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Introduce an analysis of Islam as a social and anthropological fact in relation to a comparative sociology of religions and symbolic systems. This analysis will be carried out with particular reference to European Muslim populations. Epistemological questions involving the study of the Muslim religion by anthropology and sociology. Brief introduction to the history of the Islamic religion, to the central points of its doctrine and institutions. Particular attention is paid to the dynamics of Islam in the last century.

Thanks for explaining what you meant by all that. I still have a couple of reservations with your examples though. Please bear with me. I can show this in a simple way: in order to become Spanish you have to accept and believe that he is the King, since you have to take an oath like in the case of the UK. So the criteria may change from case to case. Regarding this division between personal identity and social identity, I guess I see your point there. You say:. First of all, believing the Carlos I is the king of Spain is not a criterion for being Spanish.

Actually believing that Carlos I is the king of Spain is a necessary criterion for being Spanish. Yet to recognise that Carlos I is the king of Spain does not make you Spanish. So where is the difference? Certainly there is a theological difference but not a logical one. If I were to feel that I was Scottish, yet had no ties to Scotland in terms of nationality or ancestry, would would I still be Scottish?

The answer is certainly yes. Indeed you still confuse here two categories, the personal and the social.

Can Muslims Drink? Intoxicating the Anthropology of Islam

Socially, some people would deny that, since you do not have Scottish links, you are Scottish or at least a real one. The deniers will be, from your viewpoint, wrong in not recognising your own Scottishness. Let me extend these two examples which are just examples, in the book I discuss the topic in great detail to the case of Islam or any other religion.

For this reason, as Mamdani says , to speak of good Muslims and bad Muslims does not make sense. At least within anthropology. This argument is flawed.

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If I were to feel that I was Scottish, yet had no ties to Scotland in terms of nationality or ancestry, would that still be Scottish? I am very much enthusiastic reading the extract. Thank you for sharing. All the best doc…. Pingback: The Anthropology of Islam. I wonder how relevant this might be to my proposed Autoethnographic Muslims Studies AMS , crudely a autobiographical exploration of identity which draws heavily on discourses from the social sciences and Islamic Studies.

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Islam, Human Rights, and the Secular (with Talal Asad and Abdullahi An-Naim)

Emotions, piousness and lack of intellectual genealogy Islam, Muslims, and an Anthropologist Dear Prof. Marranchi, Reading all the comments above I have lots of questions to ask anthropoligists. December 29, at am Reply. March 16, at pm Reply.

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July 31, at pm Reply. August 3, at am Reply. July 8, at am Reply. Kia Ora good day in Maori , My class and I read your article about the controversy in Scotland over the puppy. So why did Clr. Asif even raise the point in the first place? Kia Kaha stand strong.

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  • July 7, at pm Reply. May 23, at pm Reply. Dear JDsg, Of course, for theological aspects of Islam, objects submit to Allah, but since objects do not have conciousness, they cannot express Islam.

    Anthropology in Islam

    April 18, at am Reply. ANT: There is no Islam without mind. Hi Doc, Thanks for explaining what you meant by all that. April 5, at pm Reply. Dear Rasheed, thanks for your comments and criticism. You say: First of all, believing the Carlos I is the king of Spain is not a criterion for being Spanish. I hope that this may clarify the point. March 21, at pm Reply. STU: Yes, Doc. ANT: Are you Spanish?

    STU: Of course not.

    Dr Ashraf Hoque

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