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He begins with the lack of antiquities from the Herodian period in Bethlehem of Judea, which was the time around the birth of Jesus, a fact that is corroborated by the Israel Antiquities Authority. But Oshri took it much further, particularly once he began excavating in Bethlehem of the Galilee. He first heard from the locals that Jesus was born in the northern town, and not in the south. But Bethelehem of the Galilee and Nazareth and Tzippori are very close to each other. Oshri published his findings in the journal Archaeology in , two years after he completed the dig.

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He said that Protestants were open to it, but those who are more orthodox in their beliefs, such as Catholics and the Greek and Russian Orthodox, were not willing to accept his ideas. It was in Nazareth that Jesus was raised. It was in Nazareth that he likely attended synagogue and recited Torah and learned the words of Scripture. There is a sense in which the greatest gift the world has ever received, Jesus, was the gift of a rural community.

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It is an initiative that believes that those communities still have great gifts to give to the world and to the church. For some people, Nazareth and communities like it are just exits on the highway, undeveloped land, the boondocks, pretty pastorals on the way to somewhere else, or even just a field ed placement or a first appointment.

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But God loves Nazareth. As it is.

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And as it will be. And God cares about the suffering of Nazareth.


Nazareth and the rural communities it represents have gone through a time of great change and suffering over the past 60 years. Many rural communities and churches have failed to thrive for some or all of the above reasons.

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  • Rural Communities have been the ones who have borne the changes of industrialized agriculture, and as family farms have disappeared, rural communities have suffered for our insatiable appetite for cheap and highly processed food. Bad eating habits. Rural school systems, with their smaller local tax base, often have less funding available for schools than their urban and suburban counterparts.

    Was Jesus born in a different Bethlehem?

    Lack of economic resources. Rural Communities have been at the front-lines of the difficult issue of how to welcome the sojourner or foreigner in our midst. Rural counties have struggled with plagues of poverty and hunger; and many in rural areas have tried to address their spiritual emptiness with methamphetamine instead of Methodism. Rural leaders, including rural church leaders, have often lacked courage or proved ill-equipped in facing these challenges in a visionary way. Lack of resources, emotional stresses, innate problems, poor parenting.

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    And a recent newspaper article showed that a disproportionate number of the military casualties and human cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been borne by the people of rural America. We are a kind of visual aid for the kingdom, because people have to see it before they can believe it, and they have to believe it before they can be it.

    It is my hope that God will use Thriving Rural Communities to be a preview of renewal in the rural church. I hope that the pastors and students and churches who are a part of this initiative will allow people to see a new future, and seeing that future, to believe in it, and believing in that future, to one day be that future, by the grace of God. Come and see Friendship and Hayesville and Tyro and Fairview. Come and see Courage to Serve, where pastors draw upon their communion with each other to lead others to communion with Christ. Come and see students whose lives have been changed by their ministries with country people.

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    Come and see pastors who realize that rural churches are places where the risen Christ is transforming lives and where they can live out a deeply fulfilling vocation. Sermons , Gospel of John , Gospel of Luke.

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