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We set up analytics and create goals that can actually be tracked for ROI to ensure that we are providing you with real results. Consultation is a key aspect of all our client partnerships. Whether you need someone to analyze your marketing campaigns, advise you on ways to increase your online visibility, revamp your social media marketing strategies, or how to optimize your eCommerce store, we can provide the guidance and expertise you need.

At Optimum7, we treat your business as if it were our own. We are content-creators, strategists, designers and developers who are passionate about our work and care about getting results above everything else. You can pay for a service, but you cannot buy the dedication, leadership or passion we provide.

We offer a wide array of digital marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses to increase visibility and generate revenue that fits within your budget. Whether you are a local business looking to gain an edge on the competition with email marketing and paid search, or an eCommerce business looking to optimize your site, we offer personalized care and attention to fit your marketing needs. The process for marketing for a small to mid-sized business begins the same: strategy. As an internet marketing company, identify what keywords your audience is searching for within your niche and develop a content strategy that is profitable and makes sense from a business standpoint.

To learn more about digital strategies you can employ, check out our blog for tips on how to optimize your site. Reduce Costs with a Ready-Made Team Business owners often compare the cost of using an internet marketing agency with that of hiring an in-house team. Lost and inactive clients still have potential, even when you haven't heard from them in months or years. Here are six things you can do to get those lost customers buying again. Your total sales may be on target, but are all the members of your sales team meeting their goals?


Price, features, quality - these are all things that are a part of your customer's buying decision. Their first consideration, however, is trust. Here's how you can establish trust with your customers. It may seem like small businesses trying to compete with big box stores are fighting an uphill battle, but in reality, there are many things that can make smaller businesses more appealing to customers than their big corporate competition.

Don't like selling? Many business owners don't, but your success depends on it. Here's how you can get the sale without actually selling. Small businesses have many advantages over large corporations, but they can still benefit from taking steps to make themselves look a little more like big businesses. Here are 8 things you can do to make your small business look bigger. What are the biggest marketing challenges small businesses face? Finding customers is always a tough task, but what about other things like fighting the competition and just having enough money in the budget for marketing?

Sometimes the truth is hard to hear. Find out what so many are doing wrong-and get insights on how to engage your customer in a way that gets buy-in on those bright ideas right from the start. How you handle unhappy customers in your restaurant will determine whether they leave satisfied or angry enough to tell all their friends and family. Use these tips to turn dissatisfied customers into happy ones.

There are seven common selling myths that can trip up any salesperson. Whether you've developed your own preconceived notions or have bought into other sales people's misconceptions, believing these myths can hurt your ability to sell. Find out what they are here. Networking doesn't come naturally to everyone. If you find it awkward, try these seven strategies to make networking more enjoyable and profitable.

When the phone rings, are you annoyed at the interruption? The way you and your employees answer the phone sets the stage for your customers' experience with you. Here are five tips for ensuring your phone skills give a good impression. Even though we all know we need to sell our products and services, many people are fearful or anxious about actually doing so. These 10 tips can help you shift out of fear and into excitement about selling your product or service. When marketing your business, you need to do more than just attract customers. To be effective, you also need to focus on conversion and retention.

Customer service training is great - if you can remember to consistently apply what you've learned. One way to make sure you and your staff don't forget the basics of great customer service is to follow a series of steps like these each and every time. Want to improve your sales skills? Great salespeople have several habits in common. Learn what they are and make them part of your routine to become a better salesperson.

Networking is one of the best ways to market your business, but not everyone is a natural.

Local Store Marketing: 6 Ideas to Boost Your Presence in the Neighborhood - Vend Retail Blog

Use these ten tips to make your business networking more effective. Business cards are still a valuable marketing tool for your business. These seven tips can help you design a professional business card that will help customers remember you. How can you build your B2B sales? The answer isn't to work harder on your pitch. Networking events can be a great source of ideas for how to grow your business. In fact, they can offer you so many new ideas that you can't keep up with them all. Here are five steps to help you make the most of business networking events.

