told me how much it hurt her for her brother not to attend her wedding for other reasons. She then asked me 'what would Jesus do' This really made me think. I also realized that I did not seek the Lords advice and just assumed I should not go. I am now leaning towards going but another friend suggested that I still must let them know that I do not approve of their lifestyle. All I do know is that I must let them know that even with my beliefs I still love them very much. Please pray for wisdom for me in this decision.

Jason May 17, at AM. Because I have just one huge question for you regarding to him, will religious freedom be the civil-rights issue of the next decade? Paul Fishman June 1, at AM. You have some good points. A declared Homosexual person cannot of their own volition become a heterosexual BUT can by the power of Christ abstain from the behavior and lifestyle to live a pure holy life. The power of Christ if allowed in their life to change and function can bring fullness of joy and purity.

Freedom from pornography and sexual addiction of any type is the best way with constant pure thoughts. The homosexual lifestyle and behavior has its foundation much in pornography. They must live life in Christ to have a new identity. There is NO such thing as being Christian and being gay. If later on they become hetersexual and marry that is up to God. Renee June 17, at AM. Now I know a lot of people are going to jump up and down and get all over me for this; but sometimes love has to be tough.

There's no excuse to condone sin and i don't care who's sin it is, or what sin it is. Discipleship has a price.

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People have and in some places today still do lay down their lives for the sake of the Kingdom. And yes, the truth brings division. That's part of life. People change all the time and people's "orientations" change too. Change your thought process, you change your behavior. Now it's not usually something that happens overnight; especially if someone is entrenched in a particular ideology. Yet it does happen and more often than people with an agenda would be willing to admit. In a good percent of cases it happens without any intervention and "no body ever knew".

And here is another idea I think is a misperception. I've heard in many places about accepting the homosexual as a whole person; yet how many times to you see the "orientation" itself becomes an identity crisis obsessed over by the homosexual person? Individuals of certain ethnic minorities have the same problem.

They are all caught up in "identity politics". Your not "black" or "gay" or even gender orientated before you are a human being. That's the big picture that all of humanity faces. Now the whole question of "What would Jesus do? Yes, Jesus "sat down with tax collectors and sinners"; yet if you look at the context of all of every single one of those interactions - none of them - either of the people in those categories that invited him, or Jesus himself ever condoned or ignored the sin.

Were there places, situations or even people Jesus avoided for the sake of understanding, "There's certain things I don't want in my head. He probably never went in a Roman bath house; or at least not the sordid ones and I'm sure he never walked into a brothel either. There were plenty of those in the ancient world too. There are events recorded in the Scripture where Jesus didn't "stick around" because he knew there were people who meant him harm.

So although Paul does say "All things are lawful for me And most importantly "I will not be a slave to anything. He turned right around to the deceptive individuals and pointed their sin out to them. Ya know, people who are "accepting of everyone" don't get crucified! Maybe you worry that if you change that belief, it would call into question many other beliefs and then pretty soon, your whole foundation is ripped from underneath you. That would be scary. But courage is bravery in the face of fear and I believe your Christian foundation will be just as strong if not stronger if you display that courage and if you have enough faith in the core of your religion to know that you can look deeply within it without having it implode.

I believe there is a way you can change your belief about homosexuality and still maintain all your others. Some bits of the Bible are a bit outdated - mixing fabrics, eating shellfish, eating pork etc - reason being that at the time, those things posed a practical threat. Maybe at the time, the world needed more people so the idea of a marriage without children could be threatening to the future of the world. A lot has changed. The core though - the basic principals - those were created to withstand any change and they should. Most people would. Love is everything.

Could you fake it? The options here are unbearable. Please genuinely close your eyes and imagine yourself in our shoes. Imagine the only way you could be a good person is if you only had sex with and married someone of the same sex. Or if you never had a relationship at all.

