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Calling on Dragons

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Explain and give several examples. Choose three different characters and find an example from the story that shows how this character goes against tradition or a stereotype. Cimorene gets pulled into the battle of the wizards against the dragons. What are the wizards planning, and how does Cimorene end up foiling their plans?

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Tell about the contest for choosing the next King of the Dragons. There was a plot to cheat in the contest. Who was involved in the plot and what did they do? How did Cimerone and her friends foil the plot? Give three examples of a character or situation from another fairy tale that ends up in this story.

How is each character or situation different from the original? The wizards are back and have a new evil plot.

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Imagine you can overhear Antorell talking to his fellow wizards about his evil plot to take over the Enchanted Forest. What kind of speech would he give outlining his twisted plot? The story is full of new unique and crazy minor characters. Book 3 Calling on dragons --Calling on dragons is all about magic, sometimes magic gone haywire. Enchanted Forest Chronicles. Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files.

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Readaloud: "Dealing With Dragons," Chapter 3/15

Insert a link to a new page. No images or files uploaded yet. This time, the dastardly wizards have stolen King Mendanbar's magic sword, vital to the health of the forest, right out of the castle armory. Morwen joins Cimorene, Kazul, Telemain, several cats, and Killer on a quest to retrieve the sword. Meanwhile, back at home, the forces of the wizards are gathering.

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What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you? Better performances.

See a Problem?

This is Cathy Dobson level bad. The main characters sound like snotty, know-it-all 8 year olds in adult bodies, and the animal voices are a poor impression of cartoonish. I kept cheering for them to get better at it as the performance went on, in the way of the amateur audiobook readers on Youtube, but no such luck.

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  7. How could the performance have been better? If any book series is screaming for a re-record with a professional audiobook narrator, this is it. What would have made Calling on Dragons better? I read these books 20 years ago, and having them done by a full cast was a dream come true for the first book. The second book was alright, though I thought Telemain was a bit off, but I chalked it up to personal interpretation. But this book All of the animal characters are terrible, the most obvious being Killer and Fiddlesticks.

    So very off-putting. This is the audiobook that made me a fan of audiobooks. Everyone I recommend it to loves it whether 6 or This is my favorite book in the series to listen to, particularly because the cats and the rabbit-turned-donkey are so well voiced. With a full cast adding amazing texture to the already-funny narrative, I give this 5 stars. I'm sorry. I'm VERY disappointed about the ending. This book has a seriously huge one and in addition, what Mendenbar misses out on is infuriating.

    Description from Houghton Mifflin

    I honestly don't know that I can listen to the last book I'm so angry. It's a decent enough story, and amusing. However, "Killer" just whines too much of the story for me. It bogs it down and gets annoying.