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Nature, Culture, Gastronomy. How to get from. Find out more. North Germany The regions of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and Lower Saxony are some of the least visited of all those in Germany but the wider north of the country has plenty to offer tourists. East Germany East Germany is a delightful place to visit, especially if you have only been to western or southern Germany before.

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Central Germany Central Germany may not have the coastline of the north, nor the impressive mountains of the south but it remains a popular place to take a holiday with many visitors who fall for its charms. Visit Germany does not have much coastline but you can find some great seaside resorts if you look along its Baltic Sea coast.

Speak Danish, if you are in a north German state like Schleswig-Holstein. Relax in the ancient Thuringian Forest, superb place to spend a holiday.

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Camp one the lakes of southern Germany. Perfect places to camp and head to the beach for swimming.

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Transports in Germany Lots of budget airlines run services between the major Germany population centres. Although Germany is not famous for fine culinary experiences, you can find them. Thalassic treatments guarantee a healthy sense of relaxation for your everyday life. They took full advantage of the healing power of the sea.

Schleswig-Holstein. Germanys True North

It is the use of the rich substances contained in the sea, such as vitamins, minerals and trace minerals as a therapy to relieve discomfort. Cycle through the land of horizons Extensive flat land, 12 well-developed cycle routesand a strong tailwind — Schleswig-Holstein is a paradise for cyclists. Pedal along on the dykes of the North Sea coast with a view over the Wadden Sea, gaze over the cliff lines of the Baltic Sea or cycle round idyllic lakes. Seaside tee off From blooming rapeseed fields in the middle of an enchanting lake landscape to direct views of the North Sea and Baltic Sea — golfing in the holiday land between the seas is nature at its purest!

There are more than 60 courses where you can tee off.

First Schleswig War [1848-52]

Sailing on the North and Baltic Seas With close to sports boat harbours on the North and Baltic coasts, its rivers, the Greater Plon Lake and Ratzeburg Lake, the holiday land between the seas is considered a real paradise for water sport enthusiasts. In Schleswig-Holstein tourists can experience this unique landscape in frequency of the tides on mudflats, hiking tours, or during excursions to islands and holms.

For more information please contact one of the following Tourism Marketing Organisations of Schleswig-Holstein:.

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Inland Schleswig-Holstein Binnenland Tourismus e. Camping Verband der Campingunternehmer Schleswig-Holstein e.

E-Mail: info sht. Discover Sales Guide. Germany's True North.

An overview of our offers: English Merian magazine of Schleswig-Holstein Various German information brochures about holiday in Schleswig-Holstein Assistance in the organization of study trips International website: www. Chambers of Commerce and Industry. In Germany, chambers of commerce and industry are public corporations with compulsory membership. Besides, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry Schleswig-Holstein are the mediator between companies on one hand and regional parliament, government and administration on the other.