They need you badly. I feel pretty strongly that God knows the only way to combat hate is to promote love, and that love is not something to fight against. Steve July 28, at AM. Here's the biggest problem we have Gay is a term used by the left to rationalize homosexual behavior. It's a calmer word the left uses to make it seem normal and innocuous. When you hear the word "gay" you don't hear the word "homosexual", so it seems nicer. It's the same way the left uses "pro-choice" instead of "abortion". Being "pro-choice" and "gay" doesn't sound harsh and intolerant.

Using those terms make people feel okay about doing something wrong. And it's become so strong they actually believe something wrong is not wrong any longer. We can't get caught up in using those terms or we fall into the trap of compromise. If we even use those terms we give credence and legitimacy to them. God didn't, doesn't, and will never create "gay" people. So we shouldn't use that term because it's a compromise. However, we also shouldn't condemn. We should just share the Gospel because that's all we're supposed to do. We're not supposed to change people.

That's God's job, and we're not God. They are the intolerant ones. They are the hateful ones. We just share the gospel and allow God to use His Holy Spirit to convict unsaved people. And anyone who openly and proudly practices homosexual behavior is unsaved. A true believer will can secretly practice this behavior, but will be miserable in their sin, just like any truly born again believer is miserable in our sin. As believers we are most miserable when we are living in sin. So we should avoid condemning any individual sin and just share the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Gospel saves and changes lives, not us. Jessica August 2, at PM. Whatever it is, I love Jesus more. To live Identity is no longer in myself. I am found in Him. My life is worship to Him. Really love Him and obey His commands w His help.

Do Gay Christians Go to Heaven?

Jeannine Holmes August 8, at AM. The issue is ones Spiritual nature. Everything that this man says and anyone else, is going to irritate you because it goes against the grain of what you want you want to do. E August 27, at PM. I appreciate this conversation- it sounds like an interesting read.

As a Christian, I struggle with finding the balance between my spiritual beliefs and demonstrating love. I have friends who are gay, and I love them for who they are inside- not their gender expression or sexual orientation. It's unfortunate that if you are not affirming, then you are considered small minded, hateful, prejudiced, and homophobic.

I chose not to share my beliefs outwardly because I don't want to hurt others or be hurt for my own beliefs. I have to lie about my religious beliefs at work and I have been confronted , most recently for forgetting that I had poured my morning coffee in a mug with a Bible verse and then took it to work because if I dont, then I will be fired. I think that I only truly discuss it with maybe other people. I wish that there could be a balance.

There are so many beliefs in the world. Trying to force one on everyone isn't helpful. I try to think of whether it will be more harmful than helpful. Contributing to someone's despair, depression, and possible suicide is never worth it. I may not always be in agreement, but I still want to show love. It's sad when any group is protested, called names, and abused.

Qrst September 1, at PM. E, I would highly suggest that you find a way to leave your place of employment. What does Jesus say will happen if we deny him? Or even be harassed? Antonio September 8, at AM. If one is not following in God's true ways, the sin is sin. Man just wants it his way, not God's way. T September 12, at PM. Even in the two years since this article was written and three since "Messy Grace" was published, it has become more a more political and polarized issue.

As a 21 year old Christian, I feel this wholeheartedly. I recently did a 7 month stint in LA and this is especially true in LA that if you're not for you're automatically a bigot and labeled simple minded. Yet still, in the midst of all this choosing sides, I have become obsessed with this idea of keeping my conviction yet being still loving I don't know if they're just silent or people my age really just don't share the same stance on this issue To be quite frank and honest, I haven't really found compelling arguments against homosexuality in regards to the original translations of the Bible To be honest, from my research, even now, the Bible doesn't seem explicitly say anything about homosexuality in regards to a loving relationship Carson Ball September 18, at AM.

William J. Barber, II said it well on October 12, I'll paraphrase below as he listed a number of values that must be supported. Teco, by saying the following, 'I have a dear friend who's daughter has decided she was really meant to be a boy.

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First, you referred to the child as your friend's "daughter" even though they are a boy. Secondly, you said, "decided she was really meant to be a boy. Thirdly, you put the word son in quotation marks which implies that he isn't really your friend's son. I'm glad that your friend is cutting negativity out of her life in order to protect her son.

