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Antiparasitics are one of the antimicrobial drugs which include antibiotics that target bacteria , and antifungals that target fungi. They may be administered orally , intravenously or topically. Broad-Spectrum antiparasitics, analogous to broad-spectrum antibiotics for bacteria, are antiparasitic drugs with efficacy in treating a wide range of parasitic infections caused by parasites from different classes. Antiparasitics treat parasitic diseases, which impact an estimated 2 billion people. Antiparastics may be given via a variety of routes depending on the specific medication, including oral, topical, and intravenous.

Resistance to antiparasitics has been growing concern, especially in veterinary medicine. The Egg hatch assay can be used to determine whether a parasite causing an infection has become resistant to standard drug treatments. Early antiparasitics were ineffective, frequently toxic to patients, and difficult to administer due to the difficulty in distinguishing between the host and the parasite. Between and only 13 of 1, new drugs were antiparasitics, which raised concerns that insufficient incentives existed to drive development of new treatments for diseases that disproportionately target low-income countries.

Between and , twenty new antiparasitic agents were developed or in development. In the last decades, triazolopyrimidines and their metal complexes have been looked at as an alternative drug to the exisisting commercial antimonials, searching for a decrease in side effects and the development of parasite drug resistance. Chagas disease : nitroimidazole Benznidazole.

Chemotherapy of Parasitic Diseases

Pentavalent antimonials Meglumine antimoniate , Sodium stibogluconate. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: List of human parasitic diseases. Main article: Antiprotozoal. Main article: Antihelminthic. Mayo Clin. Spectrochim Acta a Mol Biomol Spectrosc. Bibcode : AcSpA.

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You'll never again pass a worm if you eat a fistful of dulse first thing in the morning and last thing at night. By chemotherapy we now mean simply the treatment of disease by drugs the word medicines has unhappily been eclipsed. The distinction made between chemotherapy and non- chemical therapy e.

The present work thus deals with drugs and their use in parasitic disease.

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