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Customers make buying decisions based on their own self-interest. I bought from them anyway because I thought it was the best decision for me. Grant customers autonomy to make decisions that are more about them rather than about you. It places responsibility where it belongs, which is with the customer. Getting people to think the same way you think is a struggle.


It adds an unnecessary level of burden to your selling effort. Each person has a unique set of beliefs and values. Allow customers to discover their own reasons to buy. Reasons to buy that are customer-derived will be much more compelling than reasons to buy that you try to impose. It makes interacting with them frustrating and unpleasant.

Customers want to and deserve to be treated as unique individuals. This is why companies have both sales and marketing departments. Marketing creates messages for the general population.

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When salespeople generalize, they arrive at premature conclusions about what those reasons for buying may be. Premature conclusions sway observations. Seducing Strangers How to Get People to Buy What Youre Selling The Little Black

The salesperson erroneously interprets his or her observation in a way that will support his or her premature conclusion. Salespeople set up an adversarial dynamic when they try to make customer interactions conform to a preconceived formula.

Sales-training classes only cover half of the interaction — your half. They will vigilantly protect their right to exercise their own buying process. Your selling effort will be a lot more difficult than necessary. Judging whether their thinking is favorable to you or not will distract you. You risk responding based upon misinterpretations. Customers need to feel understood rather than judged.

Please Sign In and use this article's on page print button to print this article. And then Weltman explains how to employ these strategies, including: the six words that win business; the four kinds of stories; what to do if your product sucks; why lying in an ad will never pay off; why information reduces doubt; how to think like a force-multiplier; why different is better than better; why to remove jargon and acronyms and reveal ideas and relationships.

Advertising, Joshua Weltman argues, is a toolbox, not a tool, and used right it makes people happy. Seducing Strangers shows you how. My stock response is 'You know I play a fictional advertising executive, right? In the future I will simply refer them to Josh Weltman. Kindle Book Release date: April 7, Availability can change throughout the month based on the library's budget.

"Seducing Strangers" by Josh Weltman

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