Good customer service doesn't end when the product is delivered. If you don't want to risk losing your customers to the competition, you have to be proactive about regularly following up and addressing their needs. To keep your doors open, you need to keep a steady flow of customers coming through those doors. Follow these eight steps to attract more new customers to your business.

Not following up with your prospects and customers is the same as filling up your bathtub without first putting the stopper in the drain! Here's how to create a follow-up system for your business so you get more sales with less effort. Launching a new product or a new marketing initiative can raise the awareness of your company. Here are steps to take to help ensure the success of the launch.

Looking for an inexpensive way to get the word out about your business? The media - bloggers, newspapers, radio, and television - are always looking for unique stories to share with their audiences. Here's how you can get their attention. The more information you have from your customers, the better. Here are six ways to get feedback so you know what customers think of your business. Want to beat the competition and have more customers choose your business?

Here are three things you can do to make your business stand out from your competitors. Want to see your small business sales skyrocket? A strategic sales plan is your map to more sales and profits. How can you get customers to return to your business? How can you stand out from competitors in a crowded retail environment? One secret is to focus on a niche and build up a cachet.

Here's how. The success of a retail business often hinges on how well its sales staff relates to the different types of people that walk through the doors. Here are the four basic personality types of retail customers and some tips on how to deal with each one. One of the latest small business marketing strategies is SMS marketing.

Marketing with text messages lets you reach customers wherever they are, without busting your small business budget. Virtually every person who enters your business has this question in their mind. To truly maximize your revenues you need to give people a reason to buy from you versus a competitor. These strategies can help you differentiate yourself from your competition. Webinars are one of the most affordable ways to market your product or service.

Use these pointers to produce a webinar that is effective and successful. If you're thinking about developing a marketing program, you need to begin with a marketing plan. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be complicated in order to work. Here are the ten basic parts of a marketing plan. A flyer is an inexpensive and highly effective way to grab attention in a very busy marketplace. How do you make your flyer stand out in the crowd?

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  4. 2. Know Your Customers!

Here are some techniques that professional designers use to make flyers pop. Bill Lee, author of The Hidden Wealth of Customers , says your customers are uniquely equipped to influence your product development, sing your praises, and even close sales for you.

He describes seven things they can do better than you. Following up with networking contacts after a networking event is important if you want to turn those prospects into paying customers. Here are five simple strategies for following up. Retailers that depend on seasonal shoppers have a particularly challenging job when it comes to inventory management. If you don't have enough inventory you lose sales; too much and you lose money to markdowns and clearance. Here's a seven-step process you can use to plan your inventory needs in advance.

Whether your customer buys from you or from the competition depends on how good your presentation is. Here are 7 steps you can take to make sure your sales presentation does what it needs to do to win the sale. Today's technology provides small businesses with dozens of marketing options that weren't available in the not-too-distant past. Staying on top of them all, let alone learning to use any of them effectively can be a full-time job. Here's how you can figure out which methods are best for your business. Media coverage can bring new business your way.

But, how do you get the media to talk about your business in the first place? Start by sending them a press release. Small businesses don't have the luxury of being able to test numerous marketing campaigns since they are usually working with a very tight budget. Here are several ways small businesses can improve their marketing techniques without spending a lot of money. What do you do when your steady source of income suddenly disappears? That's a question many businesses are having to ask themselves these days. These marketing suggestions can help you land on your feet when times get lean.

Networking is one marketing idea that is well worth the time and effort. If it's not working well for you, you could be making one of these five business networking mistakes. How do you come across when you talk with customers through your website or Facebook page? Are you spending too much time on marketing? Do you spend long hours at networking meetings, posting to social media sites, and making phone calls without bringing in new business or increasing sales and profits? CRM - customer relationship management - is essential for any business needing to keep track of their customers.