Too many trans people encounter ridicule, hatred, and violence. Your friend seems like a great parent and I hope that you learn how to be a better ally to her son. Tessa September 27, at AM. Hi all! I am a young 20 year old bisexual girl who is cathholic.. I have had not even realised my sexuality until I realised I was in love with my best friend whom I had known for five years and she could not love me in the same way..

That if I fell in love with a woman now I would not be able to marry before the God that loves me and have his approval.. To hate a part of who you are is to hate God as he created us perfect in his image.. I didnt learn this "behaviour" or even known what it was called.. I felt it. When I called myself bisexual it felt right and good.. I felt the holy spirit in me saying it is okay..

Gender doesnt matter to me.. Man and woman are created from his image. So he and she is both.. God's plan is for us to be happy and find real true love in Him and in the world. Dewayne Bryan September 27, at PM. I scrolled to the bottom after reading true believer's words. Personally, I plan to read the book and for a few years, have wrestled with how to best be a minister to many nobody else will give the time of day. This was a long while before my daughter, who lost her mom way too soon, told me about her life choice of a relationship with another woman.

Was I a bit shocked? Yes I was. Do I love her no matter what? Yes I do. Have I embraced her with love of a father Yes I have. Many of the self proclaimed Christians I know are the ones emptying the pews in churches because of our judgmental ways and use of the bible as our weapon of choice to condemn others, usually while engaging in our own sin. Anyway, most of the back and forth here is very adult like and actually gives hope that true men and women after God's heart are capable of love for others; but, much of it is nothing more than the junk we can find on any social media feed.

Thanks for the book. I look forward to reading it. TracyMom October 28, at PM. There is a balance here between every person who commented above; We can be right with God, love God, love Christ, follow His ways alone and still love other people who sin differently than we do. I don't care if they sleep with the same sex, or use drugs, or have committed theft or abuse their child; each deserves love and forgiveness. I am no better, although some days I'd like to believe that because I am a good person, or because I pay my taxes and work hard or because I'm a good mother, that I'm somehow less in need of saving..

I have sinful thoughts every day, and I ask God for forgiveness every day. Yes, love the sinner, hate the sin. I can love others and not agree with their decisions, which goes for every single person you and I both associate with, Christians or not. Just be kind and quit worrying about others' heart towards God. Pray for them, but let God do the work He does so well without interfering in His plan.

Witness but don't judge. The Bible instructs, love your neighbor as yourself. Whether you agree with them or not, like them or not.. What really makes you more Christ-like is to love without judgment. Try it.. Irene November 12, at AM. Christians shouldn't have gay friends. Christians need to stick with legitimate Christian friends. Just look at how twisted Lisa Whelchel's thinking has become as a so-called Christian having gay friends in her circle.

These are quotes from her below. Lisa Whelchel pro gay quotes: 1. Jesus taught acceptance and love and grace. The truly sad thing is she isn't referring to hateful racist fake Alt Right Christians. She's including racially harmonious God-fearing Christians of all colors who don't hate gay people but simply do not agree with their lifestyle because it goes against God, the gospel and the teachings of Christ.

It's either God or gays. Can't have it both ways. All because we FEAR persecution. I'd rather be persecuted for teaching the truth in love now than lose my soul trying to gain the whole world. Sister Lisa has either forgotten this or has never been taught this truth. Pray for Lisa and for all the lost gay souls she is misleading. A real friend cares enough to gently warn those who are in trouble. Faithful are the wounds of a friend. Deceit does not get anyone through the gates of Heaven I'm sorry to say.

Another pro gay anti Christian quote from Lisa Whelchel: 4. Samuel Low November 13, at PM. I know that there is a lot of controversy over this topic, and I indeed as a year old am suffering from anguish because the Holy Spirit is guiding me to help a few LGBT friends. I think the main thing that bothered me on this comments thread was the hate.

When we are to correct each other, just like 2 timothy says. What I see a lot happening is people trying to correct each other, just to be right. I think we should focus on the issue at hand, and make sure that we are right with God and our facts come from Him, so we aren't being hypocrites. God bless. I am 15 year old boy.

