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Imagine if everywhere you went in life there was a handful of people talking shit about you and calling you names. All the time. Anytime you're around other people, at least two of them will be loudmouth assholes to you. Relentlessly so.

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You really can't see how that would get to you eventually? Nothing in our evolutionary history as social apes prepared us for that. I appreciate the response, but isn't it overly dramatic? Like, really, everywhere you go? To the movies, to the barber, to get your groceries? Yes, that would be the real life equivalent of what people like Matz experience on the Internet. If you're deeply involved in open source, then odds are it's in part because you find the process enjoyable.


It can take a lot of time to have built up a project. It takes a large amount of dedication to encourage community members and try to help others have an organized effort.

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In the end it's easy to put a lot of value in having everything working well. If you get a crowd that over the years is harshly negative towards you as an individual, situations where there are many forks which attacks your ability to help the community by fracturing it, or other toxic behavior, then it saps the fun out of things. If there are enough people that drain the fun from your profession or hobby then that can indeed "ruin your life" if it's core enough to you as a person.

As a maintainer of a moderately successful project, I will say that a small number of toxic community members can have a noteworthy negative impact on your general happyness when heavily involved in a project. PhasmaFelis 8 months ago. Humans are social animals. We are wired to care about the good opinions of the people around us. Being constantly berated is psychologically damaging; it wears on you. And "growing a thicker skin," as people commonly advise, involves forcefully suppressing the part of you that cares about others' opinions, which can make you more callous and less empathetic in everyday life.

It's a bad situation. Not only because of what you said -- becoming callous and less empathetic isn't a good outcome -- but also because for a lot of people it's not even possible to begin with. Often you cannot decide to "not care". And it puts the onus on the recipient of the abuse for change rather than the source of the abuse. I feel for him. When my old machine learning email filter, POPFile 1 , was popular there was a great community around it. But sometimes I would get hate mail. I still recall one person who accused me of having destroyed his computer I guess something bad happened to his disk in an email filled with swear words, threats and more.

I quote from myself: Among those haters, idiots hurts the most. Sometime, during the investigation, I'll found out the fact that I was the one who actually caused the problem, because I'm such an idiot. When that happens, I will just sit on my chair for few seconds to appreciate the time that I've saved for not to write the hate message with my broken English.

Sadly, investigating is a skill not everybody have. Congratulations on the success of your investigation and reflection! Undertaking that effort makes you an exceptional individual IMO. The medium of the internet brings out the worst in all of us -- even the most empathetic among us are worse people on the net than IRL, because we are all missing that feedback. I mean, it's interesting that you don't think of the other party that avoided receiving a misdirected hateful message, and just think of your own time saved.

Also, what good do hate messages do for anybody?

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Why even consider writing one? If you need to vent, can't you do so privately, or share constructive, open-minded criticism free of hate? That's odd. I'll get that fixed! StavrosK 8 months ago. You made POPfile? I remember using it in the nineties, good job! Small world, huh. I did. But you weren't using it in the s. I started in early Anything before is the nineties to me!

But you're right, I only got an internet connection around , so it must have been then. Hopefully you could enjoy the irony of the situation. I had a similar thing happen. The CTO of a company was using a library I wrote, and he ran into things he wanted to change. When I disagreed, I was accused of sabotaging my own library, by refusing to fix it's obviously broken aspects.

Guy went on a smear campaign on hn, Reddit, Twitter, Wikipedia. Literally made me miserable for weeks. If you don't mind the feedback, I get the point of your post but you came out pretty aggressive very often. I met Matz briefly once. The most striking thing about him to me was his calmness, and desire to listen. I never felt like he was just humoring me, and he had some good pointers for me too. This thread resonates with that to me.

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He's just a guy, like any of us, trying to make something beautiful and good for the world. There may be issues, bugs, or even serious design issues, but we're all in this together. I believe he Tweeted that after he read the Reddit thread [1]. It's incredibly important to a lot of toxic people -- in open source, on HN, really everywhere on the internet -- that this thoughtful piece from Matz be questioned and then forgotten.

Because toxic people enjoy a disproportionate advantage on the internet. It's rather toxic "us vs them" opinion.

You shouldn't hate on other people. Most hate on the internet is actually manufactured and people are just hostages to their emotions. I disagree with that both-sider-ist perspective. The abuser and the abused are not equally at fault. Ten years ago those tools allowed me to support myself as a freelance web developer, and provided a springboard for my transition into iOS development.

Doubly impressive when they receive years of free updates. Add to it the real financial pain an angry one star review The problem is that public figures are exposed on social media to everyone. Then you catch them on their worst day and so I am sure Matz gets bombarded by all kinds of garbage. I have noticed this problem in other places where people have to deal with the public at large without a filter. For instance, a retail or waiter might encounter all kinds of rude people on a regular basis.

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I wish there was an AI quality filter on social media. Sort of like what dang does here. It's probably somewhat possible to implement, at least to filter most of the trolls, since they follow predictable patterns similar to spammers. SkyMarshal 8 months ago. Why would you need an AI when you can just block angry people? Whenever someone gets irrationally angry at you on social media, just block them. No second chances. JustSomeNobody 8 months ago.

Project Management for Mere Mortals

Wait, dang is an AI? Certified Associ Baca , Patti M. This Sybex Workbook provides: Clear introductions that put the exercises in context and explain the importance of key project management skills Dozens of exercises designed by two veteran project managers to correlate directly with PMP objectives Cross-references to Sybex's PMP Study Guide Baca , Catherine A. What is this phenomenon? Some call it Murphy's Law. Some call it scope creep. Some call it change.

Whatever you call it, you can employ tools and techniques that will help you manage it and benefit your project at the same time. I hope that this book has given you the ins and outs of successful change management. Let's now see i Baca has cleverly taken the sometimes difficult lexicon of project management and distilled it into easy-to-read, understandable concepts. As shipping costs are not retrievable, we are unable to refund shipping costs. We use an automated eBay feedback response system.

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