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For instance, when damages for a breach of contract found in favour of a third party are an inadequate remedy. A bar to relief arises for example, when the court's continuous supervision of the defendant is not feasible.

An account of profits is usually ordered where payment of damages would still leave the wrongdoer unjustly enriched at the expense of the wronged party. However, orders for an account are not normally available as of right, and only arise in certain circumstances. Rescission and rectification are remedies in relation to contracts or, exceptionally, deeds which may become available. Constructive trusts and tracing remedies are usually used where the claimant asserts that property has been wrongly appropriated from them, and then either i the property has increased in value, and thus they should have an interest in the increase in value which occurred at their expense, or ii the property has been transferred by the wrongdoer to an innocent third party, and the original owner should be able to claim a right to the property as against the innocent third party.

Equitable liens normally only arise in very specific factual circumstances, such as unpaid vendor's lien. Equitable principles can also limit the granting of equitable remedies. This includes "he who comes to equity must come with clean hands" that is, the court will not assist a claimant who is himself in the wrong or acting for improper motives , laches equitable remedies will not be granted if the claimant has delayed unduly in seeking them , "equity will not assist a volunteer" meaning that a person cannot litigate against a settlor without providing the appropriate consideration, for example, Money and that equitable remedies will not normally be granted where damages would be an adequate remedy.

The most important limitation relating to equitable remedies is that an equitable remedy will not lie against a bona fide purchaser for value without notice.

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Damages can also be awarded in "equity" as opposed to "at law", [12] and in some legal systems, by historical accident, interest on damages can be awarded on a compound basis only on equitable damages, but not on damages awarded at law. Two versions of the legislation are in force in Australian jurisdiction with one version placing emphasis on "commission of a wrongful act" and the other omits the reference to wrongdoing.

The classification of a remedy as equitable has various consequences. For example, equitable remedies may be enforced by contempt, [15] and equitable remedies are subject to equitable defenses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The Constitutional History of England. Cambridge University Press.

The Discipline of Law. Bagwell, U.

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This rule overrides every other rule in this sourcebook. Note: article 3 3 of, and the Annex to, the E-Commerce Directive. For detailed guidance on the regulation of secured lending, see PERG 4. The agreements secured on land to which CONC may apply include the following agreements unless the agreement in question, or activity in relation to it, is otherwise exempt or excluded :. Broking in relation to the above agreements may be credit broking under article 36A of the Regulated Activities Order , whether the agreement is regulated or exempt.

There are also some other secured credit agreements which are exempt, but the broking of which may still constitute credit broking , because some exemptions are disregarded by article 36A of the Regulated Activities Order. CONC 1. CONC 2. CONC 4. CONC 6. CONC 5. Agreements of the kind referred to in paragraph 1 a are excluded from CONC 1. The MCD does not contain an exemption or derogation in respect of borrowing above a certain amount, unlike the Consumer Credit Directive : the EUR75, threshold in that Directive has been implemented in the form of the exemption for high net worth borrowers in article 60H of the Regulated Activities Order.


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It applies subject to the provisions in MCOB In CONC unless otherwise stated in or in relation to a rule , the following matters, among others, of which a firm is aware or ought reasonably to be aware, may indicate that a customer is in financial difficulties:. Previous Chapter Next Chapter. Latest Browse by topics. Show timeline. Content Options R Rules. G Guidance.

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