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How the Archive Thief Saved History — Then Stole It

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Lisa Moses Leff on The Archive Thief: The Man Who Salvaged French Jewish History

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Ac- larly at American university libraries. The obsessive col- tive members of YIVO, the Tcherikowers had amassed an lector was caught red-handed twice: at the Strasbourg impressive archive about the Ukrainian pogroms, which Municipal Archives in , and at the New York Public they brought along with them in their migrations. In Library seventeen years later. Jewish cultural property.

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Szajkowski thus came to view mation, his thieving in French archives was motivated by the study of the past as a tool for improving the lot of the both research and economic purposes: Szajkowski used Jewish people. Before leaving France in the spring too: in the decades following the war, Szajkowski, feel- of , Szajkowski—a stateless Jew at that point, and ing abandoned by Jewish institutions, had grown bitter therefore exposed to great dangers—busied himself re- and disillusioned.

Jewish librarians in France center of the diaspora and practical: Szajkowski under- chose to monitor Szajkowski, rather than to confront stood that ingratiating himself with the Yiddish cultural him or report him to the authorities, for fear of reviv- elite in New York would increase his changes of obtain- ing French antisemitism and alienating American Jews. The desire to build great Jew- Europe, as a soldier in the US army.

In the immediate The Archive Thief is a richly researched, lucidly writ- aftermath of the war, Szajkowski became further con- ten and, ultimately, deeply moving book.

Colonialism and the Jews | Reading Religion

Fearing the destruction of religionists, had to cope with manifold economic and wartime documents about Jews in France, Szajkowski il- psychological hardships in the aftermath of a genocide legally amassed a large collection of records. The Berlin. In his mind, this was an act of revenge for Finally, Leff makes a very persuasive argument about the wartime suffering of the Jewish people.

On property of the Jewish people, illegally collected docu- the other hand, by scattering French Jewish documents ments, with the tacit agreement of American authorities. Severed the context of their production. Conspicuously missing— from the wartime and immediate postwar contexts, Sza- even though Leff alludes to American power in chapter 2.