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Post-game analysis with the benefit of a tablebase was instructive, and rather humbling; my opponent and I traded the win and draw back and forth several times, often unwittingly.

78. Rook Endgames Part 4 - Simple ideas with many pawns

I post my findings here, and invite the community to comment:. I can't claim to have seen the way through the whole game, but was fortunate to come out on top.

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Quite illustrative of how difficult this endgame can be! Thank you for posting the game and analysis! Ha, yep, after that continuation the tablebase says Black is winning. I think Kg3 Kf1 is better, though.

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You need to know the concept of king on short side rook on long side as explained in the rook videos of Daniel Rensch. Spiffe, you may be right, but I can't agree that a rook and 2 pawns is a draw against a rook, even if they are unconnected. After Rf5, Ra5 seems to secure everything.

The king will come to g4, and the pawns advance, right?

Endgames & Endings - Keverel Chess

In that scenario Jack, I would play Kf3, after which the draw looks pretty obvious; I don't see any way for White to extricate his king from the h-file and hang on to the f-pawn at the same time. Smyslov has some very nice endgames in which he held the weaker side of it, and Botvinnik famously made it a key point of preparation going into the matches with him.

Those are indicative of perfect play in the endgame, and can be fascinating to play through -- after the game is over, of course! I see- Please allow me one more try. In your game, after Rg8, why not Ra5 immediately, threatening to trade rooks, therefore forcing the king off the g-file, or the rook off of same.

Rook Endgames for Tournament Players - Video Chess Course Download

That would have been more in keeping with the plan I ultimately pursued; as indicated in the comments, I abandoned a different plan based on Kh3 and Play would continue as it did after I've saved three draws on chess. The model game for the drawing side's play is Gligoric-Smyslov, In case anyone thinks it's not a draw, here's the tablebase result for the position where your analysis started. Forums Endgame Study Spiffe.

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