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Although the accusation was totally unfounded, many Christians believed the myth. One reason it was easy to believe is because the Jews were not impacted by the plague as much as were the Gentiles. But this was due to the sanitary laws of the Bible which the Jews carefully followed. This accusation led to severe consequences for Jews. More than sixty Jewish communities were burned to the ground with all their occupants killed, and in some places, Jews were tortured and burned to death in bonfires. In , Pope Sixtus IV granted the monarchs of Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella, the right to establish a special inquisition in Spain to deal with baptized Jews who were suspected of remaining faithful to Judaism.

Thousands were burned at the stake by order of the Spanish Inquisition. It was feared that Jews were a danger to Christianity. Approximately , Jews were forced to leave Spain.

Unfortunately, the Reformation produced no changes in attitude. In fact, the hatred of the Jews was reinforced and intensified by the writings of Martin Luther, the very man who launched the Reformation.

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Initially, Luther was sympathetic toward the Jews because he believed their rejection of the Gospel was due to their recognition of the corruption of the Roman Catholic Church. But when they continued to reject the Gospel, Luther turned on them with a vengeance. In it, he referred to the Jews as: Having dehumanized and demonized them, Luther then proceeded to make some startling proposals for dealing with them:. Needless to say, the Nazis gleefully quoted Luther as they rose to power and launched the Holocaust. Hitler then proceeded to talk about the influence of Luther on his life: Martin Luther has been the greatest encouragement of my life.

Luther was a great man. He was a giant. With one blow he heralded the coming of the new dawn and the new age. The terrible truth that Christians do not like to face, and which many are unaware of, is that the Holocaust was the product of 1, years of virulent Christian anti-Semitism. The horror of the Holocaust tended to mute the most radical forms of anti-Semitism among Christian leaders. But in reality, anti-Semitism continues today in a new sophisticated form called anti-Zionism. Whereas anti-Semitism sought to drive out the Jews from the lands where they lived, anti-Zionism refuses to accept their right to live in their own land.

A good example of the new anti-Semitism can be found in a document issued by Dr. It took the form of an open letter to Evangelicals concerning the land of Israel. Adding salt to the wounds, the document concludes with the following observation: The present secular state of Israel… is not an authentic or prophetic realization of the Messianic kingdom of Jesus Christ. And so you have it — an overview of the sad and sordid history of Christian anti-Semitism that is rooted in Replacement Theology and which continues to this day under the guise of anti-Zionism. I hope now you can understand why it is so difficult to share the Gospel with Jews.

Because Jews have been persecuted and killed throughout history in the name of Jesus, the Jewish people look upon Christianity as their mortal enemy. Any Jew who converts to Christianity is considered a traitor, for he is viewed as one who has joined the enemy. They will sometimes declare the child to be dead and will even conduct a funeral service. This is the reason that the Messianic Jewish Movement today is such a miracle. Beginning only in , it has successfully shared the Gospel with over a million Jews worldwide and has established over Messianic congregations.

In the next issue of this magazine, the Lord willing, we will take an in-depth look at this remarkable movement. What does the Word of God have to say about all this?

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To begin with, it strongly repudiates anti-Semitism. Regarding the idea that God has already fulfilled the land promises to the Jews during the time of Joshua, it is interesting to note that long after Joshua, David wrote in the psalms that the land promise is everlasting in nature and is yet to be fulfilled Psalm The fact of the matter is that the Jews have never occupied all the land that was promised to them in the Abrahamic Covenant Genesis Concerning the claim that the Jews have been rejected by God, there are a couple of biblical principles that need to be kept in mind.

Second, in direct contradiction of Replacement Theology, the Bible teaches that the Jews have never been rejected by God because of their unbelief. It is true that the Jewish people are currently under discipline because of their rejection of their Messiah. Over and over in their Scriptures the prophets said they would be disciplined if they were unfaithful, but always the promise was made that they would be preserved.

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An example of this type of prophetic statement can be found in Jeremiah —. But I will chasten you justly, and will by no means leave you unpunished. God has preserved them in His grace because He loves them. Another reason they have been preserved is because God is determined to bring a great remnant to salvation Isaiah This promise is made repeatedly throughout the Hebrew Scriptures and is confirmed by Paul in the New Testament in Romans The salvation of this remnant is described in detail in Zechariah where it says that at the end of the Tribulation the remaining Jews will come to the end of themselves and will turn their hearts to God in repentance and accept Yeshua as their Messiah.

That believing remnant will go into the Millennium in the flesh and will comprise the nation of Israel to whom God will fulfill all the promises He has made to the Jews Isaiah During the Millennium the nation of Israel will be the prime nation in the world through whom God will bless all the other nations Zechariah In summary, the Word of God makes it clear that Israel definitely has a role and a future in the end times. The answer is that they are witnesses of God, and through them God is demonstrating His unfathomable grace.

Only a God of grace would put up with them! But that is true of you and me as well. God is not doing one thing for the Jewish people that He is not willing to do for all of us. He pursues us in love despite our sinfulness, and regardless of how stiff-necked we may be, He never washes His hands of us. How will He bring about the salvation of a great remnant? As you can see, the Jewish people have a very central role in end time Bible prophecy.

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A perversion of Christianity has been the source of most anti-Semitism in the Western world. But there are anti-Semites in this world who are neither Christian or Muslim and who have never even met a Jew. Why is anti-Semitism so widespread, so persistent, so virulent, and so irrational? Satan hates the Jews with a passion.

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But Bayme was unswayed. See box.

Pope Benedict: Jewish people not guilty for Jesus death

Bayme acknowledges that that the passage was written by Talmudic scholars in Babylon, who lived about years after Jesus. But he says the passage is significant because the Talmudic text "indicates rabbinic willingness to acknowledge, at least in principle, that in a Jewish court and in a Jewish land, a real-life Jesus would indeed have been executed.

But Bayme stressed that he is not suggesting a moral equivalency between problematic anti-Semitic Gospel passages "which have caused the death of Jews" and the Talmudic Jesus references. Even today the standard Vilna edition of the Talmud omits any discussion about "Yeshu," Jesus in Hebrew. The Jesus omissions began to be restored in the last century, Bayme said.

And the passages "are now included in most of the new printings of the Talmud," said Yisrael Shaw of Daf Yomi Discussions, an on-line Talmud service. But Bayme is concerned that Jews know nothing about the censored texts. Bayme contends the Talmudic text resonates with the Gospel accounts for several reasons.