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There is nothing to the world but pale, gaunt faces and grasping hands. They have my arms, my collar, my hair. It had been another rough night. It led to one of those mornings that felt like hell from the first moment of consciousness, and he tried to push coherent thought away one last time even as he buried himself back down into the pillow. The alarm had gone off early. Just enough to make the day bearable. Someone, the rental company or a previous tenant or just a cheap repairman, had replaced it with a line of blue plastic crystals.

The crystals were just light enough to catch the subtle motion of the fan.


The long strand built up momentum after a while and began to spin in an arc. The arc lifted the top two crystals high enough to scratch at the side of the fan. Again and again. The noise was loud in the quiet apartment. For a man trying to get back to sleep for a few precious minutes it was like Chinese water torture. Sep 13, Koeur rated it it was ok. Peter Clines Ex-Heroes has quickly become one my favorite series in recent years. The Ex-Heroes series takes place in a world ravaged by a tide of undead referred to in the series as ex-humans where the last vestiges of humanity in the Los Angeles area are defended by a group of superheroes.

Throughout the series Clines has done an excellent job of creating heroes who feel similar to more familiar c Peter Clines Ex-Heroes has quickly become one my favorite series in recent years. Throughout the series Clines has done an excellent job of creating heroes who feel similar to more familiar comic book heroes while maintaining enough originality to let them stand on their own. Ex-Purgatory shakes things up a bit with a bit of a cold open. Readers are introduced to a young girl in the midst of a therapy session as she discusses with her doctor the fact that every night she dreams of a world full of zombies and heroes; a world that she insists is real.

Immediately after readers are thrust into the life of George Bailey, who series regulars will immediately recognize as St. It is a clever play, clever enough to make even me wonder if what we had read before in the previous novels was reality or dream. Where previous novels used flashbacks to flesh out the back-story of the characters the device always felt a bit cumbersome to me as the action and story in the present always seemed far more interesting.

By casting the heroes in something a mystery while allowing characters appear and act as they did before the zombie apocalypse we get an inside glimpse, at least o a certain extent, of who they were in the past. Clines takes an interesting mystery and uses it to really up the ante on character development for many of the heroes. As usual the audiobook version of Ex-Purgatory is absolutely phenomenal.

Where previous books in the series have offered multiple narrators seriously enhancing the novels by providing distinct voices for different character perspectives. With the bulk of the narrative belonging to St. George this manages to work out well. While I hope to see a return to multiple narrators in future volumes Snyder is skilled enough that he can carry the book on his own. This series has gotten consistently better with each offering and Ex-Purgatory continues that trend.

While the market for zombie fiction has become over-saturated Clines has crafted believable and fascinating characters in an interesting as world. By grounding those characters in a specific place, The Mount, Clines has manages to really create what feels like a living breathing post-apocalyptic society. The strong sense of place allows Clines to explore his characters in detail without sacrificing action and excitement. Clines has consistently managed to one-up himself and Ex-Purgatory only leaves me hungry for more adventures in this world. Apr 14, Travis Starnes rated it really liked it.

If you have read the previous volumes in this series then this book has an interesting opening that should keep you riveted. To be fair this clearly was not intended to be a place for new readers to pick up the series and the book makes no qualms about it. There are really two ways you can go with a series, the stand alone approach where each book resents for new readers and each installment works unto itself or the episodic approach where each title builds on what came before it.

Clines clearly went for the second approach and looking in hindsight, having figured out what is happening and gotten past my confusion, it really works for him.

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I can see how someone who is familiar with the series would be really into the early story. What this book did, besides giving some really good plot twists at the end and leaving me with an enjoyable experience, was make me go pick up the earlier titles in the book. I would not recommend reading this series out of order, but I totally recommend just reading this series. You will have a really good story to read when you hit this book. Oct 28, Nay rated it it was amazing. Zombies meet superheroes in this apocalyptic romp through Los Angeles.

