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Essential for your family history research As well as the world's most comprehensive collection of parish records we have a number of exclusive data sets for you to explore, including: The official online home of the Register, a unique census-like snapshot of civilian life on the eve of war — vital for uncovering your family's wartime history. The world's biggest archive of British and Irish newspapers, with over titles covering every county in Great Britain and Ireland , to add color to your research and bring your ancestors to life. The largest Irish record collection in the world, with more than twice as many records as our nearest competitor.

If you're serious about Irish family history, these records are a must. More British military service and pension records than anyone else , covering all three branches of the British Armed Forces, with service records dating back to — some of the most detailed documents you'll find. Expert advice when you need it We're here to support you every step of the way. Have you hit a brick wall with your family research?

Visit our blog for expert tips and advice to help get you moving again. Subscribe now to access our records - plus new releases every week. British and Irish success stories Thousands of people have not just found their British and Irish ancestors with us, they've got to know them too. It was especially felt when the break with Rome led to first Lutheran and then Calvinist Protestantism putting down roots in England, especially in the larger towns and in the south and east of the kingdom.

The Church of England also covered Wales; in Ireland, however, it was confined to the English settler population. Scotland had its own separate Presbyterian i. Calvinist Church. Under the Tudors, England developed as a highly successful state, with its government heavily centralised on London, which provided close links to the continent. The Tudor period also saw the growth of the power of the English parliament and a closer, more interdependent relationship between England and Scotland.

Elizabeth managed to avoid a serious clash with parliament but when she died childless in , the throne of England passed to the Stuart king of Scotland, James VI, who thereby became King James I of England. This English Civil War was part of a wider conflict that included a religious civil war in Scotland and a major Catholic rebellion in Ireland. Cromwell also forced through a union with Scotland and imposed his control on Ireland by brute force.

Irish War of Independence in 12 Minutes

However, after he died in there was a power vacuum that was eventually filled by the restoration of the monarchy, in the person of King Charles II. This relatively smooth English coup had to be imposed on Ireland and the Scottish highlands by brute force. Catholic Ireland was punished for its support for King James by being kept in perpetual poverty. However, when Scotland also fell into financial collapse, thanks to the failure of its scheme to establish a colony at Darien in Central America, it sought rescue in through an Act and Treaty of Union with the much wealthier and more prosperous English state.

As mechanised industrial production began to dominate the British economy in the 19th century, this new British state rapidly became the wealthiest and most powerful nation on the planet. Industrial England remained by far the largest, most heavily populated and wealthiest part of the kingdom, though that did not stop the Victorians from encouraging a heavily idealised image of a rural England of picturesque country villages.

The main challenge to the unity of the kingdom came from Irish nationalism, which was eventually able to take advantage of the situation at the end of the First World War in , to stage a successful war of independence [fought —21]; six northern counties in Ulster, however, opted to remain part of the United Kingdom. Well done. Not dull. Dec 20, Jared Anderson rated it really liked it.

This book did a fantastic job at thoroughly informing the reader of the various facets of Britain and Ireland. It did so wonderfully through visual images and interesting commentary. It splits it up into different eras. While parts were a little dense and less interesting to me personally, it was still very diverse in what it covered.

I'd suggest this book to any Anglophile. Prettily laid out.

Bibliography of British and Irish History - RHS

Pity it was essentially a history of England which occasionally remembered to include Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Didn't really seem to put any effort into anything that wasn't English-related as well, as this book made some base errors with regards to some Scottish history. I can only imagine it was as careless with Welsh and Irish history - the very little parts which were included.

Not reliable, and definitely would not recommend. Dec 16, Douglas Koehne rated it it was amazing Shelves: history-british , dk-reference , 5-star-best-books-read. I just love DK visual guides. I have about 20 or so and pretty much will buy anything they publish in this format.

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Some of them are more reference type of books to pick and choose what parts to read or skim through, while others just pull you in and you really want to read every page and look at every picture. I've always been fascinated with English history and this book is a great summary of almost every important event over the past years plus.

There is not a lot of analysis - but this i I just love DK visual guides. There is not a lot of analysis - but this isn't the format for that type of information. It basically reads as a history timeline focusing on important events, people, items, discoveries, and places to tell the remarkable and complex history of the British isles.

I'll be reading a few books over the next couple of years to get the analysis that is so important as well. I know when I'm reading through those books I'll go back to refresh and contextualize some of that information with this book. Thorough, visually beautiful, and just an enormous amount of information makes this book a great read for someone interested in British history. Dec 09, Jason Walker rated it really liked it.

Regardless of what people think in the age of Google and Yahoo! Here in a single volume is a unique timeline of the people, places and things that make up the history of the islands. The art work is astounding and the anecdotal pieces support the narrative telling a story over almost 3, years.

An imperial project

This is, as my Scottish friends would say, a "brilliant" book. They may not like Regardless of what people think in the age of Google and Yahoo! They may not like the first part of the book however. Jun 27, Eric rated it really liked it Shelves: history.

Neighbours across the sea: A brief history of Anglo-Irish relations

Excellent primer for our anniversary trip to England and Wales. Learned enough to feel confident about what we were seeing over there, though probably not enough to make me not sound like an idiot whenever I tried talking to Brits about history. May 16, Dominic Couture rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. I love this book. There are so many vivid, beautiful images in it. Apart from Cambridge University Press and Jessica Kingsley Publisher, DK is my third favourite publishing house because they make up such beautiful books!

I received this book as a gift, and have always enjoyed it! This book is probably my favorite reference book.