Here's a guide to choosing the right CRM software for your business. Quality is most definitely a point your customers consider before buying from you. So how do you convince them that your business provides the best quality service or product out there? Here's how to play the "q-card" in your marketing. Attending networking events is still a great way to meet potential customers, but how you go about it has changed.

In fact, some networking techniques that were popular just a few years ago will get you nowhere at today's networking functions. Here are three networking mistakes you should avoid. Think about what you say when talking with current and potential customers. What are you saying that offends buyers? Here are ten of the most common language blunders and suggestions for what to say instead. Ed Hess reminds them that even though they might be making cuts to their prices and budgets, now is not the time to start cutting great customer service out of their business plans.

Most advertising is focused on how great or useful a product is. But telling customers your product is awesome doesn't make them believe it. Here's a different kind of marketing strategy that can give your advertising credibility. You will eventually have to deal with an unhappy client no matter how good your customer service is.

Whether you made a mistake or they're just having a bad day, these five tactics can help you handle difficult customers. Marketing a service isn't the same as marketing products. Your relationship with customers is more important, so building those relationships has to take priority. Here is a seven-step model you can follow to successfully market professional services. These five tips can help small businesses improve their advertising techniques without spending a lot of money. Is it time to change your sales techniques? Here are 14 signs your sales pitches have become dull and lifeless.

Do you find self-promotion embarrassing?

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Does it feel like you're bragging? Not all businesspeople are comfortable telling others how fantastic their product or service is. Here are 7 marketing techniques that help you promote your business without bragging. What are your business's core values? Whatever they are, they drive your company's culture and, in the end, your sales and profits.

Learn how to define and communicate your company's core values and how to use them to drive performance. Looking for ways to reach your customers via mobile? First, you have to prove to them that what you're sending is something they want. Here are six ways you can provide value to your customers through mobile marketing.

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It's common wisdom that it costs less to keep existing customers than to find new ones, but how much effort do you really put into making sure your current customers are happy? Here are seven things you can do to build customer loyalty. Although the media is constantly bombarding us with bad news about the economy, people are still buying stuff. It's your job to make sure your products are the ones they are buying.

Here's how you can do that. By planning your business marketing well, you can get better results out of it. Here are four steps to increasing your customer base and sales without spending more money. Is your website helping you market your business and attract new sales? If not, here are 10 ways to make your website bring in more business. Closing the sale is the most dreaded part of the sales process for many salespeople for two reasons: fear of rejection and not knowing how to ask for the sale.

Here are some suggestions to help with both of those sales closing problems. When you started your business, it was probably so you could make money doing what you enjoy. But all too often, entrepreneurs end up taking on clients and jobs that help pay the bills but are not exactly what you want to be doing. Here are four ways you can get back to working with your ideal customers and make a good living doing it.

Do you know what sets your business apart from your competition - what one thing that would make customers want to buy from you rather than the other guy? Here's why you need to define your business's competitive advantage. The sales call went great and you're sure the customer likes your product and wants to buy it. But then just when you think you're about to close the deal, he tells you your price is too high. What went wrong? And more importantly, what can you do about it? If you want to win customers over for life, you have to go beyond the basics.

Find out the three elements to strong customer relationships that will not only help you get customers but keep them too. When a customer's experience with your business goes wrong, the customer doesn't care whether it's your fault, a computer's fault, or Mother Nature's fault. When you follow these four simple steps, you'll turn disappointed customers into delighted customers.

When you're at a networking event, do you tend to hang back and wait to be approached, or are you the center of attention? Take this quiz and find out what your networking style is. Classified ads are still a great way to find customers and promote your small business. They work in print for some types of business, and they work online. Learn when and how to use classified ads to find customers. Lost sales are a frustrating fact for any business. Here's why you should spend some time identifying what went wrong after you've lost a sale.

