Manual The Onlife Manifesto: Being Human in a Hyperconnected Era

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The online manifesto : Being Human in a Hyperconnected Era

His insights allowed these two groups to consider how technology changes organisational environments, and they have consequently been able to place their activities and research on a firm theoretical basis. The following examples outline the influence on public policy of Floridi's information ethics research. This group was one element of the EU's Digital Futures initiative, which sought to anticipate issues and generate ideas for policy making in the digital realm. Running from to ECIPE's director has said that, prior to working with Floridi, there had been no consideration given to connections between political economy and ethics, but that his organisation had since begun looking at the ethical evaluation of international trade agreements on Intellectual Property Rights.

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This will have repercussions for political, social and economic interventions for a range of ICT-related issues, in which we face new difficulties or simply unprecedented novelties. Ultimately, the draft code was used as the basis of an action plan, adopted by the Executive Board in November , to address ethical issues surrounding the information society Ref.

Representatives of three organisations mentioned in Section 4 can corroborate relevant aspects of the impact.

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Further details are supplied separately. Although each chapter may be read independently of the rest of the book, it is a modular part of the scaffolding that led to the Manifesto. In terms of authorship, any material that is not explicitly attributed to some author is to be attributed to the whole group, as a collaborative work, endorsed by each of us.

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So much for the outline of the project. I shall not add any further details because these can be found in the background document. More specifically, we believe see the Preface that introduces The Manifesto that ICTs are not mere tools but rather environmental forces that are increasingly affecting: 1. In each case, ICTs have a huge ethical, legal, and political significance, yet one with which we have begun to come to terms only recently.

We are also convinced that the aforementioned impact exercised by ICTs is due to at least four major transformations: a.

Nicole Dewandre - "Rethinking the human condition in a hyperconnected era"

Introduction 3 sense. Our perception and understanding of the realities surrounding us are necessarily mediated by concepts. These work like interfaces through which we experience, interact with, and semanticise in the sense of making sense of, and giving meaning to , the world. In short, we grasp reality through concepts, so, when reality changes too quickly and dramatically, as it is happening nowadays because of ICTs, we are conceptually wrong-footed.

Work package 4: Ethical assessments in the management of agricultural land, led by May Thorseth. Lead by Centre for Rural Research.

May Thorseth partner of wp 4: Social acceptaility - ethics and outcomes. EU - Horizon , May thorseth Ethics advisor of the project. One wg lead by May Thorseth: Investigating the main psychological and institutional obstacles to a sustainable politics. Part of the expert panel of the EU project The Onlife Initiative Concept Reengineering Exercise: rethinking public spaces in the digital transition, an EU expert panel working on future policy in the digital transition realm, Scientific, academic and artistic work Displaying a selection of activities.

See all publications in the database Journal publications Thorseth, May.

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Universitas: monthly review of philosophy and culture. Thorseth, May. Etikk i praksis. Thorseth, May; Ess, Charles. Ethics and Information Technology.