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These same titles are now being released in paperback and hardcover format as well as on CD-ROM by a number of entrepreneurs. In the early 's the first three volumes in the series were reprinted by Applewood Books using the tan quad binding style and modified copies of the full color dust jacket. In Easton Press released the first 6 volumes of the series in deluxe black leather-bound editions. New York. Every youngster is filled with the marvels of invention displayed in motor cars, motor boats, submarine boats, and airships. It is the purpose of these spirited tales to convey in a realistic way the wonderful advances in land and sea locomotion.

Stories like these impress themselves in the youthful memory-cling to it like a burr-and their reading is productive only of good. Tom Swift is a bright, ingenious boy and his inventions and adventures make the most interesting kind of reading. Created by Edward Stratemeyer and his Stratemeyer Syndicate. Most of the stories were written by Howard Garis, famed for his "Uncle Wiggily" stories, from outlines supplied by the Syndicate.

Note: Click on highlighted titles to read full text of the story. Rogers Cover Art: Walter S. Tom speculates that the Stone was sent to Earth by intelligent beings from Mars and hopes that his Giant Telescope would enable him to settle the question of Martian life. He's hampered by dangerous villains who were after his secret formula for a flexible and yet unbreakable glass.

Tom's telescope project is set back when the Planet Stone was lost overboard while being shipped to the USA. A dangerous diving mission ensues, threatening Tom's life. White Publisher: Whitman Better Little Book Binding: Pictorial cover - no dust jacket The government of Ruthenia tries to get Tom to build them completely silent airplane, armed with which they hope to vanquish its enemies. Tom turns them down because the US Army has already hired him to do the same thing. Tom discovers an ore that can absorb sound waves. If he can extract the ore, Tom hopes to build the soundless airplane.

The ore proves highly dangerous and only the efforts of Barton saves Tom. Tom manages to extract the ore, build a soundless airplane and vanquish the vicious Ruthenian Purple Shirts. While not directly related to the original series, these books are interesting collectibles. Allison Bound to Win series W.

Dizer Information about Tom Swift and other mostly Stratemeyer series books. Ned Newton by Horatio Alger. Although his age is never specifically stated, he seems to be in his very late teens when the series started and aged from there till he hit his mid's. Tom is clever, brave, polite, adventurous and a hard worker! Barton Swift: Tom's father and noted inventor.

One of his earliest inventions was a mechanical butter churn. In the early volumes he is Tom's best friend and closest associate but later turns into a voice-of-doom doubter of Tom's latest invention. As the series progresses he becomes feeble and is less active in Tom's adventures. Ned Newton: Tom's best friend. Starts off as a teller in the Shopton bank but later becomes financial director of Swift Enterprises. Constant companion to Tom in all his adventures.

Wakefield Damon: Wealthy eccentric middle-aged friend of Tom's. Given to blessing every one of his possesions and body parts. Constant companion to Tom in his adventures. His long-suffering wife seldom complains when he goes gallavanting off with Tom at a moment's notice. Later becomes a general helper at the Swift compound.

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Accompanies Tom on many of his adventures. In the traditional Stratemeyer depiction of minorities, he was heavily negatively stereotyped. He was much given to calling Tom "Massa", he refers to himself as "dis heah coon" or "niggah" and is portrayed as participating in other demeaning situations and activities. Despite this, he shows both his courage and his loyalty to Tom many times during the course of the series.

Boomerang: Rad's beloved pet mule. Passes away by the end of the series. Serves as bodyguard and helper in the Swift compound. His tremendous strength often comes in handy during Tom's adventures. There is a constant rivalry between he and Rad as to who gets to serve Tom. Baggert: Housekeeper and mother figure to the Swift household.

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Garrett Jackson: Aged engineer who maintains the Swift compound. Andy Foger: Tom's nemesis in the earlier books. A wealthy bully and braggart who is occasionally abetted by his father. Andy seldom likes anybody and despises Tom.

Publisher's Summary

Andy made his last appearance in volume 15, although he is mentioned in volume Sam Snedecker: Andy Foger's closest crony. Tom buys the wreck and repairs it. Tom's father Barton gives him important patent documents and a model to bring to an attorney in Albany. They are stolen by the Happy Harry gang posing as tramps who were hired by Mr. Swift's enemies.