I have struggled with gay attractions since I can remember. It started at a very early age for me. However at the time I wasn't aware of what homosexuality was and I brushed it off. But as I progressed and went through I noticed what I was. I felt the gay feeling inside me. Now to be honest this hurts me alot to say but my parents will more than likely hate me for the rest of my life if I ever came out. I came across this article after over months of research for hope. My hope is that god will accept me in the afterlife. It hurts knowing a mothers love wont last forever. Without love I would kill myself.

It gets very lonely. And reading how god describes gay people makes me even more depressed. Knowing that if I find a man that I love and one day die god will seperate our two souls or even worse put us in hell. Its hard to imagine that. Crying every night because you want to be with a man and have a healthy life when you get older but in the end you burn in hell. And knowing that when your in hell your pretty much doomed and there is no hope and YOU are now a forever sinner buring with the one you love until god completly boils us into the lake of fire. The love we had will be separated and no more.

Thats sad. I want to be in a relationship and have kids when I get older. Maybe even have a farm behind my house? It sounds crazy to me because I know god won't accept my gay relationship. Thats why I locked myself. Locked my mind in a place that tells me I have to go though my life alone and hopefully god will open the gated to heaven for me. The pain I feel from knowing I will have to go through my life alone is saddening. I can't be with a women because that would only me unwise since I am not attracted to them.

That would be a betrayal to both her and me. I'm not trying to betray or hurt anyone. But its hard reading articles like this knowing no hope will be found. I prayed to god for years. I tried to change myself. But nothing happened. I have now only grew more distant to the word of God. Because I would be putting myself in mortal pain.

I can't follow something that clearly condemns me. And if I do follow it.. Its hard to say this. I don't want to leave the word behind. But the more I follow the less and lower my hope grows.

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I have read the bible in depth. I always thought god would forgive the sin no matter if you acted on it or not but all he wants is your belief in him,your trust,your deviation because god does state that the only unforgivable sin is NOT Believing in him and accepting him. He dosn't say if you act on your sin you will parish in this area of the bible.

And if he did won't that make it impossible to go to heaven? God died on the cross for a reason. For our sins so we won't have to face judgment by sin. He judges by law. If he judged by sin we would all go to hell. No matter what sin acted or not if god judged people by sin no hopr would be there. God loves all. I find it hard to belive how he says homosexuals should have their blood shed.. And claims he forgives all sin? It maked you feel like your the problem.

I feel like I am. Because even though he says he forgives all sin through repentance, if your homosexual and engage in a homosexual relationship you are not forgiven. Instead you should face brutal punishment. It makes no sense to many. I know some may dissagree but it hurts to know that even though the bible says the word is for everyone and ANYONE can receive salvation by following his word he excludes this for homosexuals and homosexual relationships. I had to continue my story on a separate comment due to the character limit.

Im not wise but thats the best I can explain myself. Thank you for reading. Lynne Sczruba November 24, at AM. I have one question. How is ignoring the fact that sin leads to death, eternal death, loving a person? I wonder how many of you that are listing Bible verses and talking about what the Bible says have actually taken the time to get to know a gay person and really journey with them?? How many of you just spew words of hate and go on with your day without even a thought on how an individual might feel after reading the words in these comments!

It's easy to talk about what is right and wrong until it becomes your personal reality and you are touched by it on a daily basis. If someone you would die for tells you that they are gay, you would not bang them over the heard with Bible verse and what God thinks. You would love them and live a life that is genuine and loving towards others. THIS is what we are called to do. IF homosexuality is a sin, then you better take a look at your own sin before you go pointing out others! Christie November 27, at PM.

Emily December 8, at PM. I am in my 20 and straight. I grew up in church and am a Christian. I do believe that same sex marriages are a sin. Though I find my self now in situation were I face people who disagree with this view. I need gudence on how to deal with my moral and spiritual beliefs without offending others. Also I recently started watching a kids cartoon that openly repersents gay relationships. I like that the show repersents different body types and how to deal with judgment from others coming from on how one looks or where they come from.

