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Redko came to Paris after the war, and several of them settled there permanently. Some of these artists were interested in provocatively flouting convention; others, in exploring the machine aesthetic and the use of new materials, still others, in utopian and visionary projects.

Ukrainian modernism was distinguished by its use of color both Ekster and Sonia Delauney, who originally came from Ukraine, did much to introduce bright colours into Western cubism and modern design and its special feeling for texture. Another particularly strong Ukrainian modernist feature was the interest in primitivism, the direct, powerful, and simple as expressed in folk creativity or ancient traditions.

In Ukrainian architecture modernism was manifested in the revival of a Ukrainian national style in the projects of Vasyl H. Yurchenko, Yevsevii Lipetsky, S. Kravets, and others. Hirniak and O. Mykola Vorony , an early theoretician of the movement, believed that modernism consisted of a change in thematic focus from the social to the psychological, of the enrichment of forms of versification, and of greater sophistication of metaphor.

In the s it was manifested in the radical poetic experiments of Mykhailo Semenko and Valeriian Polishchuk and in the poetry of Mykola Bazhan and other poets. Ukrainian literary modernism also produced strong women writers who expressed feminist concerns eg, Lesia Ukrainka and Olha Kobylianska.


In the early s the Soviet authorities repressed and then eradicated modernism and its exponents in both literature and the arts, demanding in its place a state-sanctioned form of populism that stressed the heroic gesture and loyalty to the Communist party. Postmoderna interpretatsiia. Hussey, in: Journal of Theological Studies , n. Hussey, in: English Historical Review , 80 no. Frolov, in: Byzantinoslavica , , pp. Black ed. Reprint of no. Reprinted, with additions, in no. I, pp. Reprinted , c Also issued as:. Review of T. Review of I. Moscow, , in: American Historical Review , , p.

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Geburtstag , ed. Litavrin, A. Hussey, D. Obolensky, S. Klincksieck , pp. Hussey, with the assistance of D. Nicol and G. Cowan [Cambridge, ], in: Slavonic Review , , pp.

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For Polish translation, see no. Lavagnini, Alle origini del verso politico Palermo, , passim. Reprinted from no. Leroy-Molinghen, in: Scriptorum , , pp. Herbert L. Miles , ed. Dickran K. Berza and E. Underwood, ed.

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For French translation, see no. Centro di Studi, 1, Bari , pp. Walter K. Centro di Studi Bizantini. Corsi di studi, 2, Bari pp. Paul R. Sysyn Cambridge, Mass. Sysyn, with the assistance of Uliana M. Akiner, in: Slavonic and East European Review , , pp. Oktober , Akten , I. Also issued as a separate publication Brookline, Mass. Allen , Literature in Various Byzantine Disciplines, , vol.

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Harvard University. Warren T. Treadgold Stanford University Press , pp. Roma : Bretschneider, Pelenski Warsaw , pp. Jahrgang, So. Three Byzantine literatures: a layman's guide Brookline, Mass. Kulukundis lectures in the history of Hellenism. Byzantium, Antiquity, and the Moderns; II.

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Shepard and S. Franklin London , pp. Jahrhundert," in: Kunst im Zeitalter der Kaiserin Theophanu, herausg. Boyd and M.