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Marine since the Vietnam War to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, America's highest military distinction, for his bravery and valor in combat. The medal, however prestigious, was awarded posthumously—Dunham died of wounds received while protecting his squadmates and fellow Marines from a grenade attack. In the book, Phillips reports in a detailed but matter-of-fact way, telling Dunham's story from his youth to his combat tour in Iraq. Phillips's book "tells the story of Cpl. Dunham's heroic actions, but it also tells the story of the heroic actions of medics, nurses and doctors, of social workers, friends, families and communities," remarked Dale Collum on the UCL Staff Book Reviews Web site.

It merely shows what happened—not how or why—to a typical Marine, and in doing that, it fires the imagination in a way few news stories can," commented Diane Scharper in the Weekly Standard.

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Phillips begins his story with details of Dunham's life as the son of working-class parents in western New York. Dunham thrived in the military, a strong, handsome, and likable young man with a natural flair for leadership and genuine concern for his fellow Marines.

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He had plans to attend college after leaving the Marines, the intention of eventually marrying, but while in the military, he made the most of his experiences and opportunities, quickly advancing to the rank of corporal. Considered by many of his fellow Marines to be an example of the best the Corps had to offer, Dunham was a "squad leader who believed in leading by example," noted Mary Ann Grossman in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press.

Dunham was so dedicated to the men in his squad that he had recently voluntarily extended his tour of duty so that he could continue to lead them and look out for their welfare. On April 14, , Dunham and his nine-man infantry squad were called upon to help rescue a group of fellow Marines caught in a brutal ambush.

As the mission progressed, Dunham began to search a group of vehicles parked in an alleyway, Scharper reported. When he approached a suspicious Toyota Land Cruiser, an enraged Iraqi lunged out of the car and began fighting with Dunham.

Phillips, Michael M.

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The Gift of Valor : A War Story by Michael M. Phillips (2005, CD)

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Retail Price:. Corporal Dunham was on patrol near the Syrian border, on April 14, , when a black-clad Iraqi leaped out of a car and grabbed him around his neck. Fighting hand-to-hand in the dirt, Dunham saw his attacker drop a grenade and made the instantaneous decision to place his own helmet over the explosive in the hope of containing the blast and protecting his men.

The Marines beside him were seriously wounded. This book exposes the magnificent heartbreak of being a marine in combat. Seen in large part through the eyes and mouths of the grunts living through the fog and absurdity of war, the author transports the listener inside a marine squad faced with the horror of the multilation and potential death of its leader.

Not for the fainthearted. No doubt combat vets will see themselves in the stories of these men. I did. Phillips does an excellent job of taking the reader through the ups and downs of Marine life -- for both the Marine and the family left behind. We get to see the human side of the Marine for a change. To those who have family members serving in Iraq, they will recognize the worry, relief, joy, pride and agony. For others, this book provides a good window into the personal struggles faced by those serving in the military and their families.

Amazing book from start to finish! Stories told through the eyes of so many involved! It is a must read to see what our veterans, like myself, go through and what they endure! Great story.

The Gift of Valor

The kind of story every American, especially those who think that we only do harm in this world, should read. The author does a great job of getting you to know the people in the book. So much so that I really had to try hard to keep from Googling them before finishing the book.

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You feel like you know the Marines, the nurses, the commanders, the mothers and fathers. You want to reach out to them. Tell them that you want to help. Unfortunately, I bought the audio version and I just couldn't get into the narration. Reminded me too much of those educational movies we had to watch in school in the 70's. Buy the book. Read it. Think about it.