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Philippa Ballantine. Lonen's War. Angel of Skye. May McGoldrick. Oria's Enchantment. Of Silk and Steam. Bec McMaster. A Sorceress of His Own. Dianne Duvall. Nobody's Hero. The Forests of Dru. Beauty and the Werewolf. Mercedes Lackey. Oria's Gambit. The Shift of the Tide. The Winter King. The Pages of the Mind. My Lady Mage.

For Crown and Kingdom. Heart's Blood. Warrior of the World. Her Knight's Quest. The Lightning God's Wife. Den of Wolves. Juliet Marillier. Heart Legacy. Robin D. Sins of the Flesh. Eve Silver. Ghost Talker. The Immortal Heights. Sherry Thomas. The Crown of the Queen. Magic in the Stars. Patricia Rice. Cast in Honor. Michelle Sagara. Shadows in Time. Ann Gimpel. The Curse Giver. Dora Machado. Christina Bauer. Heart on Fire. Amanda Bouchet. The Forbidden Heir. Entreat Me. This is a proper quest tale and, as I am a fan of such when they are well done, I loved going along for the ride.

The characters are witty and up for anything and the world itself is twisty and turny and full of a long history of alternately dastardly and noble rulers. No one is exactly who they say they are, of course. And it all builds up to a very startling climax. Just when you think what you were hoping would happen will, in fact, happen--the threads of the tale are flung far and wide across the whole of the Nine Kingdoms and you are left gasping at the implications.

I had to wait a year for the sequel. There was grumbling involved. But I will tell you that it was completely and utterly worth it, as The Mage's Daughter is a worthy successor in every way and sits contentedly on my Beloved Bookshelf. If you haven't run across this series before, I do hope you give it a try. It is a comfort read, uncomplicated but lovely, full of characters who will work their way into your affections. View all 5 comments. I really enjoyed this book. When making the decision to buy it, I noticed that a number of reviewers were dismissive of it because of the heavy romance influence.

The Mage's Daughter: A Novel of the Nine Kingdoms

They felt it was a fantasy-flavored romance novel rather than a romance-flavored fantasy. I pulled the trigger on purchasing largely because this intrigued me. I mean, I like both genres and couldn't care less which dominates. If you're curious, I disagree with those dismissing the novel—at least for my own tastes.

Yes, like the force i I really enjoyed this book. Yes, like the force in Luke Skywalker, the romance is strong in Star of the Morning. And it's a wonderful romance. Morgan falling in love was a hoot. And I really liked Miach whose name I can only read as "Micah" in my head. But, while important to the characters, it doesn't dominate the story or plot nor does it warp the setting. Indeed, I wish it had conformed more to romance convention view spoiler [by giving us a relationship plateau at the end. I hated that events got in their way before Miach and Morgan worked things out!

In a world of active, observable magic, her reaction is as illogical as it is impractical. Mages shape a good part of her world and insisting that they're all unreliable and "unmanly" flies directly in the face of the historical record. After all, the biggest threat to the stability of the realm is a magical one and the more good guys who can fight on that front, the better, I'd think. Morgan is otherwise a highly practical, even utilitarian, person.

Having such a debilitating, deliberate blind spot weakened my respect for her and disconnected me from her as a character. Morgan's blind spot with magic excepted, the story was a fun ride and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book. For someone used to fighting solely on a physical plane, that is going to be a huge adjustment to make.

View all 4 comments. Feb 23, Gundega Rouzmary rated it it was amazing Shelves: not-a-jerk-etc-male-lead , magic-is-real-yay-special-powers-et , guy-man-falling-first , no-cheating , clever-strong-kickass-heroine , fantasy , romance , war-military-army-etc , wealthy-ppl-nobles-royalty-etc , adult.

Lynn Kurland did not disappoint me. I do believe Kurland might be one of those amazing people with magic hands All right. The story. Obviously one should read the prequels aforementioned for they are all intertwined and awesome yet charming to boot. Meet Morgan. You go girl! The good yet good for nothing king who's oh so happy his reign has been peaceful and slightly bored for it. So peaceful in fact that he's grown so slack and in the end the beginning lost his magic. Due to foul means of course, but whatever. I for sure wouldn't want him as my king if evil lurks around.