Another great addition to the Ex- series by Peter Clines. We left the heroes at the end of Ex-Communication, after they had beaten Cairax Murrain, the demon zombie brought to life by sorcerer Max Hale. In the opening of Ex-Purgatory however, we meet university caretaker George Bailey, living out his day to day life in zombie free LA. But why is he having mysterious dreams that feel like reality, why do people on campus have t Zombies meet superheroes in this apocalyptic romp through Los Angeles.

But why is he having mysterious dreams that feel like reality, why do people on campus have the strange look of death, and who is the girl in the wheelchair who knows more about him than he does? Slowly his life is ripped open at the seams, from which the zombies crawl through and attack. The heroes are left wondering what is real, and what isn't, who is behind it all, and will they make it out alive, or will this be their last adventure in the Mount? I love these books so much, I have them on my Kindle AND in hard copy, and I've even bought the first 3 books as presents for friends.

You can pre-order Ex-Purgatory on Amazon. Dec 15, Trae Brookins rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi. Cline's Ex- series continues to thrill. Zombies can get boring Walking Dead the comics just seems to be shambling on. With each novel he's done something a little different. So far, occult horror, nanotechnology, mind-control, genetic engineering My great hope is that 4.

My great hope is that alien technologies will show up next! Dec 10, Charles McDougald rated it really liked it. I love this series so much! When I received a surprise of an advance readers copy of this book I was stoked.

Peter Clines

I read it in less than three days which for me is quite a feat. It did not disappoint. Only problem with getting it early is now I have to wait just that much longer for the next installment. Feb 05, Eric rated it liked it Shelves: superhero-fiction , That's not an Ex-spoiler, man. It's right there in the Ex-book's Ex-title.

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View all 7 comments. Sep 09, Jonathan Yanez rated it liked it. This is the first book in the series I didn't love. I felt like there was filler in the text for the sake of word count instead of progressing the story. Jan 28, Kenneth Geary rated it really liked it. Probably my least favorite in the series but still a good read. Apr 06, Lil rated it liked it. I love this series and was totally digging this book for the first part, but then it got pretty repetitive and draggy. Not sure if I'll pick up the 5th book. Jan 08, Karissa rated it really liked it.

I got a copy of this book to review through NetGalley. Thanks to Broadway Books and NetGalley for a chance to read this book. This is the 4th book in the Ex-Heroes series. I enjoyed this book, it took a different direction than some of the other books in the series and was an intriguing read. George Bailey is a normal handyman who struggles to make ends meet, and when he sleeps he dreams of zombies and of being a superhero.

Chapter Analysis of Ex-Purgatory

Then George starts to see parts of his dream slipping into real life. He starts to meet people in his current life who have the same types of dreams that he does.

The ORIGIN of Brian Pulido's PURGATORI

As the reality that George thinks he knows merges with the one from his dreams, everything goes to Hell. When I reviewed the previous 3rd book in this series I complained a bit about the fact that all these book were starting to feel a little bit the same. Well this book definitely changes that, it was really really different from any of the other books in the series. In fact it is so different that the beginning was a bit confusing until you start to figure out what is going on.

George wakes up, does his job, and then does it all over again day after day Then he starts to notice anomalies…. Then things really get strange The way the mystery is unfolded in this book is masterfully done. I loved watched as the anomalies start piling on top of each other It was also fun to watch all of the characters from the previous books re-meet each other. In some ways this book gives us an excellent glimpse into the backgrounds of all of these characters.

It was fascinating to watch it all unfold. There really isn't much action or superhero-ness until the last part of the book.

Review: Ex-Purgatory by Peter Clines

The beginning was slower paced than previous books. Things wrap up nicely at the end of the book and I enjoyed it. IMDb More. Read on for the details. The first two books in Clines' Ex- series were published by a small Pod publisher, but it developed such a huge cult following that now Random House is publishing the fourth novel! We'll be posting an excerpt from Ex-Purgatory and kicking off a giveaway in the new year, but in the meantime to whet your appetites, here are the synopsis and pre-order info.

Five days a week he coaxes his old Hyundai to life, curses the Los Angeles traffic, and clocks in at his job as a handyman at the local college.

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  • But when he sleeps, George dreams of something more. George dreams of flying. He dreams of fighting monsters. Clear your history.