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In both examples you can also clearly recognize the appearance of separation lights outlining the actors figures. Broad light is the exact opposite of short light where the main light illuminates the side of the face turned closest to the camera, hence the name broad. Here the nose shadow is cast onto the short side and the nose is pointed opposite the direction of the main light.

Television and Common Knowledge

You tend to see this light a lot in the fashion industry and is becoming more popular in the heavily cinematic shows. It tends to add weight to the subject and allows you to see more of the face, which traditionally on a woman is considered to be less flattering. You can see in these examples above of House M. Notice how their noses are pointed away from the direction of the light where the most illuminated side of the face is closest to the camera.

As before notice the addition of the separation light opposite the main light helping to define the subject. Split light is pretty self explanatory.

‘Common Knowledge’ melds classic game show production design with modern touches

Some refer to it as the comic book villain light. Sounds like a comic book villain to me!

The large foreboding shadows set the mood for the viewer. Rembrandt light, traditionally, is short light where the nose shadow connects with the cheek shadow creating a small triangle patch of light on the shadow side of the face.

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Made famous by master Dutch painter himself, Rembrandt, you can see this effect in not only short but broad light as well. Keep in mind that Rembrandt light can be both short and broad light but not all short and broad light is Rembrandt light. Another classic rule to this technique is that the triangle patch of light should be no longer than the nose and no wider than the eye. You can see in the example below all the images in this post that are also of Rembrandt light. You might be surprised how often these common techniques show up, and with a little practice how easy they become to spot.

A super quick, fun, and affordable way to train your eye in lighting from the comfort of your own couch. Basically just a non-stop stream of filth aimed at innocent children, right?

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The clip seen on YouTube of Rainbow containing the double entendres was never a broadcast episode but just filmed as a private joke for an end of shoot party, only intended to be shown to the production staff. The names in Captain Pugwash are all totally made up The cabin boy was called Tom, there was a Master Mates, no character with the surname "Staines" appeared on the show and there was no evidence that Pugwash was a slang term for oral sex and creator John Ryan successfully sued people who said so.

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Finally, the reason for the surreal nature of The Magic Roundabout is that it was originally a French series but when the British bought it, the deal didn't include the soundtrack or scripts, only the visuals, so writer and actor Eric Thompson treated it as a Gag Dub , and all his family have confirmed that the strongest drug Eric Thompson ever took was aspirin. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?

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