Providing exceptional customer experiences could be the only thing separating your small business from the competition. Here are 10 ways to do it that cost little and pay you back in repeat business, cross-sells, and viral recommendations. While the marketing and public relations experts are off enjoying their hard-earned vacations, the media are left scrambling for much-needed copy.

Plan ahead, and give them what they're looking for! Here are seven publicity ideas you can use to tie into summer events in your community. Prospecting is a key selling skill and a critical skill to develop if you want to increase your sales and achieve long-term success in sales. Part of the problem is that very few companies teach sales reps how to prospect. Here are five prospecting best practices for you to consider. When you finally get the opportunity to meet with a potential customer to show them your product or service, don't lose the sale with a lackluster presentation.

These seven tips can help you create and deliver a killer sales presentation. Finding new leads and the right customers for your business is tougher than ever. But it doesn't have to be that way. Here are three things you can do to make attracting customers effortless. Developing the confidence and ability to ask for the things you need is an essential sales skill. Here are twelve situations in which sales and business people need to summon up the courage to ask.

Nothing is more frustrating to a salesperson than a customer who answers all your questions with "I don't know. For some people, negotiating comes as second nature. The rest of us need to carefully study and learn negotiation strategies to be sure we don't end up on the losing end of business deals. Here are ten lessons for improving your business negotiation skills. It isn't just good luck. Chances are they are applying some or all of these 17 selling best practices. However, there are certain things that can work against you, especially when you sell in a B2B environment.

Small businesses must be extra imaginative with their marketing efforts in order to attract customers and get them to open their wallets - especially in today's tough economy. You know you need a unique selling proposition for your business, but a USP that also carries an implied guarantee will truly differentiate your business and help you stand out above the competition. Follow these five steps to create a USP with a guarantee. Marketing your business is a job that is never finished. But your business has other demands, too, and you're the only person who can handle them.

So what's a busy entrepreneur to do? Here are three ways you can set your marketing on autopilot. What makes one entrepreneur successful while the other one not-so-much? Chances are they're making one or all three of these mistakes. Read on to learn more. The person in your company who has the initial contact with your customers has the power to delight or disappoint them. And the way your customer is treated when they first contact you, whether it's by phone, email or in person, will determine whether they stick around to hear your sales pitch or head for the competition.

Here are some of the qualities you should look for in your business's "Director of First Impressions. There's no doubt about it - these are some of the leanest times ever for small businesses trying to grow or even just survive. Frustration with the lack of sales can lead some businesses to leap at every new idea for generating sales that they come across. Here's why that won't work and a tip for what can. One challenge of the new economy is that common business principles and practices that were sufficient on which to build a business just a few years ago, today are not.

Find out if you're using one of the four most common sales practices that no longer work. Having your own way of approaching sales might make you think you're being authentic with your customers, but it's not necessarily the most efficient or effective way to do business. Here's why successful companies develop and follow a selling system. It takes time and persistence to get any business started, but making a name in the music world can be particularly challenging.

Word of Mouth Marketing Statistics

This two-part article shows how one enterprising woman is making a name for herself both as a rapper and as an events production and promotion company. For better or worse, your business has a brand. But if it is misguiding, confused, or nonexistent, it's hurting your business, not helping it. Here's how you can know if your business has a branding problem. The economy has taken its toll on many small businesses, and you might be worried that yours is next - especially if you've got fewer customers this year than last. Here are three things you can do to build loyalty and make your customers less likely to switch to the competition.

Listening to what your customer says -- really listening to them and learning what they want from your business -- is the only way to find out what the customer expects from the purchase they plan to make. Salespeople love to complain about buyers. One of the complaints salespeople share the most is that buyers never seem to make up their minds.

