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The best candidates for a muzzle brake are obviously hard kicking rifles, particularly high velocity magnums that burn a lot of powder. The higher the momentum of the powder gasses being ejected from the muzzle in relation to the momentum of the bullet, the more effective the muzzle brake can be.

Magnum rifles are generally good candidates for a muzzle brake. For example, Weatherby rifles in the ultra-powerful calibers. Other rifles chambered for huge magnum calibers, such as the Remington Ultra Mag line of cartridges, are also prime candidates for a muzzle brake. Any lightweight magnum rifle could probably benefit from the installation of a muzzle brake. A rifle of adequate weight for its cartridge kicks less than a lightweight model.

If a rifle stock fits the shooter well the effect of recoil is minimized. A good recoil pad, such as a Pachmayr Decelerator, softens the effect of recoil; so does a large buttplate. Some rifles, such as the gas operated BAR Mark II used for this test, have a reputation as soft shooting guns and seldom require additional recoil reduction. Muzzle brakes are controversial devices, because they offer real advantages and entail real disadvantages.

What are they for?

As a general guide, I would suggest that hunting rifles, especially those that might be used for hunting dangerous game, should never be ported. If a hunting rifle is equipped with a muzzle brake it should be removable, for the reasons cited above. The best answer to the muzzle brake question is simply to avoid calibers that generate more recoil than you can comfortably tolerate.

Then you will never need a muzzle brake. Try this. Instead of a. Instead of a 7mm short magnum, buy a 7mm Instead of a standard length 7mm Magnum, buy a.

TECH TIP: Optimizing Muzzle Brake Accuracy and Effectiveness « Daily Bulletin

Instead of a standard length. And so on.

Ruger Ranch rifle 7.62X39. Does Muzzle brakes affect accuracy?

See, it's easy. You can hunt the same animals and avoid having to make a choice between being kicked out from under your hat or being deafened. Please remember that muzzle brakes are exceptionally hard on hearing. Always wear ear protection.

Earplugs worn inside of earmuff type hearing protectors are highly recommended when shooting a rifle equipped with a muzzle brake. Muzzle Brakes By Chuck Hawks Newton's law says to paraphrase that for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction. All stainless steel construction Choose this brake for fast. Accuracy Enhancement - This brake is designed to contain the bullet within high temperature gases as it passes through the brake Avoiding flutter from the sound barrier.

Muzzle Brake or Suppressor?

Without question, the most effective muzzle brake we've ever seen. Choose this muzzle brake for pretty much any. It shows the shooter triggering shots from the prone laying down shooting position with a rifle chambered in "7. The shooter describes the cartridge as having ballistics similar to a Win Mag.

Muzzle Brakes

Recoil can be especially punishing when you are shooting prone. Shots are shown in real time and later in slow motion Quite an effective demonstration of the actual result of installing the JP Brake. For the purposes of demonstration, the video shows Mr. Alwood screwing the Brake on and off the muzzle of the rifle. For the best potential accuracy however, we recommend that brakes be installed with close fitting threads and fixed in place with red loctite This keeps the exit hole in the center and secures it from any chance of wobble.

All muzzle brakes redirect gas and sound to the sides rather than forward The Brockman Brake has the option of opening and closing the gas ports Essentially turning the brake on or off without removing it. You can open the ports and enjoy the recoil reduction while working up loads, sighting in, and practicing.

Same accuracy, same sight zero. Locked-In Precision - Muzzle Brakes are not like flash suppressors that can be just screwed on and off.

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Accuracy and recoil reduction require that they have very close and even clearance with the bullet measured in thousandths. Only the outer sleeve moves to open and close ports. You'll shoot better from a rest when your rifle stops jumping around on the bags and you concentrate.

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You'll shoot better off-hand when you practice with the brake and stop flinching and jerking the trigger. Contents [ show ]. Straight Pull Bolt. Categories :. Cancel Save. This Section is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.