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International economics deals with the economic activities of various countries and their consequences.

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In other words, international economics is a field concerned with economic interactions of countries and effect of international issues on the world economic activity. International trade involves the exchange of goods or services and other factors of production, such as labor and capital, across international borders.

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On the other hand, international finance studies the flow of financial assets or investment across borders. International trade and finance became possible across nations only due to the emergence of globalization.

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Globalization can be defined as an integration of economics all over the world. It involves an exchange of technological, economic, and political factors across nations due to advancement in communication, transportation, and infrastructure systems. With the advent of globalization, there is a rapid increase in the free flow of goods and services, capital, labor and finance between nations. The consequences of globalization can be negative or positive.

For example, globalization has led to increase in employment opportunities and standardization of international economic laws and policies. In addition, it has also resulted in reduction in trade barriers, such as tariffs and quotas.

International economics

However, globalization has marked an increase in international competition, which results in decrease in the market share of organizations. Therefore, the repercussions of globalization are important for organizations, irrespective of whether they are indulged in international trade or not. International economics refers to a study of international forces that influence the domestic conditions of an economy and shape the economic relationship between countries. In other words, it studies the economic interdependence between countries and its effects on economy.

The scope of international economics is wide as it includes various concepts, such as globalization, gains from trade, pattern of trade, balance of payments, and FDI. Apart from this, international economics describes production, trade, and investment between countries. Application Portal.

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Bachelor Degree Certificate in Business Administration, Economics or related fields with a final grade of at least 2. The final grades of international applicants will be converted into the German grading system and therefore also be subject to this rule. Complete Transcript of Records with a final grade or calculated grade average.

The transcript should prove that the applicant has solid intermediate knowledge in.

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Please provide us with a letter of motivation explaining your reasons for applying for this degree and outlining your qualifications for it. Kindly limit yourself to one page, the letter may be composed either in English or in German. Further documents proving specific qualifications relevant to the desired course of study may be submitted. Examples of these additional documents are, among others, proof of additional foreign language skills, results of standardized tests specific to the fields of Business and Economics such as GRE or GMAT and certificates of participation in summer schools or research projects that are not documented in the applicant's academic transcript.

Note: It is not compulsory to send reference letters. However, if you wish to hand in reference letters, you can do so voluntarily. Please note that we as the academic advisory team are not in a position to provide accurate information regarding the recognition of international degrees in Germany. These matters are handled by our central Student Affairs Office Advising and Admission of International Students who can provide information about the recognition of specific degrees as well as grade conversion.

Interviews After the admission committee has reviewed the applications they will invite the best candidates to take part in the next stage of the admission process, the interviews.

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  7. Invitations will be sent out via email at least three days before the interview and will state the day and the time of the interview. Please make sure that you regularly check your emails. International applicants may request to conduct the interview via Skype at the time assigned to them. Admitted candidates will receive an admission letter weeks after the interview. Student Fees The program is free of tuition fees for all EU residents, students are only obliged to pay a small administrational fee and a contribution to the student union to matriculate.

    For background information and for fee exemption options, please refer to the following link:. Tuition Fees. Program Coordinator Prof. Courses start in October. Course Language. For more detailed information about the modules, please see the Module Handbook. Deadline: Applications will be accepted between March 4 and May 15, via our application portal. Bachelor Degree Requirements.