Tom and company struggle to get them back. The Happy Harry gang steals Barton's plans for an electric gyroscope. It's up to Tom and his motor boat to save the day. The Happy Harry gang burgle the Shopton Bank. Andy Foger blames Tom and Mr. Damon, who are flying crosscountry in the Red Cloud. It's up to Tom to catch the thieves and exonerate himself and Mr. The Advance, the Swifts' new sub can dive that deep and a new hard shell diving suit carried by the sub can work outside at the 15, foot depth. A rival sub building firm plans to beat Tom to the sunken gold.

Tom and company overcome the rival divers to save the gold. Tom has been working on a new battery of remarkable endurance and quick-charge capabilities. It's up to Tom to win the mile endurance race and save the bank. Tom overhauls it and made it air-worthy. After an uneventful flight, a violent storm carries the aircraft hundreds of miles out to sea and crashes onto a barren island. The airplane is a complete loss and the group was marooned. Nestor were also on the island after yacht that they had been on had been beached by of the storm. A scientist, Mr. Parker, predicts that the earthquakes that frequently rack the island are going to destroy it soon and kill them all.

It's up to Tom to save the day and get everyone off the island. Jenks from Earthquake Island, who claims to know men who are able to make diamonds. The man urges Tom to go with him on a hunt for the diamond makers. Tom saves the day as they escape before the mountain is destroyed. Andy Foger steals and copies Abe's treasure map before Tom forces him to return it. Andy is constructing his own airship, a large tri-plane. A race ensues between Tom and Andy to the Valley.

The frozen wastes are hazardous and the Red Cloud is wrecked in the collapse of an ice cave. Tom and his party struggle to get the gold back to civilization. The plans for it go missing after prowlers are spotted. An assault on Tom, a fire, and overwork all combine to cause Barton to have a heart attack. Tom's new plane is used to summon distant medical help for his father. It's up to Tom to find the plans and win the big race.

Dunbar, a famous safari master. Damon are off to the Africa via steamship in search of ivory and adventure along with the new airship, the Black Hawk. The group crosses paths with His group encounter Floyd Anderson, who trying to rescue a missionary team, the Illingways, captured by pygmy savages in the jungle. Tom finds the missing missionaries and, using his Electric Rifle, fights off savages and brings down elephants for their ivory.

Jacob Illingway believes it leads to an underground city exists in central Mexico. The ancient city contains untold riches for anyone who can find it and get past the guardians, a tribe of head hunters. Tom and his friends are off to Mexico to fight the head hunters and locate the City of Gold.

Appleton Victor -

Good quality samples of the metal are nearly impossible to locate. A Russian who lives nearby offers him a quantity of the high quality metal he needs. It came from a lost platinum mine in Russia that he and his brother discovered when they were lost in the mountains. Tom goes to Russia with him, rescues the man's captive brother and tries to locate the platinum mine using Tom's new glider aircraft.

He knows of a place in the jungles of South America where a race of giants live. Tom is offered a reward to go procure one, and locate a hunter who has gone missing. A unethical competitor in a rival circus vies with Tom to find the giants. It's up to Tom to rescue the hunter and escape from the race of giants.

Tom invents the Wizrd camera and constructs a new airship, the Flyer. Tom and his friends are off to India to film wildlife and must overcome the nefarious plans of rival motion picture promoters. Tom has invented a searchlight brighter than any other. The brilliant beam, mounted on Tom's noiseless airship Falcon, is used to track down the smugglers.

The treasure is on an island off the coast of Panama. Tom wants to build a giant cannon to protect the Panama Canal and fire the longest cannon shots ever. Tom also has to develop a new propellant to drive the two-ton 30 inch shells. Damon runs up against unscrupulous financial manipulators and risks losing both his fortune and his life. Tom uses his new invention to track down the bad guys and save the day. Tom has to figure out a way to fire artillery from a floating platform and convince the US Navy to purchase it. Naturally Tom's enemies will stop at nothing to prevent this and Tom struggles to overcome them.

Duffield, W.

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