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Achieving this competence and control is in itself a reward. I enjoyed reading this book and felt it opened my mind to similarities and differences between adult and child perspectives, as well as to the vital importance of pre-school education and experience in preparing a child for life long learning.

In many ways, Donaldson was ahead of her time and the results of her experiments match many later findings about the construction of neural pathways in the brain during early childhood particularly the years and how these effect a child in terms of learning and emotional responses. In this concise and brilliantly readable book, Margaret Donaldson shows that context is key when it comes to the development of language and thought, and how the right support can ensure children are skilled in these areas before they even start school.

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'Children's Minds' by Margaret Donaldson (Summary) by buffalo | Teaching Resources

Given a setting and a language that makes sense to them in human terms, very young children can perform tasks often thought to be beyond them. The preschool child learns everything in a human situation.

Only in school is he asked to acquire skills—reading, writing, arithmetic—isolated from a real-life context. This transition is difficult. The author suggests a range of strategies that parents and schools can adopt to help children.

“Children’s Minds” by Margaret Donaldson: A Book Review

She argues that reading is even more important than we have thought it to be, since learning to read ca actually speed children through the crucial transition. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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