Should I still watch a show like this? How should I live every day with people who I strongly disagree with? Thank you for any help, young adult needing gudence. Ellie December 11, at PM. Caleb - As a transgender woman who is trying to navigate the Evangelical space, I thank you for this article. I have sat with too many parents of kids who have committed suicide because their parents, church, or community didn't embrace them and love them.

I read Amber Cantorna's story of how her parents - her dad is an executive with Focus on the Family - still refuse to talk to her because she came out as Lesbian. Lives are being lost, and I HAVE to believe that no matter what, God values those lives so much more than being right or wrong on an issue.

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One of the things I struggle with as a trans woman is trying to navigate where do I fit in? Where does the church hold to their truth? I am wanting to find community, believing that as I draw closer to God among others, He will show me and convict me if my decision to transition was in error. I don't think it was. At the same time, because the church doesn't see me as a woman, I have been forbidden from being involved in a smaller group setting, especially in women's ministry.

How does one navigate that? Where should grace in this go? On one hand, I get that the church would see me as male, but at the same time, if I cannot find community with other Christian women, I'm not joining men's ministry then where am I going to find the space outside of Sunday morning worship to plug in and learn about where God would have me be? Thanks, Ellie. Susan December 26, at AM. I'm not gay, but I have two gay men living in my house, a cousin who died from complications from HIV, and I have a lot of gay friends.

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I would rather hang out with them most of the time because they are genuine and more fun then the fake Christian's I know. To me being a person who believes in any God means excepting everyone for who they are and realizing that everyone is unique! I like or dislike people for who they are, not for their sexual orientation.

Judge not not less ye be judged, it's not my job to judge anyone, that is God's job! I would have lost out on a lot if I didn't except people as people! I go to Pride every year, this year I went to 3 different cities, the thing that upset me the most is the Christian's that told me I was going to hell if I didn't repent and become straight, well I simply told the idiot's that they didn't know me and it's not their job to judge. I go to pride because I can be me and not be judged by anyone, it's a great celebration of people being themselves!

I just hope and pray that people who don't even give LGBTQs a chance wake up and realize that they are missing out on friendships with people who are genuine. My friends son found out his son is gay and he won't except him nor will he talk to him, it breaks my heart because his son needs him, but he is a minister in a Christian church and the bible supposedly says it's a sin to be gay, I haven't found that anywhere in the bible, being Catholic and going to Catholic school I have read the bible several times.

I don't get how people feel that you can cure a person who is gay, please wake up, it's not a disease nor is it contagious! Love thy neighbor and quit doing Gods job. My friend's son compared gays to gangs, sorry there is a huge difference between the two!

I don't believe gay people go to hell: PM | The Canberra Times

Thank you for your time! Love us love! Gay son's mom December 26, at PM. My son "came out" to us when he was 19 years old. We are what most would label a conservative Christian family. My first emotional responses were shock and heartbreak, but I was mainly heartbroken that he had lived with this secret for years and had not felt safe to share it with a living soul. Our immediate response was to tell him that we loved him no matter what even if we ended up not agreeing with his life choices.

I encourage you to read Wesley Hill's blogs and his book "Washed and Waiting". It discusses the trials he has endured as a gay Christian, his spiritual journey and his eventual choice to e a celibate gay Christian and how he found value and love in Christ and in truthful relationships with others. KarenK January 2, at AM. Stephens The old testament also calls for the stoning of adulterers but the new testament shows mercy.

In John 8 the Jewish leaders brought Jesus a woman who had been caught in the act of adultery and told him that the law of Moses commanded them to stone such people so what do you say? Jesus replied that anyone who was without sin could cast the first stone. Since, they knew they weren't sinless, they all left. Then, Jesus told the adulteress to "go and sin no more". Jack January 19, at AM. I deal with the realities of this late day and much tainted with sin world as a single man of 50, never married. I'm also a sinner and struggle with being a celibate man, with all the good intentions of having the right lady to marry.

