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Freshwater Metadata Journal aims to easily publish freshwater biodiversity related metadata and to bring about a change of perception regarding data publishing in the freshwater scientific community. Freshwater Biology publishes papers on all aspects of the ecology of inland surface waters, including rivers and lakes, connected ground waters, flood plains and other wetlands. We publish studies of micro-organisms, algae, macrophytes, invertebrates, fish and other vertebrates, as well as those concerning whole systems and related physical and chemical aspects of the environment.

Manuscripts with an experimental or conceptual flavour are especially welcome, as are those which integrate laboratory and field work, and studies from less well researched areas of the world. Freshwater Reviews is a peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to enhancing the understanding of inland waters.

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The content of review papers is primarily biological but papers covering limnology, policy and socio-economic aspects of fresh waters are acceptable if they are relevant to our understanding or management of fresh water biology. Freshwater Science FWS publishes articles that advance understanding and environmental stewardship of all types of inland aquatic ecosystems lakes, rivers, streams, reservoirs, subterranean, and estuaries and ecosystems at the interface between aquatic and terrestrial habitats wetlands, riparian areas, and floodplains. Fundamental and Applied Limnology is an international journal for freshwater research in the widest sense, including problems of marine biology and brackish water research.

Papers dealing with ecological topics are especially welcome in association with experimental or physiological studies. Global Change Biology exists to promote understanding of the interface between all aspects of current environmental change that affects a substantial part of the globe and biological systems.

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Global Ecology and Biogeography focuses on the emerging field of macroecology: the study of broad, consistent patterns in the ecological characteristics of organisms and ecosystems. Hydrobiologia publishes original research, reviews and opinions investigating the biology of all aquatic environments, including the impact of human activities. Journal of Animal Ecology publishes the best original research on all aspects of animal ecology, ranging from the molecular to the ecosystem level.

These may be field, laboratory and theoretical studies utilising terrestrial, freshwater or marine systems. Journal of Applied Ecology publishes novel, high impact papers on the interface between ecological science and the management of biological resources.

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The Journal of Freshwater Ecology is intended to be a vehicle for the reasonably rapid dissemination of current limnological information. Limnologica publishes peer-reviewed articles addressing biological, physical and chemical aspects of freshwater ecosystems and adjacent habitats. Marine and Freshwater Research is an international and interdisciplinary journal publishing contributions on all aquatic environments. Lorenzoni M. Journal of Fish Biology Maio G.

Journal of Fish Biology , 78 7 : Pizzul E. Journal of Freshwater Ecology.

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Giulianini P. Lenaz D. European Journal of Mineralogy Search this site. Contacts Useful Links Login. Freshwater ecology Dr. Research Strand:. Freshwater biology and ecology Environmental Biology.

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Elisabetta Pizzul Tel: Email: pizzul units. Selected papers Bertoli M. UDK: , ,36 Giannetto D. Via E. Weiss, 2 - Trieste, Italia - Tel. IVA - C. Gravel bed enhancement. Water diversions for hydroelectric development, canalisation and other human activities in the watershed may change patterns of water flow and sediment deposition in a river system.

This can lead to loss or impairment of spawning areas, with negative consequences for stock recruitment. In order to mitigate for these effects, LFI creates and replenishes spawning areas through the addition of gravel. Results show that successful spawning is taking place in these enhanced gravel beds. Eggplanting is an additional strategy used by LFI to enhance salmonid recruitment. One advantage of this technique is that resulting fry are more closely adapted to local natural conditions than hatchery-reared fish. The key to success in eggplanting is to provide conditions that promote egg survival.

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To ensure good results it is important to adapt the method to the specific circumstances of a given river. The success of the eggplanting method must be assessed by monitoring egg survival and subsequent juvenile density. To the right: Eggs are being deposited in gravel boxes under water.

Use of wild juveniles for cultivation.