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The time is approaching when I shall render up an account of my stewardship , so far as Verner's Pride is concerned. RELATED WORDS control , management , supervision , protection , conservancy , maintenance , care , sewing , housekeeping , keeping , safekeeping , saving , attention , storage , governing , upkeep , economy , salvation , custody , guardianship.

Nearby words stevinus , stew , stew in one's own juice , steward , stewardess , stewardship , stewart , stewart island , stewart, james , stewart-holmes sign , stewart-treves syndrome. Examples from the Web for stewardship If she runs for president, Clinton will have several questions to answer about her stewardship of the Iraq portfolio.

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Sevenoaks J. Christian Stewardship - Why is it Important? Christian stewardship and Christian giving work hand in hand. Generosity is one of the primary ways in which Christians evidence the fruit of the Spirit at work in their lives. Yet a Christian who commits to giving as much as possible towards God's work, as soon as possible, faces a major challenge as a steward over God's resources. With a multitude of Christian ministries that could be supported, how does one choose just which ministries to support in order to make the most effective use of God's resources?


Christian stewardship requires some kind of success measurement. Living in a society that values results, most of us are inclined to support ministries that produce good tangible and visible results. Whether those results are measured in terms of how many people made professions of faith, how many Bibles were distributed, how many hungry were fed, how many students were educated or some other measure relevant to a particular ministry, they are the main standard by which most people judge a ministry.

The better the results demonstrated by ministries we have supported, the more confident we feel that we have wisely exercised our stewardship responsibilities.

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Even the focus many of us place on financial efficiency, evaluating such criteria as the share of a ministry's budget devoted to fundraising and administrative expenses, is generally a focus on results, as a more financially efficient ministry should produce better results for each dollar contributed than a less financially efficient ministry. In this website, we will attempt to show that such a results oriented decision process is not the emphasis the Scriptures would have for us.

Rather, Scripture shows us that we should evaluate Christian ministries first and foremost based on their faithfulness and commitment to God's Word.

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Once we have judged a ministry to be spiritually faithful, we may consider secondary factors, among which financial integrity and need are most important. While we do not have to ignore results, only when these more critical areas have been examined should we consider results. Ordering our decision process in this way recognizes that: 1 God is responsible for the results of His servants; 2 God will ensure that the resources necessary for His work are distributed where He requires them; and 3 the visible results of faithful ministry may not be evident for years or even generations.

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Thus, seeing how Stewardship: A Mission of Faith has grown over the years and blessed so many, many people has not been a surprise. The whole world changed when one humble woman from Nazareth gave her yes to God.

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Stewardship: A Mission of Faith demonstrates that our yes can work wonders too. Just want to mention that this last item has made a huge impact on one individual.

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She happened to pick it up one Sunday and said her life was transformed. She started a Bible study based on the book and will be growing that study in our parish in January. All because of Stewardship making that book available to her and the Holy Spirit prompting her! October 6, This retreat is for any woman seeking healing from betrayal trauma, abuse and emotional wounding. We come together, sisters on this journey, in a safe and sacred space for healing in community. Our time together includes: opportunities for individual healing work, teachings on the 5 Keys of Unbound, personal reflection time, Mass, adoration, confession and more.

Come, and walk on sacred ground together, as we share our stories, open our hearts, strengthen spiritually, and prayerfully hold the space for profound healing and freedom to occur.

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Come for a night away and immerse yourself in Sisterhood and the healing love of our Lord. Attendees will be responsible for their own transportation and travel. The closest airport to the St.


We have a minimum of 25 participants needed to conduct this retreat. If we have not reached this minimum threshold by September 25, , we will cancel this event and provide a full refund.