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Molecular Cell 25 , — Wulf, G. Phosphorylation-specific prolyl isomerization: is there an underlying theme? Nature Cell Biology 7 , — Brazin, K. Regulation of the tyrosine kinase itk by the peptidyl-prolyl isomerase cyclophilin A. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 99 , — Xia, J. Molecular dynamics of the proline switch and its role in Crk signaling. Journal of Physical Chemistry B , — Lu, K. Prolyl cis-trans isomerization as a molecular timer.

Nature Chemical Biology 3 , — Min, L. A case study of proline isomerization in cell signaling. Front Biosci 10 , — Pinning down proline-directed phosphorylation signaling. Trends in Cell Biology 12 , — The prolyl isomerase PIN1: a pivotal new twist in phosphorylation signalling and disease.

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Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 8 , — Yeh, E. A signalling pathway controlling c-Myc degradation that impacts oncogenic transformation of human cells. Nature Cell Biology 6 , — Lummis, S. Cis—trans isomerization at a proline opens the pore of a neurotransmitter-gated ion channel. Nature , — Melis, C. Trans- cis switching mechanisms in proline analogues and their relevance for the gating of the 5-HT3 receptor. Pastorino, L. Wu, X. The Ess1 prolyl isomerase is linked to chromatin remodeling complexes and the general transcription machinery.

EMBO Journal 19 , — Nelson, C. Proline isomerization of histone h3 regulates lysine methylation and gene expression. Cell , — Eckert, B. Prolyl isomerization as a molecular timer in phage infection. Nature Structural Molecular Biology 12 , — Mantovani, F. Interaction of p53 with prolyl isomerases: Healthy and unhealthy relationships.

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Wang, L. A conserved proline switch on the ribosome facilitates the recruitment and binding of trGTPases. Nature Structural Molecular Biology 19 , — Vogel, M. Allosteric regulation of Hsp70 chaperones by a proline switch. Molecular cell 21 , — Takahashi, K. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 65 , — Suizu, F. Pin1 regulates centrosome duplication, and its overexpression induces centrosome amplification, chromosome instability, and oncogenesis. Molecular and Cellular Biology 26 , — Eakin, C. A native to amyloidogenic transition regulated by a backbone trigger.

Nature Structural Molecular Biology 13 , — Torbeev, V. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , — De, S. Complete thermodynamic and kinetic characterization of the isomer-specific interaction between Pin1-WW domain and the amyloid precursor protein cytoplasmic tail phosphorylated at Thr Biochemistry 51 , — Cheng, H. Cis-trans equilibrium and kinetic studies of acetyl-l-proline and glycyl-l-proline.


Biopolymers 16 , — Grathwohl, C. NMR studies of the rates of proline cis—trans isomerization in oligopeptides. Biopolymers 20 , — Schmid, F. Acid catalysis of the formation of the slow-folding species of rnase A: evidence that the reaction is proline isomerization. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 75 , — Brandts, J.

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Consideration of the possibility that the slow step in protein denaturation reactions is due to cis-trans isomerism of proline residues. Biochemistry 14 , — Kofron, J. Determination of kinetic constants for peptidyl prolyl cis-trans isomerases by an improved spectrophotometric assay. Biochemistry 30 , — Kern, D.

Biochemistry 34 , — Orozco, M. Mechanism for the rotamase activity of FK binding protein from molecular dynamics simulations. Biochemistry 32 , — Trzesniak, D. Catalytic mechanism of cyclophilin as observed in molecular dynamics simulations: Pathway prediction and reconciliation of X-ray crystallographic and NMR solution data. Protein Science 15 , — Barman, A. Cysteine-mediated dynamic hydrogen-bonding network in the active site of Pin1.

The mechanism of cis-trans isomerization of prolyl peptides by cyclophilin.

Biochemistry 53 , — Di Martino, G. Mechanistic insights into Pin1 peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerization from umbrella sampling simulations. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 82 , — Zhan, Y. The cis conformation of proline leads to weaker binding of a p53 peptide to MDM2 compared to trans. Archives of biochemistry and biophysics , 22—29 How does Pin1 catalyze the cis-trans prolyl peptide bond isomerization? Li, G. What is so special about Arg 55 in the catalysis of cyclophilin A? Journal of the American Chemical Society , — Yonezawa, Y.

Chen, J. On the cis to trans isomerization of prolyl—peptide bonds under tension. Faller, C. Peptide backbone sampling convergence with the adaptive biasing force algorithm. Multicanonical molecular dynamics simulations combined with metadynamics for the free energy landscape of a biomolecular system with high energy barriers. Chemical Physics Letters , — Doshi, U. Reoptimization of the AMBER force field parameters for peptide bond omega torsions using accelerated molecular dynamics. Hamelberg, D. Wu, M.

Journal of Chemical Physics , — Pierson, N. Number of solution states of bradykinin from ion mobility and mass spectrometry measurements. Cis—trans isomerizations of proline residues are key to bradykinin conformations. Laio, A. Escaping free-energy minima. Fischer, S. Cis-trans imide isomerization of the proline dipeptide. For example, consider 1,2-dimethylcyclohexane. The methyl groups are both "up" — on the same side of the ring or cis.

So 1,2-dimethylhexane exists as a pair of cis-trans isomers. Related questions Why are trans alkenes more stable than cis alkenes? Are cis and trans isomers examples of diastereomers?

What are cis and trans isomers?

What are the nomenclature rules to assign cis or trans prefixes? How can I draw cis and trans isomers? Why is cis and trans nomenclature important in organic chemistry? His research interests include the synthesis of nonnatural amino acids, pseudopeptides, peptidomimetics, and radiolabeling of peptides and proteins with tritium technetium and other radioisotopes.

Table of contents I. Preface 1. Nomenclature C. Dugave 2. Dugave 3. Koyoma, Y. Kakitani, H. Nagae 4. Retinal Binding Proteins I. Kandori 5. Non-Retinal Chromophoric Proteins M.