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The bills are the 13th and 14th bipartisan measures Katko has moved through the House this Congress. During the time Rep. Katko has served Central New York in Washington, he has consistently been ranked one of the most productive members from either side of the aisle. John Katko.

Skip to main content. The interconnected, varied and expansive scope of the surface transportation system creates unique security challenges that are best addressed by system owners and operators and federally supported through stakeholder communication, coordination, and collaboration. To best assist surface transportation owners and operators with their security needs, TSA focuses its efforts on system assessments, voluntary operator compliance with industry standards, collaborative law enforcement and security operations, accurate and timely exchange of intelligence information, regulatory oversight, and technology expertise.

TSA invests its resources to help surface owner and operators identify vulnerabilities and risks in their operations, and then works with them to develop and implement risk-mitigating solutions to address them. The inherently open and expansive scope of surface passenger transportation and the evolving threat to it requires TSA to continue researching and developing innovative processes and technologies to increase security without creating undesired financial or operational burdens.

Engagement and partnership with surface transportation owners and operators is the key to fostering innovation and ensuring the system is secure both today and in the future. TSA incorporates the needs and capability gaps of surface transportation owners and operators into our work to influence and stimulate the development of new security technologies in the marketplace.

Our approach is designed to make more readily available innovative and advanced technologies useful for public area security. TSA actively follows the fast-moving advancement of security technologies to assess whether emerging technologies, including from outside the transportation environment, could be applied to address current and evolving threats to the surface transportation system. TSA accomplishes this goal through its Intermodal Division by working closely with surface transportation owners and operators to introduce new technology and approaches to securing surface transportation.

We establish collaborative operational test beds for different modes of transportation mass transit, highway motor carrier, pipeline, and freight rail , and critical infrastructure protection security technology projects to address the increasing threat demonstrated from attacks world-wide.

Working in conjunction with the U. Since its creation, the Intermodal Division has stimulated the marketplace and assessed numerous technologies, ranging from those effective and suitable for person-borne threats to technology that protects critical infrastructure, to detection of chemical and biological threats. TSA is also a national leader in providing analysis tools and mitigation means for explosive blast in passenger rail vehicles. TSA has formal agreements with leading and higher risk surface venues to serve as test beds for promising technology.

In June TSA fired 36 screeners at the Honolulu airport for regularly allowing bags through without being inspected. In May , a report from the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General stated that the TSA "does not have a complete understanding" of breaches at the nation's airports, with some hubs doing very little to fix or report security breaches. These findings will be presented to Congress. John Mica , chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee , have had several joint hearings concerning the cost and benefits of the various safety programs including full body scanners, the Transportation Worker Identification Credential TWIC , and the behavior detection program, among others.

Some measures employed by the TSA have been accused of being ineffective and fostering a false sense of safety.

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Two studies by a group of Cornell University researchers have found that strict airport security has the unintended consequence of increasing road fatalities, as would-be air travelers decide to drive and are exposed to the far greater risk of dying in a car accident. The study attributes the change in traveler behavior to two factors: fear of terrorist attacks and the wish to avoid the inconvenience of strict security measures; no attempt is made to estimate separately the influence of each of these two factors. In , the researchers studied the specific effects of a change to security practices instituted by the TSA in late The TSA has been criticized [] for an increase in baggage theft after its inception.

Reported thefts include both valuable and dangerous goods, such as laptops, jewelry [] guns, [] and knives. In , over 17, claims of baggage theft were reported. As of [update] , the TSA employs about 60, screeners in total counting both baggage and passenger screening [] and approximately TSA agents have been fired or suspended for stealing from passenger luggage since the agency's creation in November In , an investigative report by WTAE in Pittsburgh discovered that despite over reports of baggage theft, about half of which the TSA reimbursed passengers for, not a single arrest had been made.

Brown stated that it was "very convenient to steal" and poor morale within the agency is what causes agents to steal from passengers. The TSA has also been criticized for not responding properly to theft and failing to reimburse passengers for stolen goods. In , an unencrypted computer hard drive containing Social Security numbers, bank data, and payroll information for about , employees was lost or stolen from TSA headquarters. Kip Hawley alerted TSA employees to the loss, and apologized for it. The agency asked the FBI to investigate. There were no reports that the data was later misused.