Caleb reminds us not to judge gays, but really get to know them. And mentions to abstain before marriage to all singles gay or straight. Contentious views, as what I see in so many secular people AND in this article I come from a family that can;t stand "Fundamentalist Christian Beliefs" with alot of hate brewing from Mom and this reminds me of how satan is very alive in the minds of the public.

Please consider everyone in this picture, including the love and grace coming from this author. Michelle January 25, at AM. My family is going through this now. I and my parents are Christains I actually dont even like labeling myself as that lately we live in a house hold where my sister was murderedbecause her boyfriend was dealing drugs and she was stealing them from her work. I have her 2 daughters for last 7 yrs. My brother lives here to because he refuses to work and although 42 acts like hes His child lives here to she now he refuses to work or leave his room. He has had a conversation with us all and was ok with us calling him by his female name and she he understood it takes time to adjust.

My parents are Christains But they have rules in their house. No drugs.. No over drinking and parties. No swearing Well my brothers kid has broken this with his gf. And when called on it.. And not welcomed. We ALL have the same rules. He doesnt help hes lazy and so is his dad. And when called on it They constantly throw the bible in my parents face. My dad is 72 gets up at 4 am to go to work 5 days a week My bro amd his kid sleep still noon or 1then play video games They done pay rent or look after the cat or rats they brought to this house But when called on it we are called homophobic How can someone who shows so much love and careing and support reguardless of their beliefs be constantly thought of as wrong and homophobic.

I think his insecurities are why he gets so mad at them. Hes been seltered his whole life. He left his mother because she had rules and he didnt want to follow them. And my brother lets him do what ever he wants. So just because we believe same sex couples are wrong , we still can show.

If we are not hurting anyone and we still show love why are we wrong all the time. Robin February 4, at AM. I appreciate reading everyone's comments as my husband and I are at the place where many of you are. My son came to us in November and told us he was bi-sexual. We then learned at Christmastime that he was in a homosexual relationship with a 38 year old man our son is He told us he has been struggling with same sex attraction since he was about Although we acknowledge that these feelings are real and a struggle, that we believe comes from Satan, we have told him and showed him what the Bible says about homosexuality.

We believe that there are many passages in the Bible that we, as humans, interpret because of the way they are written. For instance, the passage about being "unequally yoked. At one time in history, people "interpreted" that passage to mean people should not be married outside of their race. However, the issue of homosexuality is not something to be interpreted. The Bible is clear in many places. As I study the Bible and the culture when Jesus came and when the Bible was written, I can see how prevalent homosexuality was in the culture of that day.

So now, my son is a christian at least I know he prayed to ask Jesus to be his savior when he was younger. We have confronted him with his sin and shown him what God's Word says about this. He is not acknowledging it as sin and has no desire to seek God and what he says about it. So as Christian Parents, what do we do now. It's one thing to acknowledge it as a sin and a sin that you struggle with we all have sins we struggle with on a daily basis and another to say, "You were born that way" and ignore what God's Word so clearly states. Jesus said to the woman at the well, Go and sin no more.

This is where my struggle remains. Lynn February 20, at AM. As a mom of a child who confided in me about being gay, this was my response: I told my child that I was not the one to judge him. He knows about the Bible and that is between him and God.

Even though I don't understand. Judging is also a sin. Joella Lyndon March 6, at PM. I started my internet search today because of the Sunday morning church experience I had last Sunday. After we were seated I looked up and noticed two men seated, the one with his arm around the other. We soon realized this church was 'celebrating' loving the LGBT community. After singing a few worship songs my husband and I left. I find it unfortunately predictable that the author, Caleb Kaltenbach, appears quite defensive, and all too quick to dispel Ms.

Kaltenbach Christ's love and compassion should be given to ALL not just the cultural group you personally identify with and choose to value. In fact one of my closest work related friends was a lesbian. Rarely have I found a meek homosexual. Other than the lovely lady I worked with, they are militant and intolerant of another's opinion. A few years ago we lived in a neighborhood with several houses with gay couples.

