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For example, if you're an ecommerce website, all categories and products need to be organized appropriately. Google the keyword you want to rank for and see what comes up.


If a site page doesn't load quickly, you're guaranteed to lose visitors. Ah, our old pal.

How to say no to a customer that wants to give you money

We decided to rename schema and call it nametags because schema is just too spooky of a word. We're only half kidding.

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Tune in for a comprehensive and detailed and not at all beer-fueled breakdown of these best practices! I rated it a 3. Have an SEO question or a beer recommendation?

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On this episode, we outlined and expanded on these seven tips: 1. Having a well-designed, responsive site The site he was browsing was not optimized for mobile.

Focusing on topic clusters over keywords There needs to be a clear, overarching topic in mind. In fact, you are four times more likely to successfully qualify a lead and move the opportunity forward if you call within five minutes than if you call between five and 10 minutes.

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You are 21 times more likely to qualify a lead and move the opportunity forward if you call within five minutes than if you wait for 30 minutes. There's plenty of "lore" floating around about the best time to call. Conventional wisdom says that you're most likely to reach somebody by calling during regular working hours, especially right after lunch, when the customer will be relaxed. Oldroyd's study revealed that the best times to call are between 8 a. By contrast, the worst time to call is from 1 p. In fact, a call placed between 8 a. Conventional wisdom also says that the best day to call is Friday, since that's when customers are already winding down for the weekend and thus have some free time to take a call.

Wrong again. Statistically speaking, the best day to call is Thursday and the worst day to call is Friday, with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday somewhere in the middle.

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According to a conversation that I had with Dr. Oldroyd, there are some exceptions for some industries, but in most cases, inbound marketing doesn't work very well or at all because the company receiving the leads are dropping the ball by calling back too late or calling at the wrong time.

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That way you'll be increasing your likelihood of success, and making your inbound marketing more effective. If you're committed to sales and marketing success, sign up for the free Sales Source newsletter for weekly column updates. If you're going to do inbound marketing, jump on your leads the very minute they come in.