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Le Plongeur made several successful dives, but its limited air supply and dangerously unstable structural design led to it being removed from active duty in Drawing of Monturiol and his submarine. The successor to an earlier diving boat called Ictineo I, the foot Ictineo II achieved remarkable stability thanks to a system of weights and four pump-operated ballast tanks positioned inside its double-hull.

To turn its propeller, Monturiol developed an anaerobic steam engine that used a chemical reaction to create both heat and oxygen. The engine seems to have worked—Monturiol made a successful dive in late—but the sub was later sold for scrap due to funding shortages. Its groundbreaking propulsion system would not be replicated until the 20th century.

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Submarine technology had improved by leaps and bounds by the lateth century, but most undersea boats were still only capable of completing short runs close to shore. That changed in , when American engineer Simon Lake built the Argonaut, a foot craft powered by a horsepower gasoline engine. It also had a periscope, a diving chamber and a floating hose to provide air for the engine and crew.

Lake initially used the Argonaut to salvage sunken shipwrecks in the Chesapeake Bay, but in he used it to sail from Norfolk, Virginia to Sandy Hook, New Jersey—a trip that has since been called the first open ocean voyage by a submarine. He went on to develop dozens of underwater vehicles for the U. Navy and produce more than patents. Photo of the Holland at sea. Built in , the footer took its name from its inventor, John Philip Holland, an Irish-born engineer who was one of the most prolific submarine pioneers of the lateth and early 20th centuries.

By the time it was decommissioned in , the Navy had brought a half dozen other attack subs into service. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! More than that, they were seen to be unfair, underhand and damned un-English In the United States, too, there was little enthusiasm for the submarine service and its weaponry - so much so that it scarcely played any part in World War I and was subject to extremely serious weaponry malfunctions in the opening months of the Second, failures that were ominously foreshadowed in the very early days.

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