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Backyard Putting Green in Artificial Grass

Building your home golf green with either material has its benefits, depending on your exact needs for playing style, costs and maintenance. As mentioned earlier, a true grass putting green offers you everything that a commercial course does: the natural beauty, the feel of the roll and simply the feeling of legitimacy for your backyard. However, another benefit that some may overlook is the pride that you feel when taking care of your own green. Though some may believe it to be a negative, if you have the luxury of time and a passion for greenery, you are able to get the satisfaction of mowing, grooming, shaping and caring for your own personal green.

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A definitely plus for anybody that is a fan of gardening, you will be able to show off your lush green putting area to your friends and family. Plus, the natural look is a great addition to any backyard! This allows you to put as you please, without ever having to worry about working on the area. Secondly, the synthetic design offers the perfect roll every time, without any annoying bumps or damaged spots interrupting your put.

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Finally, the durability of a home synthetic putting green cannot be questioned. What the natural grass provides in majesty, it lacks in ease-of-care. For those who are not fans of gardening, the constant cutting, rolling, aerating and auxiliary maintenance that is required every week may quickly become irritating. Also, the necessary tools and chemicals required can be a hassle to find and the costs quickly add up.

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Although the initial investment is smaller, it can cost more in the long-run depending on the climate and upkeep. Is the artificial grass cost really worth it? The cost justifies itself because the high-quality artificial turf options available at SGC. It is designed to last for many, many years.

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We are one of the best in the market due to our great line of products, our follow-up service for your project accuracy and indisputable dedication to customer service. This is an investment your guaranteed to enjoy. All things considered, old boring backyard areas are almost a thing of the past and with the market getting more and more competitive SGC is has the best prices, and selection of colors for all your artificial turf needs.

Michigan Golf Greens and Artificial Turf Installations

If you'd like a free sample or just have a question, please fill out the information below. We like to help and promise we'll get back to you as soon as possible! Need more help? If you want to exchange with an agent please fill in the form below. What is the first step in building my own Backyard Putting Green?

Part of the planning is asking yourself the necessary questions, like: — Where is it going to go? How long does it take to build a backyard putting green? What type of maintenance will my artificial grass require?

Building your own private little one-hole golf course

Check them out here Is the artificial grass cost really worth it? Download WordPress Themes Free. The sensational end product was the result of two-plus years of trial-and-error by Pelz, leaving no stone unturned to uncover the most realistic and fun design for his backyard as scientifically possible. The seed for the Pelz backyard was in many ways planted when he lived in the Washington D.

Backyard Putting Greens (Artificial vs. Real Grass)

Now living in the Texas Hill Country, by creating this backyard oasis, Pelz doesn't have to choose between spending time at home with the family and getting in meaningful practice. Wealthy golfers have been building backyard golf setups on their estates for awhile now.

“How To Build A Putting Green in 2 Days!” – Part 1

In the most lavish cases, it's an entirely private 18 holes. Other setups, like Tiger Woods' 3. These examples that use grass turf and take up a lot of acres aren't very realistic for the vast majority of us, which is a big reason why indoor golf simulators — with five-figure price tags, not seven — have become a popular option in recent years. But Pelz is famously known for his short-game obsession, which simply can't be simulated effectively indoors. So for him, and possibly you, the backyard playground is a no-brainer.

Can you build something like Pelz's setup in your backyard? Chances are, you don't have the cash or the vast acreage Pelz also has a practice tee where he can bomb full drivers deep into his ranch land. But you can use certain elements and piggyback off his many years of research to build the most effective green possible.

The real genius of the Pelz backyard setup is that the golf is so harmoniously interwoven with everything else, so that when grandkids or friends are over, some could be hitting shots, others may be in the pool or tossing a football. Golf is a much easier sell when it quite literally takes zero effort to get a club in a kid's hand.

Dave Pelz's SynLawn turf is a very durable nylon that comes with a year warranty, but he expects his yard to last 20 years, and that's with what he estimates have been about , shots played on it in its first 6-plus years. As for upkeep, there isn't much. Depending on the amount of canopy you have in your yard, you'll have to blow leaves and trimmings off the surface. An optional, annual "power-brooming" service is available. But wait, what if I want real grass? The simplest answer is that unless you plan on hiring a reliable maintenance person and invest in the necessary equipment , there's no way you're going to be able to have the knowledge nor the time to keep up with the demands required to maintain healthy turf.

Frankly, an industry-grade greens mower may very well cost you more than an elaborate synthetic turf setup. How much space do you need? Space requirements aside, the next challenge, as is the case with any major home addition, is to design and construct something that will last and be used. By looking at how Pelz built his backyard, we can learn a few dos and don'ts.

For starters, you can tell that great lengths were made to hide any seams, which can really drag down authenticity, at least to the eye.