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However, he is taken aback when the children of the village compel him to get back a little pond that has been fenced in by the owner of a house. After a fall in the pond William succeeds. William Gets His Own Back — Robert refuses to pay William the shilling he owes him because of a love-poem that William wrote on his behalf. They also get to help out at the circus from which the cub has run away.

Just William by Richmal Crompton

William Adopts an Orphan — Clarence who wants to be called John is delighted when he is adopted by the Outlaws. William and the Campers — Temporarily bereft of supporters, William and Ginger dread the encounter with Hubert and his superior. The Outlaws and the Cucumber — The Outlaws expose a woman who always cheats at the cucumber show and thereby allow their friend, Mrs. Roundway, to win at last. The real owner turns up and disrobes Robert and traps him in a shed. William himself also gets stripped by the indignant person who had lent the costume to Robert.

George and the Dragon. It proves to be the first time ever that the Dragon played by William ever came out on top in the conflict. William and the Spy — At the seaside William dogs the footsteps of a harmless geologist convinced he is a German spy. The Plan that Failed — When they learn that Mr. William and the Young Man — A university undergraduate convinces William that he is an international crook. William diverts a visiting lecturer to the wrong lecture because he believes he is a Scotland Yard detective.

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The spectacle the man makes in pursuit of William means that he will have to keep quiet about the crime. A Crowded Hour with William - William convinces Dorinda Lane that he can make a roomful of food suddenly appear by magic. The Outlaws and the Missionary -- The Outlaws and the local barber play jokes on each other. Meanwhile William and the Outlaws lose their money at a fair and fail to raise anything for a missionary. The Outlaws and the Tramp - Fooled by the notorious tramp called Sandy Dick, William and the Outlaws raise money so that they can pay their entrance into the profession of tramp.

The cash comes from the sale of photographs given to Ethel by all her different admirers. William and the Sleeping Major - A sleeping draught allows the Major to sleep on and on in spite of all the games that the Outlaws play with him. The Major wakes to find himself confronted by a pig. William The Pirate This is the fourteenth of the 39 William books. There are eleven short stories in this volume. He puts on a performance in place of a violinist who gives a solo performance to William alone. The New Neighbour - William discovers the bell system of the next door house and uses it to plague and finally drive away an objectionable new neighbour.

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William and the Princess Goldilocks — The leading lady of the pantomime proves not so attractive when William sees her without make-up at a local hotel. Their Good Resolution - Determined to fulfil their new resolution to rescue someone the Outlaws split into teams of two. For a change Henry and Douglas have the last laugh over William and Ginger. A Little Affair of Rivalry - Victor Jameson and William try at first to help their brothers win the affections of the new girl who has come into their lives. Later they reverse their policy and try to ensure that their brothers fail in their courtship.

William — the Gangster This is the sixteenth of the 39 William books. There are seven short stories in this volume. William and the real Laurence — William pretends to be a boy who is visiting his godmother for the first time since he was a baby. Miss Milton is convinced that Laurence is really William Brown. The Plan that Failed — William tries to get a tip from his aunt but only succeeds in getting into trouble over the matter of two pedigree cats.

William and the Russian Prince — Robert is invited to the local big house for a social cricket week and William succeeds in winning him the affection of the lovely but simple Belinda by pretending his brother is a Russian prince in disguise. William The Detective This is the seventeenth of the 39 William books. William and the Campers — William brings together some discontented campers and the proprietors of a guest house who lack customers.

William the Invisible — William pretends to be invisible and, covered in mud and grass, blunders into a garden party. William the Conspirator — Hoping to re-enact the Cato Street Conspiracy the Outlaws kidnap a governor of their school but he is merely glad to have found a suitable house to rent. William the Rat Lover - William organises treats for rats to match the efforts of the local bird society.

The rats remember him long after the treat is over and follow William to a fancy dress party where he wins as the Pied Piper. William and the Tablet - William sets out to clean the chimneys of the Hall but gets stuck. Later he is considered ideal for the tableau that the Pennymans are putting on. Isaacs out of his sweet shop, However, they catch a burglar instead.

William and the League of Perfect Love — Mrs. Bott is drawn in once again by the titled people who want to run an organisation that is kind to all animals. William the Persian - William disguises himself as a Persian boy in order not to disappoint Miss Cliff. He accidentally knocks something over as he runs away and solves all her problems. Unfortunately Robert is there all the time paying his courtship to one of his usual maidens.

A Present from William - A stuffed cat called Pluto yields a fortune that allows the Outlaws to buy their mothers the Christmas presents they planned. Sweet William This is the eighteenth of the 39 William books. There are six short stories in this volume. William and the Perfect Child — William reduces the perfect child to a happy mess by giving her a ride on a horse that he and the outlaws have appropriated, 3. William Helps the Cause — William decides to get himself kidnapped and Robert, fearing a promissory note, pays his ransom.

