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The poet was "of a sceptical and republican school," Motion argues, and Keats's work reflected his experiences "not just as a private individual, but socially and politically as well. Review by Amazon. It is a wonderfully rich meditation on the Letters as a grand poem about the poetics of living.

Book of the Heart gives the Letters the central place in our literature they deserve. This is a book for all kinds of readers about the power of the life of imagination. Ryan Editor and Ronald A. Sharp Editor Hardcover pages Contains 17 Essays. Haydon Compiler Hard Cover This collection of sixty-eight reviews from twenty-six periodicals of the five major English Romantic Poets provides a missing link in the history of Literary Criticism. Rarely has any similar collection gone beyond the two or three major reviewing periodicals, and reviewing was far more extensive and vigorous than such limited selections would suggest.

But more: the editor, who is the recognized authority in the field, has aimed to represent both the poets and the Reviews. The text, moreover, has been annotated. Sider Hardcover pages The standard edition including all poems. As a distinguished exemplar of a fading tradition, he is an invaluable resource for students and lovers of literature. Cultural prophecy is always a mug's game. Not all of the works here can prove to be canonical.

But I have neither excluded nor included on the basis of cultural politics of any kind. Before you ask, "what about x, y, or z!

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And if you still do not find authors you believe deserve inclusion in any version of the Western Canon, pick up a copy of Bloom's book to learn more about his critical criteria. We're hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads. To support Open Culture's continued operation, please consider making a donation.

We thank you! Kafka was born in Prague back then part of the Austrian-Hungarian Kingdom and hence definitly no german. Bloom is terrible. If women had been treated as equals throughout history, there would be a great many more on this list. Apart from Behn whom Bloom believes is fourth rate , other surprising omissions include Mary Wollstonecroft and Anne Carson her best work was yet to come, though.

Wodehouse, etc. Frankly this is for me a red flag even for a humble professor of English literature and culture. These are not minor figures. Sarah, all of the writers you mention are included in the full list, but not on this edited version. He learned to read both Yiddish and Hebrew before English. Only a library cormorant could have undertaken so immensely ambitious a task as to survey all of Western literature, from Dante to Borges, in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian.

What do you mean? It is a good place to start, if you want to catch up on the classics. He is not reliable after , though. It is even more Anglo-or American- centric, with only a few female authors. Good call on Livy and Tacitus! Bloom, in his introduction to the first list, acknowledges the fact that many Greek and Latin works of great merit have been excluded. Have you read the book?

The Odes of Keats

Though he does say that he reads books from everywhere, east or west. Have you read the book, Sarah? When art is consciously forced through an ideology, it dies immediately. We all act out our ideologies subconsciously. What you have left is propaganda in its many-hyphenated forms. Or whatever the current group identity is currently being promoted. If you do, you will read some of these books written by dead white males. Not because I think their viewpoint is correct or laudable, but because in the past, unfortunately, only white men had access to education and leisure time necessary to create art.

Therefore, their contribution to Western Civ which is currently passing away is the most important. Of course women and minorities should be represented when the quality of their work is high. I mean compared to historical standards, whatever you might define those to be.

What we have now, though, are whole areas of traditional literature being labeled and shunted aside without being read. This also goes to the appalling ignorance of history, misunderstanding of myth, and obsession with the literal so common in youth today. Allan Bloom may be a conservative icon, but there is no doubt much of what he says is pretty much on the mark. All one needs to do is teach at a college for a year and find that his view of students is often on target.

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John Keats by Harold Bloom

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Petronius, c. Lucretius, 98? Catullus c. Attis and Other Poems. Seneca, Lucius Annaeus, ca. Apuleius, c. Wolfram von Eschenbach, — Parzival. Beowulf ca. Petrarch, Lyric Poems; Selections. Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron.

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Ben Jonson, Poems, Plays, and Masques. Francis Bacon, — Essays. Robert Burton, — The Anatomy of Melancholy. Thomas Hobbes, — Leviathan. Herrick, Robert, Poems. Andrew Marvell, Poems. John Ford, ca. John Webster, c. Izaak Walton, The Compleat Angler. John Aubrey, — Brief Lives. Samuel Butler, Hudibras. Alexander Pope, Poems. John Gay, The Beggar's Opera.

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