Just about the time it looks like they're going to make a buying decision, they suddenly hold off. Here's what's really behind their delay, and tips for the best way to deal with it. To thrive in our digital age, businesses need to re-imagine their customers not as a mass of isolated individual actors, but as customer networks. Rather than fixating on each day's latest technology, businesses need to focus instead on understanding customers' networked behavior. Here are five ways to do that. One of the biggest problems facing small businesses is finding customers. And while cold calling or mass emailing might help you make contact with a lot of people, those people aren't very likely to become paying customers, much less loyal, repeat customers.

Here's why it doesn't work, and what you should do instead. Folks say that experience is the best teacher, but that is really only about half right. Learn from them, and you get to a higher level of success in a much faster time frame. Here are the top ten lead generation mistakes that entrepreneurs make. Trying out a new marketing technique could be just what your business needs to start growing. But fear and anxiety over your customers' reaction can hold you back. These seven tips and tricks can help. A tagline is not a necessity for your business, but it is very useful in helping your potential customers know why they should do business with you instead of your competition.

Find out what goes into a good tagline and how to write one. Marketing your business takes a tremendous investment of your time and money, so you don't want to waste any of it on unproductive methods. Here are ten marketing mistakes you should avoid. Viral marketing and social networking have arrived on the scene after a long, strange trip indeed. The Grateful Dead was much more than a bunch of rock-and-roll geniuses; they were pioneers of the digital age marketing landscape. Get ten of the lessons in this excerpt from Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead.

Are you ready to move your business to the next level? Are you planning to target big corporations because you think acquiring some major accounts will put your business on the fast track to greater profits and success? Working with big customers may bring more profits, but it can also bring requirements and expenses that are hard to fulfill. Here's a guide to the pros and cons of working with big companies. Should salespeople be willing to give free advice to their clients? Does free consulting lead to increased sales and profitability or is it a waste of time. Here's what one expert has to say.

Do sales negotiations make you nervous? Put yourself at ease and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome with this negotiation checklist. When customers ask you for a discount in exchange for their promise of a large purchase, or multiple future purchases, it's hard not to give in. After all, you'll make up for the lower price by selling more of your product and gaining a good customer, right? Trust and transparency are more important to today's consumers than ever before. Here are nine things to consider if you want to create authentic experiences for your customers. It's true that attending business conferences costs you time and money, something that's in short supply for most small business owners.

Yet the benefits that you'll get from taking a break from your daily routine to meet with other people in your industry can far outweigh the costs.

The #1 Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Online Business (UPDATED FOR 2019)

Watching the changes in their own neighborhoods, as stores close and foreclosure signs keep popping up on their streets, has made even the most carefree consumers more conscious of their spending habits. Recent research suggests that this new frugal mindset is likely to stick around, even after economic pressures ease. Your business cards display more about your company than just your name and contact information.

They also convey a message about your professionalism, creativity, and even how serious you are about your business. Click here to learn about a company that excels at business cards that make a lasting impression. What is it that your customers value? Is it a live person answering their call? Being able to get information from your web site or in email?

Find out why focusing on your customer's preferences is the surest path to a thriving business. You can spend thousands of dollars on an ad campaign, only to have it all go to waste if your customers are put off by the service they receive when they actually enter your business. If you think your customers are less than impressed by your employees then give your customer service a makeover with these 10 tips.

The past year was definitely interesting. Some sales professionals prospered while others suffered. There are several key sales lessons that can be learned from selling in a recession that will help you succeed in the upcoming year. Many business owners are just barely keeping their heads above water right now. Yet, in the midst of this struggling economy, there are some entrepreneurs who are actually thriving.

Find out what it is that they are doing differently to help them succeed. There are certain things that must be done in order to see your business grow. By committing to follow these eight steps, you can attract more clients and have the kind of income you want. Most salespeople know that they need to sell their product or service's value to their prospects rather than the price.

However, making that transition, especially when your customer asks outright "how much is this going to cost? Here's how you can answer that question and get your prospects focused on what your product is worth instead of its price. In the current economy, most people are looking for the best possible deal out there. Before you cut price or reduce the quality of service to save money, consider these points.