William and the Bugle — William goes on a trip to a stately home and has a bugle confiscated. By a cunning plan he gets it back again. William the Dictator This is the twentieth of the 39 William books. Because Lucinda wants Ralph to pay attention to her she gets William to try to beat him up 2. Agnes Matilda Comes to Stay - A sickly girl is transformed back into rude health after an afternoon with the Outlaws. William and the Ebony Hair-Brush - Robert gets implicated in a robbery when William swaps hair-brushes without telling anyone.

The table-cloth is not an idea that really appeals to them. The Holewood Bequest — When William brings together an excited Alsatian and a nervous rat the chaos actually leads to the uncovering a valuable work of art. William and the Old Man in the Fog - After listening credulously to a fortune-teller William leads everyone in the village to believe that Robert is about to come into a legacy.

Robert puts his rise in popularity down to a book he has recently read. William and the A. This is the twenty-first of the 39 William books. There are nine short stories in this volume. Portrait of William — William is drawn by an artist who has been commissioned to paint the absent Freddie. Farmer Jenks is determined to have him put down but a second dog manages to come to the rescue. William and the Vanishing Luck — A vase that is wanted by Ethel to placate a visiting relation has been given away.

She foolishly employs William to get it back. William and the Begging Letter — Robert and William are both caused trouble by begging letters. William and the Evacuees This is the twenty-second of the 39 William books. There are eight short stories in this volume. William and the Evacuees — Tired of seeing the evacuees getting spoiled the local village children demand that William gets them evacuated too. William manages this to the horror of all the local parents.

Just William? Richmal Crompton and Conservative Fiction*

William Tries the Films — William paints himself green and tries to join the film industry. However, all he succeeds in doing is driving the arrangers of the local pageant to another venue. William and the Unfair Sex —At the seaside William tries to help two quarrelling girls put together a collection of sea-shells to impress their teacher.

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Fortunately Mrs. However, an extraordinary turn of events results in William basking in his reflected glory after all. Robert is suitably grateful for a change. William Gets His Own Back — A temporary truce breaks out between the Outlaws and the Hubert Laneites when they have to fight an older gang of outsiders. However, the obnoxious Queenie betrays William to the enemy.

By good fortune William and Ginger help to expose an insurance fraud.. William The Bold This is the twenty-seventh of the 39 William books. Fortunately mumps intervene. William — The Bold — William decides to lead a rebellion and he is commanded by his supporters to capture a representative of the government.

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He succeeds in imprisoning the Chief Constable in the house of a black marketer who has been paying attentions to Ethel. William and the Brown Check Sports Coat — William and the Outlaws have several adventures including one with General Moult when William foolishly gives away a brown check sport coat belonging to Robert. A Witch in Time - William succeeds in driving out the tenant next door so that little Joan and her family can move back in.

His efforts involve two cats and a woman who believes his stories that there is occult work in hand in the village. The Battle of Flowers — With the unexpected help of Violet Elizabeth William and the Outlaws succeeds in capturing Hubert and his gang for his victory parade. William and the Four-Forty — Due to a misunderstanding William stops the local train and is blackmailed by Hubert until a tea party with Robert makes events take an unexpected turn for the better for both brothers. Cats and White Elephants — William lets another cat escape and steals a pepper pot for Archie.

William and the Moon Rocket- William and Ginger come across a moon rocket that is about to be delivered to a fair. They discover that the delivery driver has a sideline in cigarette thefts. William and the New Game —William and the Outlaws play the new game of parliaments in the house of a little girl who is playing the new game of owning a house. However, Mr.

Vastop invents a lurid tale when he believes his house was invaded by burglars. Archie on the Run - William overhears Archie declare that he is a criminal and has to flee the country. He arranges transport which delivers Archie and his sculpture to the Drama Society party which makes Archie a hero. William and Little Yubear — William continues his long-running adventure story and gets to act out some parts with a little girl and with Hubert Lane.

Just William 1976 S01e08 William And The Wonderful Present

William the New Elizabethan — The Outlaws decide to dig down to a new country but actually unearth some treasure that was lost during the war. William and the Over-Ten Club - William organises an over-ten club to match the over sixty club. A lucky accident put him and his followers in the right place at the right time for a fabulous feast.

William and the Space Animal This is the thirtieth of the 39 William books. There are five short stories in this volume. William and the Space Animal — The Outlaws have trouble with a baby and with a boy dressed in a griffon costume. William Goes for a Nice Little Walk — William encounters an Indian carrying a monkey in a basket and then later is responsible for the uncovering of a valuable legal document about a right of way.

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William — the Tree-Dweller — William and Ginger witness an attempted insurance fraud when they attempt to become tree-dwellers. Bott join a committee and Robert to get a piece of land for a tennis court. This is the thirty third of the 39 William books. Robert discovers that a letter gone astray actually saves him from a situation he was trying to avoid. This proves to have been Violet Elizabeth up a tree in her dancing costume. William and the Cottage — William is trusted by Archie Mannister to help let his cottage.

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