We'd be doomed. A pretty face with some sword skills and a love of boasting. No, you're not. Now, shut up. I loved every moment when he got ignored or made fun of XD Good thing he's got an archmage to save the day kingdom. The archmage of the realm. And the king's youngest brother. Our hero. Miach ain't no fool. And neither is he an ass or a jerk.

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Or an over domineering alpha. The rest is spoilers, so just go read it yourself :D Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed this story and Kurland had me completely spellbound. It's been quite a while since I've read such an enjoyable tale of fantasy. I'm sure there were probably things that might not have been as good or lacking, every book has them, but I seriously didn't notice them or care for them.

Edit: This morning next after I read the book I finally thought of smt that had me rolling my eyes and wondering - seriously, like seriously? You both care for the girl and yet neither thought to treat her immediately, but rather have a talk over who's better suited to do it? Did they not think she just might die while they do it? You've got no idea how hurt she is, yet decide instead to have a little chat.

Damn, but I wouldn't want to be Morgan in that situation, just might end up six feet under until they're done ;p If you love tales of swords, magic, monsters, evil, good, royalty, fate, quest and some romance and tales themselves I most heartily recommend it, this is it. And even if you don't love this stuff, give it a try anyway ;p Nov 15, Mfena Ortswen rated it did not like it. I'm a big fan of fantasy but this book was a total letdown. Where do I start? First of all, character consistency, poor. Adhemar started out as an interesting, strong character but ended up being stupefied throughout the entire book, why?

The flaws Morgan kept pointing out were completely useless to the story. I must add that the whole quest thing where Adhemar is to find the wielder of the great and mighty sword - which broke in one instance is just silly. How is he supposed to know the wielder I'm a big fan of fantasy but this book was a total letdown. How is he supposed to know the wielder? How is he or she identified? No clue! So even when they meet it becomes a completely irrelevant, endless tug-of-war. Now there's Morgan. Annoying, annoying, annoying. Oh and annoying. Why should we like her? Because she fights well?

There's nothing endearing us to all her strength and muscle. Completely nothing! So if a reader can't like her, how come Miach is so carried away and by what, he can't even say. Then Glines and Camid, I mistook their identities till the end of the book. Paien, OK, matured father figure, I let that pass. Fletcher, who's child is this? Why does he feature? Call his mum to take him home. Zero imagery. I struggled but couldn't picture a single thing. The time frame is just crazy.

Somehow, Nicholas appears at the castle just when Lothar harms Morgan. Like how? Miach, oh, Miach! Believe me I genuinely wanted to like his character. Nice, sweet and kind boy. Even winning over Morgan the Angry. Then why the continuous feud with Adhemar even to throwing punches? I have to ask, why are people keeping thoughts for later? I rest my case. This surely has a sequel but it's a poor, unencouraging start.

Jun 21, Megan rated it it was amazing Recommended to Megan by: Leah. Shelves: adventure , fantasy , romance. Wow, what a great adventure story! I absolutely loved this book.

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It is so well written and the author has a wry sense of humor that is sprinkled throughout. The characters and setting are so well done. It has a sweet romance. By the end of the story I was on the edge of my seat! I need to read the next books now! I would rate it PG for some swear words. Thanks Leah for the recommendation and the book! View all 10 comments. Sep 01, Ronda Tutt rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantacy , romance.

Archmage's are more than fantasy they are romantic! What an awesome read, I totally loved this fantasy read. The story starts off the story with the introduction about a king with magical powers who suddenly loses power and therefore leaving the reader thinking that the story is going to be about a king looking to restore his powers and will probably have to find a mate to regain his powers but NO NO NO - PSYCH! LOL In the end yes the story in around about way is about the king's power but the Kin Archmage's are more than fantasy they are romantic! LOL In the end yes the story in around about way is about the king's power but the King's brother Miach, also known as the Archmage of the Nine Kingdom stills the show when he meets his match Morgan the kick ass Mercenary who is not only breath taking beautiful but can yield a sword and fight better than any man in the kingdom.

The story had me captivated with the mysterious powers of evil about, the spells to counter the evil, the creatures of magic, and most of all the bantering between all the characters. I loved the spark and humor between Morgan and Miach - totally beautiful - I fell in love immediately. Morgan though has a mystery of her own that kept me glued to the pages.