Even though Black Friday has come and gone, there is still time for retailers to increase their chances of having a good holiday shopping season. Here are ten things you can do to boost your holiday sales in the remaining days before Christmas. How's your public relations campaign going? Is the media ignoring your press releases? If you're trying to get publicity for your business and not having any luck, you could be making one of these ten mistakes. Be sure you aren't wasting time and money on any of these 11 small business marketing mistakes.

To succeed in sales, persistence is necessary. But persisting with an approach that isn't working isn't smart - it's a waste of time. Here's why you need to change your strategy to be effective. All businesses have customers that are demanding and sometimes more trouble than they are worth. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to decide if it's time to let a demanding customer go.

No matter how desperate for business you are, you can't let it show through to your customers. People will your sense desperation and either run from you or try and take advantage of you. Here are three things you can do about it. Right now there are potential customers for your business trying to decide whether or not to choose you. Unfortunately, most of them can't see much difference between you and your competition.

From the author of Becoming a Category of One , here are seven things you can do to give customers a good reason to choose you. Tiger Woods' recent PGA loss may have been a big upset in the golf world, but it gives us the opportunity to learn three important business lessons. Do your customers see you as a valuable resource for their business, or are you just one of the many salespeople they have to deal with?

Follow these steps to position yourself above the competition. Take a look at the next four or five letters, e-mails, and memos that cross your desk. Are they written in such a way that you come across as human, caring, up to date, and personal? Click here for tips on more effective business writing. Have you ever noticed how every airplane flight you get in is completely full, and some are even so overbooked they start asking for volunteers to change flights? Here are four ways you can. Knowing which digital sales tools can best assist you in leveraging your business can be difficult because there are so many different tools in the marketplace.

Here are five of them that can help you do your job easier and better. When you make contact with a new prospect-either by telephone or in a face-to-face meeting-you have an extremely short window of time to connect with them. If you fail to achieve this they will quickly tune you out. Here are several things you can do to lose your prospect's attention in the first five seconds of the conversation. Is your goal as a manager to make a profit? Profits are a good measure of how your business is doing, but it's not the primary thing you should aim for.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are better goals for creating a thriving, successful business. Here's how four businesses have creatively attracted customers in spite of the recession. We live in a quick-fix society so it's no wonder that many salespeople look for the magic cure or band-aid solution to increase their sales. Here are eight basic rules that can help you find success in sales. Did you know there's an easy way to double or triple your output of new products and marketing materials with WAY less effort? Learn the three "R's" of creating more with less. You know that your offer's headline is important, but if your offer itself is ho-hum, very few customers will make a purchase.

Here's how you can craft an offer that's nearly impossible for your customers to turn down. Many business owners get so intent on reducing costs, they lose sight of what it's going to do to the business. It's hard to grow - or even survive - if you don't have any customers. Here are five ways you can reduce your marketing costs without endangering your business growth.

Why should you bother with a virtual trade show? And just what is a virtual trade show, anyway? Selling in a difficult economy requires a different approach than during a robust one. Here are eight things you can do to actively compete and keep your sales afloat. Even in tough times when most people cut back on spending, nobody can completely stop sending. That means somebody is always buying and somebody is always selling. Here's how you can be sure you are one of the ones who is selling. It's easy to make excuses for poor sales performance in an economic downturn, but a successful salesperson will find opportunities to increase revenue.

Here are a few ideas to help you reach your goals. You can even organize a focus group to test your new products before you bring them to market. Simply engage with your community, discover the biggest supporters of your brands, outreach to them offer a free test product, and gather feedback from them. More and more audiences are enjoying many different content forms, and slowing moving away from written content in some markets. Create great assets like infographics , graphs, thumbnails and more can keep audiences engaged for longer.

