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The Miracle In Mosquito

Barry V. Whether Citrosa came from a high-tech gene-splicing lab, or was the result of a florist crossing plants in the ordinary way, the important question was and still is: does it repel mosquitoes as promised? It gives off a citronella-like odor, no doubt about that. So we advise people to shake the plant, to give off more aroma, and to run their hands across the leaves and then rub their legs.

At the University of Guelph in Ontario, researchers tested the plants and discovered that before the plant was added to a small clear cage, a volunteer was bitten 40 times in thirty seconds.

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After the plant had been in the cage for half an hour, the bites dropped to 26 in thirty seconds. But when it had been there for an hour and the test was run again, the bites increased to 43 in thirty seconds. After a day, the bites were up to 61 in thirty seconds. The initial success had faded, perhaps because the plant was sitting still, after initially being jostled when moved into the cage, or perhaps because the mosquitoes had become used to it.

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Crushing the leaves and rubbing them over the hands reduced bites to 12, but crushed lemon thyme , which contains more citronella, reduced bites to 6. About the same time, other researchers were finding similar results. Rubbing the crushed leaves on your skin may repel mosquitoes like any citronella-based repellent for the skin.

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In addition, many people enjoy growing Citrosa plants for their ornamental foliage or because they give off a nice lemony odor, regardless of their mosquito-repelling properties. A mature plant may be three or four feet tall. Other choices are lemon thyme , hardy outside in zones , or lemon grass.

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