There is one small flaw to the story and that is that the story doesn't end in this book and the reader is left hanging just before the climax of the story. I was shocked and had to buy the second story in the series "The Mage's Daughter" immediately to find out what happens next. Talking about Hook Line and Sinker - yep I'm addicted - actually the author is fantastic with the way she writes and every word was visionary brilliance and had me feeling I was there among the characters and the action through out the whole book. Excellent Read!

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Her whispery voice drove me nuts at first but I got used to it. This was a slow moving but solid fantasy story that managed to keep my interest. View all 3 comments. Dec 23, Jaime Two Chicks on Books rated it it was amazing. I'm so glad I picked this up! What an awesome high fantasy! I've got my fingers crossed for some romance in book 2. The romantic tension was awesome but I need more!

View 2 comments. Nov 28, Debbie rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , romance. This is a "romance fantasy," where the book has a strong romance in a fantasy setting. The world-building is fairly good, and the characters are engaging. The pacing is good, and every scene serves a purpose. There are no explicit sex scenes, but the hero and heroine do kiss. The magic is of the typical fantasy sort, allowing a man to shape-change or be "invisible" or such. As primarily a fantasy reader, I've always been disappointed that romance authors who try their hand at writing fantasy inev This is a "romance fantasy," where the book has a strong romance in a fantasy setting.

As primarily a fantasy reader, I've always been disappointed that romance authors who try their hand at writing fantasy inevitably assume that "fantasy" means "doesn't have to be realistic. Lynn Kurland does a good job at keeping the realistic parts realistic and building an interesting fantasy world.

The one glaring example of where she flubs on realism is when she has Morgan, who's never been close to a horse before, able to ride, groom, tack, etc. Mar 04, Anne rated it really liked it. I thought this was kind of a fun book and I really enjoyed reading it! What I didn't Like: It was a tad bit predictable. I am not a big fan as I have said before of authors who feel they have to foreshadow upcoming events. And this book had some major foreshadowing that I felt coul I thought this was kind of a fun book and I really enjoyed reading it!

And this book had some major foreshadowing that I felt could have been easily left out The author is a bit repetitive and I don't know how many times the characters "pursed their lips" that drove me nuts Mar 05, Jaunexialong It's Out rated it it was amazing. It is a fascinating read how the molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words and feelings. Positive words create beautiful crystals. Negative words show distorted images.

This is an enjoyable Romantic Fantasy series, but it's definitely more on the Romance end of the scale so you have to be in the right mood for it. I found myself wishing the world and secondary characters were a bit more defined, and that the magic and adventure were more prominent.

But the huge focus is definitely the relationship. To illustrate the lack of detail, at one point I was reminded that one of the characters is a dwarf, and only because he was referred to as a dwarf. Even now I can't This is an enjoyable Romantic Fantasy series, but it's definitely more on the Romance end of the scale so you have to be in the right mood for it.

Even now I can't remember which character it is. He was just as nondescript as the other supporting characters. There was also little explanation of the magic system or the makeup of the Nine Kingdoms. You just have to figure it out as you go along, but even the areas that they travel through lack much detail. This does improve a little bit in the second book. So it's not the most intricate fantasy world. But still I liked it. Just be aware that this is definitely fluff, and not the highest quality stuff.

Sometimes that's just fine. If you don't like Romances, you should probably avoid this. If you do, this one is made more interesting by the magical setting and the quest that is the backdrop for a sweet romance. You also should know that the ending is really only the beginning, and both this book and the next one have cliffhanger endings.

I ended up wanting to read them all straight through as if the trilogy was a single book. Nov 02, Meagan rated it it was amazing. This book was absolutely amazing. As someone who loves fantasy and was looking for a romance that was not based solely on sex, this book fit the bill perfectly. What I loved most about this book were the characters. Morgan and Miach are so richly developed and so strong that I felt I really knew them. Their love story was tender and set at a perfect pace for two who had never given much thought to love before.

I love the moments of interaction between them because each one was precious. Not only i This book was absolutely amazing. Not only is the romance well-written, but the plot of the book is good too. The book is a journey, but just the beginning of one I might add, and I could hardly put it down because I wanted to know what was happening.

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As the events surrounding the characters are shrouded in mystery, I found myself wanting to know just as badly what was happening. But never did Kurland withhold information from the reader that a character already knew. Request a quote Buy now Add to cart Favorite. Seller List.

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