Not to mention great assets can make your brand look more professional and trustworthy. Once you identify who your audience is, look at how they interact with content, specially what forms of content they prefer. Then you can work on creating information that is important to market your product to this market through their favorite forms of content. You can upload your customer email list to Facebook and create ads targeting them.

You can run ads with new products to avoid showing them a product they may have already purchased. You need to hit the nail on the head by targeting your advertisements to customers who will benefit from them, or who are interested in seeing them. By using targeted ads you will be able to develop an efficient campaign, and use your advertising resources more effectively. You will also be able to increase your return on investment ROI as targeted advertisements will yield a higher result, for a lower cost, as you will be wasting less money and time on customers who are not interested in what you have to offer.

Contests are usually overlooked as a source of revenue for your website. Whether you are a blogger or run your own ecommerce store, regular contests can be a good way to increase your revenue per user. However, an important decision that needs to be made before monetising your giveaway is which platform you will use.

Hosting contests and giveaways is also a great way to grow your email list. Thus, everyone becomes a prize winner, making them happy while you generate extra sales. When you allow your users to opt in for future competition notifications, you can easily build a list of users who are interested in knowing about any future competitions or giveaways as soon as you launch them.

Customer loyalty is when, due to positive customer experience or customer satisfaction, a customer is willing to buy from or work with a brand repeatedly. Loyal customers can help a business grow faster than acquiring a new customer. It costs a business about 5 to 25 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one. With these statistics in mind, your business could potentially put in effort to make sure you are doing what you can in order to keep your customers satisfied and coming back to you.

Loyal customers not only spend more with brands they trust, but they also spread positive word-of-mouth, by telling their friends and family about their positive experiences or provide recommendations. This is where customer loyalty programs come in. A customer loyalty program is when a company offers a reward or benefits to customers who frequently make purchases.

These benefits could include free merchandise, discounts, rewards, coupons, or offers on products that are yet to be released. When welcoming your customers into your loyalty program, offer them a special discount code they can use for life. You should regularly email your former customers to promote special VIP offers to continue boosting sales. Including a special offer or freebies section on your website can help boost sales and email lists. Your special offers could be a page where you list all the discount codes you have running right now.

Having freebies under your special offers page can also help build up your email list. If you sell phone cases, you can create and giveaway phone backgrounds on your website. If you sell fashion, you can give away a free pair of earrings with a minimum purchase as earrings can be affordable on AliExpress. You can always play around with the types of freebies and special offers you provide such as buy one get one free offers BOGOF , free delivery, gift vouchers, student discounts, loyalty points, gift cards, guarantees for higher priced items, or any other types of special offers that might interest your customer group.

If your product is one that people like engaging with maybe creating a mobile app is the right way to go. A mobile app can market a product through letting people try it on, or become absorbed in the environment. For example, if you have an online ecommerce clothing store you can create an app where customers can try items on together, even selecting their body type and size for a more realistic experience.

Or if you sell furniture you can develop an app that can visual a piece of furniture within your living room. The options are endless with an app but it needs to make a customer envision them owning a product for it to be a success at increasing sales. Apps that provide no. Fortunately, this is very easy to do using apps or plugins for most CMS. You might create an article about the best experts in your niche, quotes from an influencer in your niche, or other articles that mention someone with a big following.

Remember, when you send out an update to include links to your popular products so that you get traffic to these pages as well as blog pages. Finding the right influencers to partner with can be tricky for a new store owner. Are the comments about the influencer or is it about the product? Does the post get high engagement? Does the same brand repeatedly promote their product with that influencer? Some influencers charge hundreds of dollars but generate few sales.

What marketing tactics have you done while growing your online store? Share your marketing tips to help other store owners grow their stores in the comments below! Post Contents How to Market a Product 1. Know Your Audience 2. Start with Niche Marketing 3.

What is a sales strategy?

Build Strong Customer Relationships 4. Elicit an Emotional Response 5. Personalize the Experience 6. Guest Blogging 8. Reuse Customer Generated Content 9.