In , Christopher Soghoian , a blogger and security researcher, said that a TSA website was collecting private passenger information in an unsecured manner, exposing passengers to identity theft. The TSA fixed the website several days after the press picked up the story. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform investigated the matter, [] and said the website had operated insecurely for more than four months, during which more than people had submitted personal information. TSA continues to pay Desyne to host and maintain two major Web-based information systems.

TSA has taken no steps to discipline the technical lead, who still holds a senior program management position at TSA. The manual was taken down quickly, but the breach raised questions about whether security practices had been compromised. Other common criticisms of the agency have also included assertions that TSA employees have slept on the job, [] [] [] [] bypassed security checks, [] and failed to use good judgment and common sense.

TSA agents are also accused of having mistreated passengers, and having sexually harassed passengers, [] [] [] [] having used invasive screening procedures, including touching the genitals, including those of children, [] removing nipple rings with pliers, [] misusing body scanners to ogle female passengers, [] having searched passengers or their belongings for items other than weapons or explosives, [] and having stolen from passengers.

The TSA was also accused of having spent lavishly on events unrelated to airport security, [] having wasted money in hiring, [] and having had conflicts of interest.

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The TSA was accused of having performed poorly at the Presidential Inauguration viewing areas, which left thousands of ticket holders excluded from the event in overcrowded conditions, while those who had arrived before the checkpoints were in place avoided screening altogether. A report by the Homeland Security Department Inspector General's Office charged that TSA was using criminal investigators to do the job of lower paid employees, wasting millions of dollars a year. In January , Jason Edward Harrington , a former TSA screener at O'Hare International Airport , said that fellow staff members assigned to review body scan images of airline passengers routinely joked about fliers' weight, attractiveness, and penis and breast sizes.

According to Harrington, screeners would alert each other to attractive female passengers with the code phrase "Hotel Papa" so that staff would have an opportunity to view the passengers' nude form in body scanner monitors and retaliated against rude flyers by delaying them at the checkpoint. TSA Administrator John Pistole responded by saying that all the scanners had been replaced and the screening rooms disabled. He did not deny that the behaviors described by Harrington took place. In May , actress Susan Sarandon claimed that during the entire time of the Bush administration she was "harassed everytime I came into the country".

She said that she hired two lawyers to contact the TSA to determine why she had been targeted but that she assumed it was because she was critical of the Bush administration. She said the harassment stopped after her attorneys followed up a second time with the TSA. The case extended from a woman who had been detained and arrested by TSA in but later the criminal charges were acquitted in court; she had sought damages under the FTCA for damages related to the false arrest and related matters.

In addition, the poll states opposition is lowest among those who fly less than once a year. The report touched upon several topics of misconduct but the main focus of the report was of the TSA criminal investigators who received a premium on their pay despite not meeting the minimum qualification to be eligible for this pay. However Office of Inspector Generals has found the TSA's response lacking as they have yet to fix a majority of the issues brought up in the report.

Numerous groups and figures have called for the abolition of the TSA in its current form by persons and groups which include Sen. The TSA's critics frequently cite the agency as "ineffective, invasive, incompetent, inexcusably costly, or all four" [] as their reasons for seeking its abolition.

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Those seeking to abolish the TSA have cited the improved efficacy and cost of screening provided by qualified private companies in compliance with federal guidelines. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. David Pekoske , Administrator Patricia F. Cogswell, Deputy Administrator. This section contains too many or overly lengthy quotations for an encyclopedic entry.

The Importance of Safety and Security in Public Transportation Systems

Please help improve the article by presenting facts as a neutrally-worded summary with appropriate citations. Consider transferring direct quotations to Wikiquote. November They screen people and property and control entry and exit points in airports. They also watch several areas before and beyond checkpoints. Main article: Los Angeles International Airport shooting.

See also: No Fly List.

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See also: Frisking. Main article: Full body scanner. United States portal. December 26, Wiley; 4 edition. Archived from the original on August 7, Aviation Week.

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