One of the gentleman offered to help me stage my house for selling. When he finished I asked if I could pray with him for his sister she was recently institutionalized. His body stiffened but he said yes. They only judged us because we walked out of their church. I know all too well that God's love can be very tough at times. But a more pertinent word, I think, is balance. The LGBT is not a balanced community. And just because they are off balance we do not over compensate in order to accommodate their bigotry.

One group should not receive special attention over another just because they demand it. This is something that I have struggled with for a very long time. I am 27, I have struggled with same sex attraction for as long as I can remember. I have never told anyone I know in person about it for fear of rejection and well I can only give my experience and what I've heard from other friends who are gay. I went to a religious school for the entire time I went to school where being gay was outright banned, even having a parent that is gay is grounds for expulsion according to their rulebook.

It was used once while I was there. I began noticing these feelings when I was maybe 11 or 12, the same way guys normally feel about girls, I just never felt that way, but I did notice myself feeling that towards guys. For, my entire life since then I've tried to repress that, I've tried to change that, I've prayed, I've avoided porn, I've done all kinds of things but when it comes down to it nothing has ever worked. This is a story I've heard over and over and over and over and over again in friends that I've really talked to that are also gay.

From my own experience and from the experience of so many I know I simply do not believe it can be a choice that can be turned on or off. There was no trauma, there was no deviancy, I probably found out about porn at a later age than almost anyone I know, there was nothing in my background that would have been a cause for this. This story is similar for not only so many I Know, but probably millions of other people. What is has done is cause extreme amounts of fear and anxiety. When you're constantly being told you will go to hell for feeling this way, and having no way of even forcing yourself to change it, yea you can be celibate which technically thus far I've done but that alone can cause mental health issues.

I struggle to see any way at all that this a choice, I dont really believe its somethign thrown into all these people by the devil, and I dont think God is making a mistake with all these people. I've done a lot of research into maybe mistranslations from the original versions of the Bible used to todays versions, but thats a whole other rabbit hole to go down. Natalie April 2, at AM.

Scott, I am not sure where you see hate. I only see disagreement. Hatred is when you abusively call the person names and wish ILL to them because they are not doing the will of God. Sorry but when you tell someone that darkness is light, that's NOT love. David Sturnnn April 3, at AM. Gods Word is all that matters, not your feelings and what YOU think is right. Homosexuality is not wrong because I say so, it is wrong because God says so! Calling a true Christian a bigot, is calling Jesus a bigot! David Sturnnn April 3, at PM. Robin: Wow! Let me first start out by saying thank you for sharing that with us, and you hit the nail on the head, that Satan inserts his evil thoughts into our heads for us to stunble upon and unfortuetly sometimes fall.

Pray, with all your might Pray! I will Pray for him also, as well as my own kids, even though nothing like that has happened to me yet, with the way of the world today guiding our children away from God, we have such a huge fight on our hands. Romans for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord! Steve April 10, at AM. In Genesis when God created man, He saw that it was good and He said, "Be fruitful and multiply" So there are reasons for God's desire for a man to be with a woman.

Men with men and women with women cannot multiply. Simply put, those on the other side of this debate could ponder this: If my parents had chosen homosexuality prior to my conception, I would not be here today. So by the grace of God your parents were brought together and you were a result of that union.

If not, your voice would not be around to even be heard. Personally, I'm grateful to God and my parents that I was a result of 'being multiplied" in a way God designed it to be. Dawn Day June 8, at PM. In no way, shape or form do I consider myself better. I am a sinner saved by grace and my heart like every person is wicked and I struggle to repent and love the Lord my God with my whole heart. I love everyone. I want to worship God!! Thanks for listening. Natalie July 28, at AM. Christine July 28, at AM. Which bible do you people read?

Don't like it? Take it up with GOD. Get a clue people. Try teaching the TRUTH in love instead of saving face because you don't want to be the most unpopular person in the room. End of story. Enoch September 9, at PM. I find both men and women sexually attractive, and admit to desiring to have both at once. At the time, I have a bf, but sleep with women as well on the side!

I have accepted my love and desire for beautiful men and women as natural! It just is for me. How is that hurting anyone?